June 2017

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Eclecticism is on display inside interior designer Jennifer Fisher’s entertainment area. BY APRIL CUMMING

“It’s a carefully curated, eclectic mix of vintage and modern furnishings, accessories with bold patterns and bright pops of color,” Fisher says, adding that the best compliment she’s ever received on her unique living space is, “Wow! It looks like an interior designer lives here!” Fisher’s treasured, relaxing space serves as a testament to the fact that looking good and costing a fortune don’t necessarily need to go hand in hand, a point she maps out here in her blueprint for replicating her favorite room.

IN THIS ROOM r Nathan Anthony Genoa midsize sleeper sofa

r vintage James Mont wicker-back chairs

r Blu Dot Cub coffee table

r replica Jean Prouvé Antony wooden lounge chairs from France & Son

r vintage couch-side coffee table

r Blu Dot Dang two-door/two-drawer console credenza

r brass peace sign and Tom Ford book from Prize

r I kea Vittsjö shelves

r gold magazine-and-newspaper rack from urbanoutfitters.com

r r ug from overstock.com

r record player from Breakaway Records

rv intage walnut lamp

r copper lamp from Blu Dot

rG reta Grossman Grasshopper floor lamp

44 |  AUSTIN WOMAN |  JUNE 2017

Photo by by Tim Williams.

Where does an interior designer retreat after long days spent consulting on and reimagining the room décor in clients’ homes? For Jennifer Fisher, owner of J.Fisher Interiors, the answer is her East Austin living room, a welcoming space she’s molded into a real-life reflection of everything she loves.