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Simple Steps to Keep Your Mobile Device Secure If you are one amongst the business-minded individuals, then the chances of you checking your email from a Blackberry, PDA, Android cell phone or some other mobile device are high. While this medium of checking and replying to your mail might enhance your connectivity to vendors and core consumers, it also leads increased risks with mobile security today more than before. Going by the MessageLabs Intelligence Report, it has been found that “Websites are blocked by the company’s products 35 percent more often when people are outside the office. The study found that download blocks are five times more likely from mobile workers, and that shopping, search engine, personals and dating site prohibitions were more likely to be enforced. That means that people are trying to get to these sites more often”. Therefore, today with an increased need for mobile security, IT and other mobile security experts focuses on the following ways to enhance it: Refrain from storing or processing any legal data on your mobile Ensure that details about your mobile device are stored elsewhere as that will be helpful in case your mobile is stolen Enable encryption to protect critical data. Upgrade your mobile software regularly Install antivirus software as and when required Whilst these steps are useful in improving your mobile security, resorting to a well structured and customized mobile security solution is even more effective and less time consuming. Today eminent companies specializing in cloud security and data protection solutions have introduced efficient solutions for mobile security as well. The services they offer include: Mobile Application Securities – those tests and remedies mobile application vulnerabilities through penetration testing, reverse engineering, secure code review and API’s security testing. Mobile Application Store Security – that offers security assessment for External Apps, Internal Apps, secure code reviews, device OS, harmful pattern verification and many more. Mobile Payment and Banking Security – that provides security assessment of mobile payment and banking applications, reverse engineering, secure code review and payment gateways. Enterprise Mobile Data Management Services – that assists end users by offering access control for critical business information and application usage, data storage encryption, mobile content management and fragmentized data authentication. In today’s high end technological era mobile phone usage is no longer limited to only calls and text messaging even for an average individuals. Furthermore, mobile phone manufacturers and application developers lure consumers with interesting downloads and game applications, that makes the mobile device vulnerable to third party attacks. With efficient mobile security solutions you can combat virus and other malicious attacks on your mobile phone. Read more on - application security, identity access management, Information Risk Management

Simple Steps to Keep Your Mobile Device Secure