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increase your dollars while decreasing your fat levels by Alicia Crocket

at the supermarket on a per kilo basis. Cheese cost at least $12 a kilo, cheap ontrary to popular belief, the way mince is $10 a kilo, yet how many fruit to save money at the supermarket and vegetables do you see that cost is to buy more fruit and vegetables. I that much? Sure, meat contributes know that seems backwards because important vitamins and minerals to people are always harping on about our diet, but so do fruit and vegetables. how expensive fruit and vegetables And I tell you what, the national are. Well NEWS FLASH: food in New nutrition surveys are not saying we’re Zealand is expensive, and fruit and eating too much meat; they’re saying vegetables are actually a lot cheaper we’re not eating enough fruit and than a lot of other food in your trolley. vegetables. So in your meals swap some On an average shop what do most meat for extra vegetables; you’ll not people buy? Bread, milk, meat, cheese, only be saving money you’ll also be baked beans, couple of jars of pasta getting more of those goodies that are sauce, the odd packet of chips and a in fruit and veges. chocolate bar or a pack of bikkies if In an average day, what’s your you’re feeling flush. snack of choice? Muesli bars, biscuits, When you think about it, seasonal crackers, chocolate bars, a little pack of fruit and vegetables are cheaper than chips? You’ll be pleased to know that most of the items that we regularly buy chocolate costs $16.00 per kilo and


Auckland Student Cup!

Manukau students, come and join us this Friday (October 7) at AUT Manukau campus for the Auckland Student Cup. This is a one day FREE event hosted by AuSM and open to AUT students and staff. The day will consist of 10 recreational sports from dodgeball to tug-of-war, music and of course, AuSM Free Feeds. Sure to be a great day!

AUT Sevens

AuSM presents… the AUT Sevens! It’s on this Sunday (October 9) so come along and support AUT students in a great day of Sevens rugby. Hato Petera College, College Road, Northcote between 8.30am-4pm. They’ll be plenty going on off the field too, enjoy the music, barbecue and bouncy castle.


Celebrate the last month of the year before exams. We’re celebrating Oktoberfest in Vesbar next week. Guy Cater, AUT’s favourite hypnotist, is back on Wednesday,

chips are roughly as expensive coming in at $16.60 per kilo. Muesli bars, you’re looking at $12.20 per kilo. Compare that with bananas $2.99 a kilo, apples $3.99 or even carrots $2.29 a kilo. How many apples or bananas could you have for the same price as a chocolate bar or packet of chips? People preferentially buy chips, chocolate and muesli bars for snacks because they get more satisfaction out of eating them rather than fruit and vegetables. But the reality is that these ‘treat’ foods are way more expensive than good ol’ fruit and veges. So if your budget is tight and you’re wondering how to save some money, do your wallet a favour and opt for fruit as a snack or extra vegetables in your spag bol and save yourself some moolah.

October 12 at 7pm. It’ll be a night not to be missed. Then on Thursday night, party into the early hours with New Zealand’s premier Stein band. $15 gets you a Stein, free first refill and a German sausage. Pre-book this week at Vesbar.

SGM next week (yes, there will be free pizza!)

The Clothes Swap at AUT is this Thursday! Raid your wardrobes for clothes, shoes and accessories to swap! Swap your clothes for tokens. You can drop you clothing off at AuSM office City campus on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday this week 11.30am-12.30pm and 9am-10.30am on Thursday.

Vacant Positions

Next week’s SGM (see above) will include the election of vacant positions for: Design & Creative Technologies Faculty Representative, International Affairs Officer, Maori Affairs Officer and Pasifika Affairs Officer. To nominate yourself come along to the SGM. Find out more on


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debate issue 23, 2011  

Welcome to the creative issue of debate, brought to you by AuSM.

debate issue 23, 2011  

Welcome to the creative issue of debate, brought to you by AuSM.

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