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Managing the Texas Heat

Dehydration is very common among those exercising in the heat but the question remains about how to figure out when you are dehydrated before you end up sitting in a chair with an IV in your arm. The simplest way to figure out your own personal dehydration rate is to weigh yourself both before and after the activity you have planned. A normal person can lose up to two percent of body weight without any noticeable problems. However, if you are losing three to four percent, you need to take a serious look at your fluid and electrolyte replacement strategies. If that number goes up to four to six percent of your body weight, something is awry and it would be wise to ramp back your training until you figure out what is happening. When seven percent of your body weight or more is lost, chances are good a feeling of dizziness will come over you, followed by a headache. At this point, some are unable to drink and keep down the fluid they need and an IV is required. If sweating ceases, it is imperative for a person to get out of the heat as soon as possible and seek medical help immediately. As the body’s core temperature rises, the cells in

the body become increasingly resistant to functioning properly. Soon, bodily functions will stop and the cells themselves will start to break apart. The proteins in the body will start to denature, becoming unfit for use in the body. Yes, this is as bad as it sounds and, without swift reversal, can lead to shock and eventually death.

What about electrolytes?


ou do not sweat just water (or even just salt and water, for that matter). Electrolytes are also lost in the process of sweating. While most recommendations you will find say salt it is sufficient to replace salt alone, there are many products on the market to assist you in replacing the actual minerals lost when you perspire. Most energy gels and sport drinks have some electrolytes; so, as you are figuring out what exactly you need, remember to factor that in as well. I have provided a comparison of some of the major electrolyte replacements on the market. While I do not prefer or endorse one over the other, I will tell you that generally a person needs to replace what they actually lose in the amount they sweat. You will notice that two of the products

Electrolyte Replacement Comparison How these major products stack up to sweat Product






220 mg

63 mg

8 mg

16 mg


360 mg

100 mg

25 mg

13 mg


40 mg

25 mg

25 mg

50 mg

S-Caps (Succeed)

341 mg

21 mg



Heat Guard

163 mg

50 mg



Salt Stick

215 mg

63 mg

11 mg

22 mg

Everything above is in milligrams per capsule except NUUN, which is one tablet dissolved in eight ounces of fluid, and sweat, which is in milligrams per 11-ounces of fluid.

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