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The Illinois Lion, Lioness, Leo MD1 e-Magazine (Lite) Vol. 4 - Issue 1, July 2016

New Leader for MD1 Mark Williams With His Wife Maggie Council Chairperson, State of Illinois, Multiple District 1 1

They live with a cat, Mr. Spottlenose, loosely named after a Charles Dickens character family name from the novel Martin Chuzzlewit. Mr. Spottlenose being a previously abandoned sole, who made his home with Lion Mark and Maggie, insists they also donate to the local animal shelter to “help the less fortunate”! And they do…………………

WHO IS MARK WILLIAMS? Getting to Know the Council Chair, Lion Mark Williams Lion Mark (a member of the Princeton Lions Club) has completed the year as the Immediate Past District Governor of the District 1-BK after having served as its first Governor.

From Centennial Council Chair 2016-2017:

A Lion since the early 1990’s he has served Lions in many capacities of Club, District and State levels.

Lions of Illinois,

He is Graduate of Lions Clubs International’s Advanced Lions Leadership Institute as well as the Faculty Development Institute.

Well, here I go. When this is read, I will be back from Japan along with the newly installed 2016-2017 MD-1 District Governors. It is well to reach out and thank the 2015-2016 Council of Governors and Lion CC Steve Anton and his “Partner in Service” Lion Gail for their year of service. They are all “Past” officers now but very much a part of our Illinois Lions Team! We will still rely on their assistance and experience for years to come!!

Using the skills learned from Lions he as held programs and classes in various District and Multiple District events including District Officer Training (Club and Cabinet level) the MD-1 Forum and Vice-District Governor School (VGETS). Lion Mark will be teaching at RLLI this fall and at GETS/VGETS next year as well. Teaching Lions is his passion. Public Service also extends to serving with the BiCounty (Bureau and Putnam Counties) Emergency Management Agency volunteer as well as a registered National Weather Service “Storm Spotter”.

As for OUR new Council, what can I say? This will be an historic occasion…we will be THE Centennial Council. Yes, back in 1917, it all started here! Right here in Illinois! And THIS will be the year leading up to the Century Celebration of Lions Clubs International. I am honored and proud to be a part of that. And this group will be ready for leading both their Districts and the State in this “Year of Celebration”. We have elected an “Executive Committee” (Lion DG Jerry Eiffert is Vice Council Chair, Lion DG Pam Graney is Council Secretary and Lion DG Barb Lahtinen is Council Treasurer) that has already started their work for the Council and Illinois Lions. Yes, there is still work to be done in the Districts and the State, with goals to achieve for all, but working together as a team, WE can, and WE will, get it done!

Lion Mark and his wife Maggie have lived in Princeton since 1990. They built and opened a small Dry-Cleaning Shop (Cannon Cleaners) which they have operated since 1993. In addition to general cleaning and laundered shirts they specialize in the care of old garments and articles requiring delicate care. Being avid collectors they both like to look for interesting things when traveling on vacations and weekends. These largely Historical 18th and 19th century articles range from clothing, books, newspapers, photographs, china dolls, artworks, dishware, and other items large and small, fill their home to “almost bursting” as Maggie likes to say!

As for me, when my Lions journey started back in the early 1990’s little did I think it would lead to this culmination of my Lions career, the Council Chair of the Centennial Council, and the honor it entails to be a part of our Celebration Year in such a capacity.

Antique shops and flea markets occupy a lot of their free time, historical sites and parks the rest. Reading, watching movies are but a few of the home activities (when they are home)

All I can say is WOW! There is a quote of Lincoln’s I rather like to use as it really signifies our place in time and in many ways our Lions Emblem, the one with the


Lion facing in each direction. One direction represents the Past, the other represents the Future. The L in the middle, well that represents where we are now, in the Present. Here is the quote, can you see the like symbolism. ……..

thought of the next, but for the LION friends and mentors who have pushed me along the path, to the Present where we are now, it is them who are responsible for any success I achieve. Lastly, my wife Maggie more than deserves a nod for her support in all of my (our) Lions activities and Life in general.

“There are no accidents in my philosophy. Every effect must have its cause. The past is the cause of the present, and the present will be the cause of the future. All these are links in the endless chain stretching from the finite to the infinite.” – Abraham Lincoln (attributed to Lincoln by William H. Herdnand)

Thank you for the opportunity to SERVE! Lion Mark Williams, Centennial Council Chair Lions of Illinois

Anyway, I do wish to thank the 2016-2017 Council for electing me, and thank all the Lions who have pushed me along the trail. In each step forward, I really never

Chicago and giving away buttons, pins and helping Lions to fill out reservation forms for the convention. We saw lots of enthusiasm from world lions to visit next year to Chicago to attend Lions 100 Years Celebration. Those who did not attend 99th International Convention in Japan, you have an opportunity to see 2016 pictures and 30 video clips which I placed on my facebook page. If you see all of this, you may experience more than some of those lions went to attend convention in Japan in person. Most of all highlights captured by my lens are here for you to see.

Editorial: We just finished our Association’s 99th International Convention in the city of Fukuoka, Japan. It was one of the best conventions of recent years. We really climbed the mountains and showed Japanese people what Lions do worldwide. The best thing I liked the most is – Volunteers. Going out of the way to help and guide. No matter they understand the language or not, they will remove their iPhone from their pocket and google information to help Lions to reach their destiny. Can our volunteers in Chicago repeat this behavior and enthusiasm to help our worldwide guests of LCI? It is a challenge we the lions in Illinois have to take and train our volunteers to do the right thing. International Parade was wonderful; even though it was not that great as the parade in Hawaii last year. Last year’s parade was more joyful, cheerful and enjoyed by all. This time may be the rain ruined the spirit of parade as many participants were wearing raincoats, carrying an umbrella which was distraction to live parade. Many Lions who visited Fukuoka entire week’s rainy showers completely disappointed their spirit of tourism. Couldn’t go our too much and explore Japan after spending so much money for airfare and hotel stay. My wife liked her brand new electric scooter which helped her to move around at the dome and other facilities. Centennial Host Committee Lions were busy canvassing next year’s 100 th convention in

As we are heading to Chicago to celebrate our 100 th convention, we the Lions of MD1take a active role in making this convention in Chicago the greatest one of all time of the history of World Lionism. We witnessed various uniforms, colorful dresses, costumes, we the Lions of MD1 must come up with 3

members complete level one within three months of becoming a member. The focus is on -who Lions are -our vision of humanitarian services -the organizational structure -the responsibilities that come with being a Lion a uniform which will attract world lions like above logo with multi colors and enthuse us who take part in our parade entry. We must do something serious now so that all Lions in MD1 who want to take part can purchase this uniform and wear it proudly during the parade. This responsibility falls on Centennial Council of Governors under the leadership of Council Chair Mark Williams. Let us have one heck of a procession to attract world lions with our sparkling uniform from MD1.

The second level, which should be completed within six months of membership, focuses on

-PDG Austin D’Souza, Your Editor

-developing humanitarian service projects that meet community needs

-developing relationships at the club level -enhancing organizational skills at the club level The Advanced Mentoring Program also has two levels. Level one considers results with the emphasis on

-completing such projects with efficiency and effectiveness

GLOBAL LEADERSHIP CORNER: Jama Wahl This is the first in a series or articles on the Lions Mentoring Program offered by Lions Clubs International. This article will provide a brief overview. The following articles will consider each of the components.

The second level focuses on replication. The intent is to -develop others for leadership -encourage long range growth and participation at the club and district level To participate in the Lions Mentoring Program takes four steps:

So, what is the Lions Mentoring Program and how can it impact you as a Lion, your club, and service to your community?

1. Contact your club president who will connect you with a mentor/mentee 2. Download the Basic or Advanced Mentoring Guides or order the guides through the Membership and New Clubs Department 3. Complete the program 4. Submit documentation to LCI and receive a lapel pin

The ultimate goal of the Lions Mentoring Program is providing high quality and meaningful service to our communities. By assisting Lions to develop their personal skills and knowledge base, the Lions Mentoring Program prepares Lions to be leaders within their clubs that bring projects that are well organized and significant to those served. There are two parts to the program.

Opportunities exist by completing the Lions Mentoring Program for individual Lions, club, and communities. Are you ready to take the challenge?

The Basic Mentoring Program is divided into two parts. The first level considers the responsibility of being a Lion. Clubs are encouraged to have all new 4

The next article in the series will take a closer look at the components of the Basic Mentoring Program.

sprucing up the exterior of a senior citizen’s home and yard, constructing a wheelchair ramp for someone who needs one, beautifying a local park and more. Don’t forget that such projects are photo-ops. Send those photos, with an accompanying article or caption, to your local newspapers (if they still exist). Post them on your website and on Facebook.

-Jama Wahl, MD1 Global Leadership Chair

GLOBAL MEMBERSHIP CORNER: July 1st is just about here, if not already past. That means one thing for most Lions: Happy New Year! I suspect that almost every Lion that reads this article knows that July 1st is the start of a new Lion Year. Many of the 2015-2016 Lions Club Presidents look upon July 1st with a sense of relief and a smile on their face. They have passed the gavel on to their successor and are now PAST President.

Under community events: Did they experience the level of member involvement that they had hoped while planning the event(s)? Did their community support their event(s)? Some clubs hold events where the club is the sole organization involved. Others participate in an event with other organizations. Regardless, make sure you have sufficient publicity BEFORE the event. Remember the line in the movie Field of Dreams: “If you build it, they will come”. People will not plan on attending an event if they don’t know about it. Take photos of this year’s event to be used in publicity for next year’s event. There is something that could help your club do a little better than last year: a few extra members. If you had a few extra members your club could raise a few more dollars than last year. You could also have some additional hands helping with service projects. Those community events should be easier with increased manpower. Start recruiting those potential members now. There is absolutely no reason to wait until Fall.

July 1st is also a time for a new beginning. Every club should take a look at what they did this past year. They should consider the number of fundraisers conducted and the number of individuals and organizations that were helped. They should also consider the number of service projects that were performed. Further, they should consider the community events that they hosted or in which they were involved. Under fundraisers: Were they able to help individuals and groups as much as they would have liked? If they raised a few more dollars, might they have reached their goals? Most clubs have their “favorites” when it comes to writing checks. Has your club considered sending a donation to an organization that is new to them? When considering a new beneficiary, contact that organization to request a guest speaker for a future meeting. They can tell your members what they do and answer your questions. After that, your Board can decide if they want to recommend making a donation. Under service projects: Did they actually roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty while helping someone or some entity in their community? (This does not include writing checks.) Some of the usual service projects include

Lion Paul Gergolla, PDG MD-1 GMT Coordinator Phone: 630-858-8073 Email: 5


Lions of Illinois Foundation - 2016 Sight & Sound Sweepstakes Winners

Prize $5,000 $1,000 (1) $1,000 (2) $1,000 (3) $1,000 (4) $1,000 (5)

Winner Galena Lions Club Jani Robinson Mendenhall Anthony Mayer Rick McElmurry Carolyn Hrabusicky Susan Hastings

Sold by / Club Galena Lions Club Kevin Mendenhall - Robinson Lions Club Elmer Ragland - Waterloo Lions Club Rick McElmurry Joseph Hrabusicky - St. Jacob Lions Club Susan Hastings

$500 (1) $500 (2) $500 (3) $500 (4) $500 (5) $500 (6) $500 (7) $500 (8) $500 (9) $500 (10)

Jill Farrell Bill Baskin Jim Rischar Michael Krys Paul Doane Chicago Beverly Ridge Lions Club Margarita Carrillo John Wartinbee Carol McCann-Kojima Christopher Lions Club

Edmond Farrell - Chicago Central Lions Club Randy Ferguson - Johnston City Lions Club Timewell Lions Club No seller listed Walt Powell - Monticello Lions Club Chicago Beverly Ridge Lions Club Margarita Carrillo - Chicago Southeast Lions Club John Wartinbee - Elmhurst Lions Club Lydia Ellis - Swansea Belleville Midtown Lions Club Christopher Lions Club


$250 (1) $250 (2) $250 (3) $250 (4) $250 (5) $250 (6) $250 (7) $250 (8) $250 (9) $250 (10)

Mark Vanhecke McHenry Lions Club Lanark Lions Club Richard Kraft Ted Dinkelman Jean and Roman Luck Ann Breier Char Genta Lansing Lions Club Tim and Viv Mahaney

Christian Cooper - Rockford Noon Lions Club McHenry Lions Club Lanark Lions Club Richard Kraft Wendy Erickson - Algonquin Lioness Club Patricia Bennett Pat Malinowski - Gardner Lions Club Martha Young No seller listed Tim Mahaney - Libertyville Lions Club

D J D -J -BK G A F


District D M CN M CN --

to be filled out and mailed. Please make a copy of this form and send with your check to: Lions of Illinois, Inc., Post Office Box 127, Hopedale, IL 61747-0127. Thank you in advance and see you on October 22, 2016 at the Embassy Suites, 100 Conference Drive, East Peoria, IL. Yours in Service,

LETTER TO PDG’S OF ILLINOIS As your MD1 State of Illinois President for the year 2014-2016, I have a humble request to all PDG’s of Illinois. Our Annual Meeting will be held on October 22nd, 2016 to hold our Annual Elections to elect new officers – President, Vice President and SecretaryTreasurer. This year we have a golden opportunity to welcome our sitting International President Chancellor Bob Corlew and his lovely wife Dianne. It never happened in the history of our PDG organization of MD1. Let us come in big numbers to show our unity of PDG’s in Illinois. This meeting will take place at 4:00 p.m. and will end at 5:00 p.m. Then we can attend MD1 2017 Kick-off Party with our Centennial International President. Let us give a MD1 Lions welcome to our president. This day, October 22nd we are also going to have MD1 Fall Rally with various seminars of your choice to attend and gain extra knowledge and wisdom in Lionism worldwide. This session includes a lunch. Registration and lunch cost is $25. If you register for seminar, lunch and dinner, cost is only $50. If you want to register Kick-off Reception and Dinner, cost is $30. You do the math and see where you can save more money. I will register for the entire day’s events and pay only $50. You can’t beat this price for seminars, lunch, kick-off party and dinner. Page #6 of this magazine has the registration form

PDG Austin D’Souza, Ph.D., Your President. Lions from Multiple District 1 – Lions of Illinois getting ready to step-in to the parade at the 99 th LCI Convention in Fukuoka, Japan.

Some MD1 Lions at the International Officers Reception held at Hilton SeaHawks, Fukuoka, Japan

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