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City Campus Level 2, WC Building 921 9805 8am-5pm Mon-Thurs 8am-4pm Fri

North Shore Campus Level 2, AS Building 921 9949 8.30am-3pm Mon-Fri

Manukau Campus

MB107 921 9999 ext 6672 9am-3.30pm Mon-Thurs


Sue Higgins General Manager 921 9999 ext 5111


Veronica Ng Lam AuSM Student President 921 9999 ext 8571


Nick Buckby

Liaison Manager 921 9999 ext 8379

marketing/events Kate Campbell

Marketing and Communications Manager 921 9999 ext 6537


Samantha McQueen Publications Co-ordinator 921 9999 ext 8774


have a love hate relationship with creativity. When I was young and people asked me what my ultimate career was, I always replied with dancer, singer, actor or painter. I took dance classes from the age of four, and would stay after to help the teacher (because obviously that helps you become an A-class dancer). I would plug in our karaoke mic after school and belt out Celine Dion classics, while recording them onto a tape so that I could listen back to my “awesome” voice. I owned an organ (what kind of child was I?!) and studied basic sheet music so that when my nana came to visit I could show off my talents. As soon as I saw a movie, I had to be the main character. The worst was Clueless, which I saw for the first time at eight; every sentence for a month after the flick ended in a question mark. Every weekend, when normal children were playing outside in the sunshine, I was hunched over my crafts table, drawing images of fairytales and happily ever afters. I love everything creative. But despite my obvious passion, creativity doesn’t seem to love me back. My dance exam comments always included the words “good effort” and “nice smile”, but never “beautiful footwork” or “perfect posture”. I was always in the back of the chorus line at school productions (way back) and all my instruments mysteriously disappeared from my house one day. All my drawings were smudged before they were finished, thanks to my “special” gift of lefthandedness. Basically, when mysterious forces were at work creating me, they left out the artistic ingredient. But thankfully, many other people in the world got a double dose of the inspirational dream. You don’t need to look any further than the students at AUT. Look in the news – every week there are articles about students pushing the boundaries in their industries and making history. In this job, I get the fortunate opportunity to meet people who have more creativity in their little finger than I do in my whole body. So for the 23rd issue of debate, we’re celebrating creativity. Check out the student profiles from page 22 and marvel at the work people have done in creative corner. Ogle at the work our designer Deanne has put into the magazine this week. We’ve dressed up to celebrate – isn’t this magazine looking divine?


Melita Martorana

Sports Team Leader 921 9999 ext 7259


Zane Chase Vesbar Manager 921 9999 ext 8378

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Profile for Debate Magazine

debate issue 23, 2011  

Welcome to the creative issue of debate, brought to you by AuSM.

debate issue 23, 2011  

Welcome to the creative issue of debate, brought to you by AuSM.

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