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When the though of juicing comes to mind, the first thing you might picture is someone like a fitness guru who works out everyday, eats organic food and takes natural supplements... But fitness gurus aren't the only ones who can benefit from healthy juicing. You don't have to be a health nut, vegetarian or bodybuilder... Ordinary people can benefit from juicing as well. For busy people, it's difficult to eat a healthy portion of fruits and vegetables each day. It would take up a significant amount of time that can't be spared. Nutritional supplements, such as vitamin and mineral pills might appear to be a solution, but they aren't substitutes for having balanced meals. You might think buying bottled juice will solve the problem, but some may contain ingredients that may not be healthy for you. Also, much of the nutritional value may be lost in the manufacturing process and preservatives are added to make it last on the supermarket shelf. To get the full nutritional benefits from fruits or vegetables it's best to eat them whole. But whenever that isn't possible, juicing is a time saving natural alternative. Juice extractors can make a glass of juice in less than a minute. They preserve the nutritional benefits of fruits and vegetables. The body can absorb and utilize all the nutrition from the juice immediately. You don't have to be a health nut or a fitness guru to benefit from juicing, but when you start juicing regularly you just may become healthier. Copyright © Jon Chan

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==== ==== For more Healthy Juice tips Checks check this out; ==== ====


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