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Looking Good, Feeling Good What role does fashion play in fitness?

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while living in Ohio, I purchased my first Harley Davidson motorcycle. Becoming an owner was an exciting moment, and I remember the thrill of deciding what accessories to buy so that I really looked the part. There were the requisite chrome add-ons that many Harley owners collect, like shells on the beach, as the miles accumulated. But right there at the top of the list was the leather. There’s nothing like a screaming eagle, a United States flag, or your HOG (Harley Owners Group) club emblem embroidered on a cool leather coat to get you in the motoring frame of mind. Coordinated chaps, gloves, and boots are not only head turners but functionally important: as they say, “If you like it, cover it.” Many miles (and many years) later, I added a BMW motorcycle to my stable and, to my astonishment, found that the appropriate apparel had a very different orientation. My chaps were replaced with sleek leather pants; the black helmet morphed into one with wild and colorful decals; and the raw black leather became tightly fitted armored mesh completed by boots that fastened with Velcro up the side. Ain’t it crazy how fashion permeates our society? From a mental standpoint, what we wear can affect our attitudes, which, in turn, impacts

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our bodies in both positive and negative ways. In fact, embodied cognition is a scientific field that suggests we think with our bodies as well as our minds, and what we wear can actually influence how we perceive ourselves—and may even change our behavior. On the physical side, fashion can also have a significant impact on our health and fitness. Overly restrictive, improperly fitting, or inappropriate clothes can create health issues; on the flip side, wearing clothing designed specifically to enhance performance can make a significant difference in results. From top to bottom and from helmets to shoes, fashion has a big influence on our lives. It can motivate, inspire confidence, weaken resolve, and change perceptions. So, while clothes don’t make the person, they do have a profound effect on us in many ways. Fashion does indeed say a lot about us and who we are and what we do. But most of all, fashion is just plain fun, so enjoy this month’s issue and see the many ways you can look good while adding some pizzazz to your healthy lifestyle.

Keep Austin Fit,

Lou Earle, Publisher, CEO

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October 2013 - The Fashion Issue  

Gracing our cover is Austin's most popular stylist, Ross Bennett. We also have Susi Wolff, a female F1 driver and other local apparel compan...

October 2013 - The Fashion Issue  

Gracing our cover is Austin's most popular stylist, Ross Bennett. We also have Susi Wolff, a female F1 driver and other local apparel compan...

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