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Publisher's Letter Welcome and Thank YOU!


Lou Earle, Publisher & CEO, Austin Fit Magazine

elcome and thank you so much for being a part of Austin Fit Magazine’s inaugural 2012 AFM FITTEST presented by Nexersys. This event is a very big deal for our magazine and, we hope, for the Austin community. We view it as a new kind of community intervention in our mission to bring health and fitness to all. It is one thing to write about how important a healthy lifestyle is, but it is an entirely different challenge to actually get out there and organize folks to engage. As a reader, your degree of commitment goes up commensurately as well. You go from reading and imagining to actualizing and experiencing. Converting words and ideas into action in order to help you live a healthier life is what AFM is all about, and we sincerely hope that this event will help spark your enthusiasm for bringing health and fitness into your life and encourage you to spread the word about how cool fitness is. Whether you are a competitor or a spectator, we want you to enjoy yourself and experience the fun that fitness can be. The tests we have developed are fun to do and watch. They are designed so that anyone can learn and compete with a real chance to win because the ten tests do not favor any particular fitness regime. The individual competitions will be inspiring, the team challenge will be

awesome, and the open invitational will be entertaining. It will be a very memorable day. This is just the beginning, as we plan to make this an annual event, growing it into a real fitness celebration in the “Austin” tradition. We will celebrate some great winners in our August “Austin’s 10 Fittest” issue. And there will be some wonderful stories and surprises as we all experience this day together. We can’t wait to see you shine, Austin. Many folks have worked very hard to make this experience happen and they deserve a lot of credit. You will meet most of them at the event, but I wanted to say a special thanks to our Presenting Sponsor, Nexersys. They have been very generous and supportive and in addition to all they are doing, are awarding their fantastic Nexersys Fitness Machines to both the Male and Female Overall Winners. To all of our sponsors and volunteers, we are honored and thankful to have you as part of the team and appreciate your enormous contributions. And to our readers, advertisers, competitors, and spectators, thank you so much for supporting this event and Austin Fit Magazine. Be safe and have a great day. Keep Austin Fit, Lou

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June 2012 - The Outside Issue  

The Outside Issue with #1 Cable Wakeboarder, Tom Fooshee, as the cover feature.

June 2012 - The Outside Issue  

The Outside Issue with #1 Cable Wakeboarder, Tom Fooshee, as the cover feature.