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focusing on wall graphics and making a creative space. You can’t really leave your assignments to the last minute, so how much work goes into an assignment on average? It just depends on what the project is. At the moment I’m trying to get stuff done every day. You can’t leave it until the last minute. Even, it feels like we’ve probably got a month left, and even now it kind of feels like it’s last minute. I know I feel guilty if I’m not doing something. What type of creative outlets do you regularly visit for inspiration? I used to really like Pro Design [magazine] but that’s gone now. IDM. Sometimes Urbis, but that’s a lot more spatial design, which I’m kind of into as well, in terms of graphics and spaces and stuff. Then other blogs… tumblr and just search ‘type’ – I’m really into type – all sorts of things. Also, events, like We Can Create [design conference]. I went to Melbourne earlier in the year for agIdeas, so you kind of find out people from there and you’re always searching their work and stuff. You were chosen as a finalist for the Best Awards? What are the Best Awards? There are four different categories. There’s graphics, which I entered into, there’s spatial, interactive or [product]. Basically it’s any kind of design project. You just enter in a brief description of the work was about and who was in your team and some photos of it and they have some well-known people in the industry judge it. All the big agencies enter into it – obviously the professional side of it – but it’s well recognised. If you’ve got a Best award… it’s kind of up there… Being a student in it is quite a good achievement, apparently.





20mm = 1 hour. Centre of circle pinpoints time of purchase.

The section proportion represents purchase amount on each day in relation




Size of individual circle represents proportion of spend on that purchase.

to total holiday spend. Total = $1649.80







What was your entry? The brief was to collect any sort of data over a certain period of time and then translate that data into a big format poster and then make a book about how to read the poster or the background to it and stuff. So on that trip I was talking about earlier, to Melbourne, I decided to record my spending for eight days. So everything I spent and the type of money I used, how much was on each purchase or what time of day, I recorded all these details – I was a bit manic about it – and then I created a poster and it just mapped out the spending and the colours represented different categories.

7+3 = $10


excerpt from "The tiPping Point" by malcom GlAdw eLl.

6. case stUdy, rUmours and The pow er of trAN slaTion. Airwalk ing is thE name GivEN to The skatEboArdiNG move in which thE skATEr takes TAk ES oFf FroM A ramP, Slips hiS board ouT from UndEr his feEt, and theN takeS on E or tWo loNG , EXagGErAtEd

stridES in the air befor E laNding . it is a claSsic stUNt, A StapL e STAPle oF TraditioNal

skatEboArding , which iS why WhEN two entr EpreNE urs decidEd iN The mid-1980s to

sTart ManufactUring athL etic sho eS aimed At hardcore SkAteboarders, they ca Lled ThE

Once you’ve finished your degree, what area do you hope to get into? I’m not exactly sure. I really like the work I’m doing at the moment, like type and publication design and stuff like that, so possibly within a magazine environment. But there’s some really cool design studios around Auckland that I’d really like to get into, but I know they’ll be really competitive to get into, because there’s so many good graduates as well that will be coming out. So I think it’s just a matter of putting yourself out there and doing an internship or unpaid work for a while or doing freelance work and your own projects on the side.

company Airwalk . airwa Lk waS based outSide SAN dieGo and rooted iN The teEnaGe beach-and-skatE cuLtUre of thE reGioN .


excerpt from "The tiPping Point" by malcom GlAd WeLl. the begiNninG , the Firm Made A canvAS shoE in

wiLd colors and PriNts that became a k ind of AlternatiVE Fashion sTatemEnt. They also made a technical skate ShoE

in suedE, with a Thick sole and A heaVily cushioned uPpEr UpPer that at least At firsT was almost AS stiFf as ThE

SkateboArd itself. but thE SkAters bEcAMe So devoted To the

prodUct thaT thEy woULd wASh The sho eS over and agaiN , then drive oVEr thEM iN carS to breAk theM in. airwa Lk was cooL. iT Sponsored profeSsioNal skatEboArdErS, and

developed a cult foLloWinG at thE SkATe EveNts, and aFTer A feW years had bUiLt uP a comfortable $13 millioN-a-y EAr bUSiNEsS.


excerpt from "The tiPping

Point" by malcom GlAdw eLl.

...companies can coNtinUE at

PLE sAm y bod . Text

ThAt leveL indefiNitely, iN a state of loW-

lEVel equilibriUm, serVing a smAlL but loya L A udience. bUT thE owNers oF airWAlk wAnTEd more. ThEy wanted to build

themsElVes iNTo an iNternatioNAl brAnd, aNd in the Early 1990s They chAnGed

coUrSe. thEy reorganized Their bUsin ESs

operatioN s. they redEsiGned ThEir shoES. They expandEd their Focus To iNcludE

Not jUst SkateboArdiNg but also surfinG ,

snowboarding , mouNtain bik iNG and bicycle racing , sponsorinG ridErS in a Ll of those

sPorts and Mak ing Airwalk SynoNymous wiTh the active, altErnative liFESty LE.


excerpt from

"The tiPping Point" by malcom GlAd WeLl.

...they embarked on aN AgresSive graSsrootS

campAiGn to meEt the buyers for youth-orientEd sho e Stores. They persuaded

fooTlock Er To try TheM oUt oN an eXperiMentAl baSis.

36pt excerpt from "The tiPping Point" by malcom GlAd WeLl. thEy work Ed to Get alterNAtiVE rock bAndS To wEar thEir sho eS oN StaGE ANd, PerhAps moSt iMporTant, They decidEd to hir E a smAlL advertising ...


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debate issue 23, 2011  

Welcome to the creative issue of debate, brought to you by AuSM.

debate issue 23, 2011  

Welcome to the creative issue of debate, brought to you by AuSM.

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