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Dear Student, We are happy to welcome you to Neveh Zion for the coming year 2010-11 We will do our best to ensure that the coming year in Israel will be one of the most memorable and meaningful years of your life!! Enclosed in this package is important information for both you and your parents. Included are also forms to be filled out. Please read through everything carefully, fill out what you need to and send the forms back to us by fax or email as soon as possible. If you have any questions about any of the material or about Neveh Zion in general please don’t hesitate to contact us at: 718-689-1887 or by email at: The z’man will begin on 25th August 2010. Wishing you a successful year. Rabbi Chaim Yisroel Blumenfeld Rosh Yeshiva

Rabbi Avrohom Falk Menahel Ruchani

M a k i n g y o u r ye a r i n I s r a e l last a lifetime Neveh Zion creates a positive, encouraging and accepting environment in which students can reconnect to themselves and move forward to achieve success in life. The Neveh staff carefully monitors the progress of each student and addresses the disillusionment that trouble many youth today. Our students are able to explore issues that are important to them and find answers to questions that will shape their outlook and help them move forward. Facilities and Activities • • • • • • • •

Individualized curriculum, small classes, and one-on-one learning opportunities Extracurricular on-campus activities building life skills and talents Off-campus activities and trips forging a connection to Israel and the Jewish People On and off-campus Shabbatonim Active, on-site role models interacting with students Dedicated and experienced staff members Fully equipped work out room A Music Room including keyboards, drums and guitars

Neveh Zion creates an environment of caring and growth. Neveh Zion creates an experience which prepares the students to deal with life’s challenges. During a boy’s most formative years Neveh’s influence is tremendous.

NEVEH LIFE What is the goal of Neveh Zion? Overall growth is our goal. This includes focusing on each student's future by developing his talents and bolstering the confidence and skills needed to excel in life.

How many of the Rebbeim live close to Neveh? Most of our Rebbeim live close to the Neveh Campus. Their families provide a warm open house for our students both for Shabbat and Yom Tov meals and for any individual needs or concerns which they may have.


What level of learning is necessary in order to benefit from the classes? Our goal is to help each student develop his skills and find his own niche in Torah Study. We offer different tracks for Gemorah learning from beginner to advanced.

What level of commitment to Judaism do I need before coming? Neveh Zion’s program is designed to accommodate students who are working and striving to strengthen their commitment to living a Torah life.

Does Neveh Zion give college credits? Neveh Zion gives elective credits. These are recognized by Touro College, Yeshiva University and most universities throughout the U.S. Transcripts are sent directly to the colleges.

SHABBAT AND SHABBATONIM What is a Neveh In-Shabbos? Shabbat at Neveh is a fun, meaningful and unifying experience. The Shabbat program is enhanced by fascinating lecturers and spirited discussions. The Rebbeim spend Shabbat on campus and work together with the students to create a warm family atmosphere.

What is a �Shabbaton"? Neveh arranges 6 Shabbatonim throughout the year. The Shabbatonim are held in Tsfat, the Old City of Jerusalem, Beit Shemesh, Geulah, Mattersdorf and Bnei Brak. Our students are given the chance to meet world renowned Torah leaders and visit the local attractions. They are accommodated by local residents many of whom are alumni who now live in Israel. They are also able to meet other Jews from a wide variety of religious backgrounds and cultures.

What is an "Out-Shabbos"? Our students are not required stay in Neveh for an Out-Shabbat. They are able to spend Shabbat with family or with the family of friends in different parts of the country.

CHAGIM AND BEIN HAZMANIM Does Neveh close its dorms or its kitchen during the year? Neveh’s primary concern is the needs of each student. We care for their physical, spiritual and emotional needs every day throughout the year. Our dining room and kitchen are open for Succos and Pesach. If the kitchen is closed for a Shabbaton alternative meals in Telzstone are arranged.

BOOKS AND OTHER EDUCATIONAL SUPPLIES What supplies do you recommend I bring to Neveh? We suggest the following: Siddur (with English translation), Machzorim (for all the holidays), Selichos (with English translation), writing equipment and notepaper. Only bring along seforim which you presently own. It is more convenient and economical to purchase seforim in Israel)

Where can I purchase sefarim? Sefarim in both English and Hebrew can be purchased from an array of bookstores in Jerusalem and elsewhere and are often sold on campus.


What does tuition include? Tuition payments include full room and board, classes, lectures, day trips and overnights. Some of the trips may require an additional small fee.

Will I need money for extra purchases? Additional money will be needed for expenses relating to the Chagim. ie: 4 minim for Succot, a menorah for Chanukah etc. Extra money should also be earmarked for spending money.

What is the best way to have money sent over from overseas? We recommend that you set up a bank account here and then money can be wired directly into it. Alternatively you can use a debit card to withdraw money from ATM machines. There is a safe in the school office where you can keep cash.

RECEIVING PACKAGES How can I receive mail or packages from my family or friends? Regular mail should be mailed to: Neveh Zion PO Box 91 Kiryat Yearim Harei Yehuda 90840 ISRAEL Packages (FedEx, UPS, etc.) should be sent to: Neveh Zion Rechov Gordon 140 Kiryat Yearim Harei Yehuda 90840 ISRAEL


What are the hours of the Neveh office? The Yeshiva office is open from 9:00 – 1:00 daily. The administrative offices are open from 10:00 – 6:00pm daily.


Main yeshiva building The dorm

The Beis Medrash


Weight Room

Dining Room




Tefillin 1 old shirt-to tear at 1st visit to Kotel Sport jacket, ties 7 long sleeve shirts Tooth brush and toothpaste 2 weeks change of underwear /socks 2 pairs of thermal underwear 3 heavy sweaters (1 dress sweater) 1 winter coat Rain boots Soap and soap box Deodorant Shampoo Hairbrush Small traveling suitcase *Cassette tape recorder Laundry detergent Plastic drinking cup Headphones Handkerchiefs Flashlight Knapsack


2 pairs Tzizit 2 suits Dress shoes 4 pairs pants 2 pairs pyjamas Winter coat Sneakers Gym shorts Raincoat w/ hood Sweat suit Bathrobe Sleeping bag *Shaver Bathing suit Alarm clock Blank tapes Slippers 5 towels Scarf Gloves Canteen

* Please make sure that all electrical applicances are compatible with Israeli voltage—220/230 V.

SUGGESTED SEFARIM 1. Siddur (with English translation) 2. Machzorim (for all the holidays)

Selichos (with English translation) (Only bring along seforim which you presently own. It is more convenient and economical to purchase seforim in Israel)

TRANSFORMERS *Transformers are required for electrical appliances not compatible with 220 volts. BEDDING AND LINEN Students should bring their own blankets and pillows in addition to their own towels, sheets and pillowcases. COOKING APPLIANCES For safety reasons cooking in the dormitory is forbidden. No cooking appliances including hot plates, toaster ovens, etc are permitted in the dormitory. Private refrigerators are available for rental. HEATERS There is central heating provided for all dormitory rooms. The electrical circuits in the dormitory are not equipped to handle heaters. We suggest that if you wish to supplement the heating provided by the Yeshiva, that you bring with you an electric blanket or sheet.



Our Website:

Harel Tour & Care Policy Hospitalization* Hospital accommodation Nursing care, drugs and surgical dressings

Surgeons, anesthetists, and physicians fees

Paid up to policy limit $100,000 / 90 days

Theater charges and intensive care

Pathology, X-rays, MRI, CT scans Out-patient treatment Specialists Pathology, X-rays and diagnostic tests

Costs for treatment by family doctors

Contracted specialists/doctors/laboratories Paid in full

Out-patient surgical operations MRI, CT and PET scans Other benefits Prescribed medication and dressings Emergency dental treatment

Emergency ambulance service

Road accidents/terrorist attacks

English speaking customer service line

Up to $300 per year Up to $200-at contracted dentist Paid in full (if patient is subsequently hospitalized) Covered by Compulsory Government Insurance 24-hour

MEDICAL INSURANCE Cover is by surgeons and medical staff on duty at time of injury or illness There is a possibility of adding a clause for the surgeon of your choice Exclusions to this cover are: Pre-existing or chronic conditions (e.g. asthma, Krohn’s disease, diabetes) Well-care, routine check-ups Pregnancy Injuries caused due to alcohol or drugs Self inflicted injuries Skiing, extreme sports N.B. The full policy conditions are as they appear in the Harel Tour and Care policy (available on request).

MEDICAL INSURANCE We require that all our students have a comprehensive medical insurance plan. We recommend the above Harel Tour & Care medical plan for all students. This is a comprehensive network of English-speaking doctors and specialists who provide top private medical care. The cost for the Tour & Care plan is $1.00 per day. A representative from Harel will be in touch with you shortly to arrange coverage.

TUITION Tuition for the academic year 20010-11 is $20,000 plus Masa (see opposite page) which includes a $500 non refundable deposit. This amount covers full room and board and trips. It is imperative for all parents to apply for Masa funding. In order to arrange payment please be in touch with Mr. Somerstein at our American Office: 718-269-3900 or Rabbi Yitzchak Friedman: 718-689-1887 x 4 or email: Head checks should be sent to our New York Office: American Friends of Neveh Zion 68-01 Main Street Flushing, NY 11367 USA Any student who leaves the program or is asked to leave the program will be responsible for payment for the duration of the semester. If you require financial aid please see the attached financial aid form or be in touch with the Neveh Zion office.

FINANCIAL AID Masa gives a minimum grant of $1,000 for every student coming to Israel to learn. This grant is given regardless of family income. Masa also gives needs based scholarships for a larger amount.

It is imperative for all parents to apply for Masa funding. Please apply online:

FEDERAL STUDENT AID (FAFSA) We are working in conjunction with the Michigan Jewish Institute in order to enable our students to receive Federal Student Aid. The process is easy and you may be eligible for up to $2,700. Please see the attached forms for information on how to apply both to MJI and for Federal Student aid. As soon as the applications and forms are completed please contact Yaakov Epstein to verify your application process. Please also inform the Neveh office that you have applied. If you have any questions or require additional information please contact Yaakov Epstein or the Neveh office.

GED Students who were not able to graduate with a GED are able to complete this in Neveh. The classes prepare them to take the test which can be taken either in Israel (for a fee) or when they return to the states.

STUDENT VISAS Student visas are received as a group from the Ministry of Interior. It is imperative that we have all the necessary information to submit the forms to them otherwise the students will have to take care of this themselves. Please ensure that the birth dates of each parent is submitted to the school office in order to facilitate this. In addition please ensure that all passports are valid for at least the duration of the school year plus an additional 6 months otherwise the visas will not be granted.

CELL PHONE PLAN For an additional fee, individual cell phone rentals are available through Talk n' Save. A representative of Talk n’ Save will be in touch with you shortly to arrange your phone plan.

GROUP FLIGHT INFO A representative from our travel agency will be in touch with you to register you for the flight.

Neveh Zion 140 Gordon Street P.O. Box 91 Kiryat Yearim, Harey Yehuda, 90840 ISRAEL Tel: + 972-2-534-1297/1813 ADSL: 718-689-1887 Fax: + 972-2-534-1439 Email: American Friends of Neveh Zion 68-01 Main Street Flushing, NY 11367 USA

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