UK catalogue - Aurora Trade 2020

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Ideal for Lighting Control

The Lighting Centric Platform


Light Commercial

Save energy and reduce costs with scheduling

Scene setting for presentations


What is AOne™?

Meet the AOne™ Hub.

The Aurora AOne™ is a new breed of lighting control system. All the smart devices can be retrofitted and are modular - no need for specialised cable like systems of old. It uses a secure bi-directional wireless technology called Zigbee to send 128 bit encrypted commands.

Once installed, the devices are paired to an AOne™ Hub, the brains of the AOne™ system. This device coordinates the system storing schedules, scenes and spaces locally on the Hub in the eventuality of losing internet connection.

Device types like lamps, downlights, sockets and dimmers are Smart Inside, which means the wireless control is built into the device. To gain control of existing devices you can use “Make Smart with” AOne™ controllers like a 1-10V, 16A relay and Triac dimmer.


An ethernet cable with a live internet connection is attached to the Hub which connects it to the power of the Gooee cloud and allows you to control your devices from anywhere in the world. The AOne™ hub connects Aurora AOne™ devices to the leading voice platforms like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Which enables a user to walk into a room and say “Hey Google turn on the lights”