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L U X U R Y A PA R T M E N T S D E S I G N E D FOR INDEPENDENT AND ASSISTED LIVING Situated on the Royal Johannesburg Golf Course, Royal View offers a new and fresh perspective on senior living. With fine dining, hospitality and entertainment; concierge services; a fully equipped exercise and wellness centre; comprehensive on-site care facilities and 24hr nursing care and support.

CALL US TODAY TO BOOK A VIEWING. 087 655 0075 | royalview@auria.co.za | www.auria.co.za

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s t n e t n o C Explore Johannesburg’s Vibrant Events: BEV FEST, Pride, Ballet, and Family Fun – Get Your Tickets! 6 A 7-night family self-drive safari journey through Hluhluwe, Imfolozi, and captivating Wetlands. 10 EL&N London Café: Johannesburg Welcomes Instagram-Friendly Elegance with Global Cuisine and London’s Charms. 12 Empowering Women in Motorsport: Fabienne Lanz’s Inspiring Journey in Breaking Stereotypes and Achieving Excellence. 14 Discover Mmule Setati’s Culinary Creations and Nurturing Recipes in ‘Feed My Tribe,’ a Cookbook for Every Occasion. 16 Explore Inimitable: A Unique Wedding Venue with Majestic Mountain Views and Historical Significance in South Africa. 2

ED’S WORD Hello, beautiful people, Welcome to the latest edition of Purely Local Jozi, where we bring you stories

18 Artist James Delaney Transforms

Joburg’s Wilds into a Stunning Oasis of Natural Beauty and Art. 20 A Culinary Tale of Partnership, Nature, and Flavor Igniting Maboneng’s Dining Scene. 22 Visit Mr Pants - A Vibrant Wine Bar in Johannesburg for International Wine Lovers. 24 Worry Gobblers: Imperfectly Charming Characters Helping Both Kids and Adults Cope with Anxieties. 26 Gontse Selaocoe’s Journey from Family Recipe to Thriving Jam Business. 27 Step into Spring with House & Home 28 Supporting a Sick Friend: Practical Tips for Offering Comfort and Care Through Difficult Times. 29 Learn about Robin and Jolandie’s 10Year Journey to Promote Stem Cell Donation Worldwide.

that celebrate the extraordinary in our community. In this issue, we traverse unique landscapes, culinary delights, and the world of motorsport to showcase the exceptional talents and endeavours that define our city. We invite you to explore Inimitable founded by Zavion and John, this venue offers an unparalleled setting, luxurious accommodations, and a commitment to excellence that ensures every moment is truly inimitable. Mmule Setati, a passionate foodie from Jozi, chats about her cookbook “Feed My Tribe.” Her recipes celebrate family, community, and the joy of cooking. Meet Fabienne Lanz, a motorsport trailblazer who defies stereotypes. From karting enthusiast to South African champion, her journey inspires us to break boundaries. As you delve into the stories within these pages, may you find inspiration and a renewed appreciation for the extraordinary individuals and places that make our city truly unique. Thank you for joining us on this journey of discovery,

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BEV FEST Get ready for an extraordinary celebration at the first-ever Beverage Fest! Held at Old Park Station in Newtown on 28 October, this event promises a day packed with high-energy activities and entertainment, not to mention a diverse range of local and international drinks. You can look forward to sampling a wide range of drinks from brewers, winemakers, distillers and beverage companies, so invite your friends and make sure that you’re a part of the inaugural Bev Fest. bebravelifestyle.co.za

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PRIDE Established in 1990, Joburg Pride is one of Africa’s oldest pride events and takes place annually in October. This year’s Joburg Pride Parade will take place on October 28th and will start at Wanderers Stadium at 10am. The parade is set to kick off at 2pm, and you’ll be able to see participants marching through the streets, celebrating their identities and advocating for LGBTQ+ visibility while honouring the struggles of those who came before.

From September 29th, Joburg Ballet proudly presents ballet sensations Marianela Nunez and Vadim Muntagirov from The Royal Ballet in the enchanting “Don Quixote.” This captivating classic narrates the tale of the bold and beautiful Kitri and her deep affection for the charming yet financially disadvantaged Basilio. Kitri’s father, however, has grander plans for his spirited daughter, aiming to wed her to a wealthy, but somewhat eccentric suitor. The Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra will grace the orchestra pit, breathing life into one of the most brilliant music scores ever composed for the world of ballet. joburgtheatre.com


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Fourways Farmers Market is now a three-day weekend event, open on Friday as well as Saturday and Sunday in Modderfontein. Visitors can now tuck into the fabulous food, delicious cocktails and enjoy a guaranteed good time while taking a break from the busy city (and avoiding the traffic on the way home!). Open from 3pm to 10pm, it’s also a great place for young families to spend the early afternoon –with lawns and beautiful dam, there’s loads of ffmarket.co.za space for little ones to run around. Entry is R20.

Head to Victoria Yards in Lorentzville (the eastern side of Joburg city) on the first Sunday of the month for their vibrant market! The expansive urban farm and community hub is home to makers, artists and artisans. Everything you can imagine is available to browse and buy, from jewellery and furniture to fashion, craft beer and baked goods – all unique and handmade. Entrance is free and the market runs from 10:30am to 4pm. victoriayards.co.za

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d n a l u l u Z ESCAPADE:

As we boarded our Lift flight from Cape Town to Durban, our family’s excitement was palpable. We were embarking on a dream come true — a 7-night self-drive safari adventure that promised to connect us with the wild heart of Zululand. This was our first safari experience as a family and a first for my husband and 12-yearold son. Our adventure was about to unfold like a storybook, and we couldn’t wait to immerse ourselves in the beauty of Hluhluwe, Imfolozi, and the enchanting Wetlands.

Rhino Ridge Safari Park Our journey into the heart of Zululand began with a thrilling drive from Salt Rock to Rhino Ridge Safari Lodge, situated within the sprawling expanse of Hluhluwe iMfolozi Park. As we arrived at Rhino Ridge Safari Lodge, we were greeted with a warm African welcome that instantly made us feel at home. The lodge

A FAMILY’S ODYSSEY THROUGH HLUHLUWE, IMFOLOZI, AND THE WONDERS OF WETLANDS WORDS: Chantelle Balsdon, a South African mother and wife from Cape Town.

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itself seemed to emerge organically from the landscape, embracing the natural contours of the land. Our accommodation was nothing short of a masterpiece—a sanctuary that seamlessly integrated luxury with the untamed beauty surrounding us. Our days were painted with shades of adventure and discovery. The conservancy’s commitment to rhino preservation resonated deeply with us. We embarked on our first safari game drive with a sense of wonder, eager to glimpse these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. And it wasn’t long before our patience was rewarded. Witnessing a rare hunting pack of Wild Dogs left us in awe, but it was the lion encounters that truly stole the show. A lone lion’s call brought his lioness and cubs, revealing the heart-warming bonds of the wild.

We had the privilege of encountering the enigmatic White Rhino not once, but twice during our stay. As we marvelled at their existence, the shadow of poaching loomed in our minds. The reality of the ongoing struggle to protect these creatures from harm was a poignant reminder that every effort to conserve them is precious. In the fading light of our final evening game drive, a heart-stopping moment etched itself into our journey’s highlights. Caught between a majestic herd of elephants, babies in tow, on their way to the same spot we had chosen for our sundowners. It was a hair-raising moment but with our game driver Sifiso (a true treasure trove of knowledge and passion) and his expert skills, we managed to get away without coming to any harm. In a symphony of trumpeting, they expressed their charge—a reminder that our presence in their realm was a fleeting privilege. It was an honour to share this experience with Sifiso, a local with a lifetime of experience in the area, who shared his intimate connection to the land and its inhabitants. This exhilarating encounter resonated deeply, a vivid reminder of our place within the untamed embrace of nature. Mealtimes were a delight, each dish a symphony of flavours that celebrated South African cuisine. High tea was a cherished tradition, where we sampled delectable treats while watching the sun cast its golden hues over the landscape. Our dietary

preferences were effortlessly accommodated, with vegan options that delighted my husband’s palate. The days at Rhino Ridge Safari Lodge were a blend of adventure and luxury, an experience that touched our souls. The resonance of the wilderness, the bonds we forged with the creatures that call it home, and the passion of those who dedicated their lives to its preservation left us forever transformed. Tembe Elephant Park Our journey from Rhino Ridge to Tembe Elephant Park was a transition from one kind of majesty to another— an immersion into the world of the giants. Known as the home of South Africa’s largest elephants, the park held the promise of encounters with these gentle behemoths that few are privileged to experience. Super Tuskers, these male bull elephants whose tusks weighed over 45 kilograms each, were the true monarchs of Tembe. The air was charged with the knowledge that only 7 out of the original 12 Tembe

A SPECIAL Super Tuskers remained, making every encounter with these majestic creatures a poignant reminder of their vulnerable existence.


As if guided by destiny, one of these Tuskers, named Igwedla, made a surprise appearance just as we were watching his herd. The atmosphere shifted as if the very air held its breath in reverence. The females, eager to welcome him home, began pushing themselves towards him, their intimate greetings a dance of hormones and connection that transcended words. The scent of their pheromones was a tangible reminder of the wild’s intricacies. And then it happened—a face-to-face encounter with Igwedla himself. At that moment, we were not mere spectators; we were participants in a sacred communion between species. Trunks extended, curiosity and recognition mingled in the air as he explored our safari vehicle. It was one of the most beautiful and humbling experiences of our lives—a meeting of souls in the heart of the beautiful wilderness.


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The accommodations within Tembe Elephant Park was a luxurious take on family-friendly design. Our safari family tent had two queen-sized beds and a bathroom that opened to a serene and private outdoor shower. Wonderfully comfortable and private. At night it was you, your thoughts and the sounds of nature. The culinary offerings at Tembe were a celebration of community and love. Served by a group of local ladies, each meal was an opportunity to savour not just the flavours of the area, but the essence of the land itself. This genuine connection to the local culture enriched our experience, turning each mealtime into a ritual of gratitude and unity. Kosi Bay Forest Lodge Nestled within the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, South Africa’s first World Heritage Site, Kosi Bay Forest Lodge beckoned us with the promise of tranquillity amidst nature’s

PL 8

embrace. Accessible only by a 2x4 or 4x4 vehicle due to its unique location on beach sand, the lodge stood as an eco-conscious sanctuary where the delicate symphony of sand forest and bird song played in harmony. The warm welcome from General Manager Blessing led us to what seemed like a Tiki bar, revealing itself as the reception—a precursor to the enchantment that awaited. Our accommodation, one of two family rooms, embraced both comfort and solitude. Our son revelled in a double suite all to himself, conjoined, yet private. The allure of a private outdoor boma, complete with a shower and bath in soft white sand was where I truly connected to this special lodge. As lanterns lit up our evenings, the surrounding trees serenaded us with the distant calls of hippos, an acoustic symphony that painted our nights with wild magic. Kosi Bay Forest Lodge unveiled a gentler safari, where water excursions

let us breathe in the serenity of the lakes. Encounters with hippos, snorkelling through mangroves, and a lesson in traditional Tsonga fish traps were journeys into cultural and ecological intricacies. The spectacle of hundreds of flamingos taking flight was a vivid masterpiece of pink and white. Surprise romantic bush dinners led each guest into their fairy tale, lit by candles and lanterns. The daily ritual of cocktails at sunset on the pool’s spectacular viewing deck painted the sky with hues of pink orange, purple and blue. Amidst lovely staff and unforgettable companions, Kosi Bay Forest Lodge embodied the spirit of complete peace, an Okavango Delta experience etched in South Africa’s heart. St Lucia Although our stay in St Lucia spanned a mere night, the itinerary crafted by Heritage Tours and Safaris was

amazing. On our arrival, a sunset boat cruise awaited us, a journey that led us onto the tranquil waters of the lake where we got to see diverse family pods of hippos up close and personal. As the sun dipped below the horizon, the symphony of birdlife took centre stage. Guided by expert narrative, the Kingfishers, vibrant and elusive, graced us with their presence and we actually got to see three different specials of this stunning creature. The overnight stay at Heritage House, a cornerstone of the town’s heritage, enveloped us in comfort and history. Located within St Lucia, this lodge was more than an accommodation—it was a glimpse into the soul of the town itself. Our exploration of St Lucia unveiled its exquisite charm, while a chance encounter with two hippos crossing our path highlighted


Plan this adventure FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY

DAY 1 Departure from Cape Town to King Shaka Airport Airline: LIFT www.lift.co.za/ Car Rental: Europcar, Isuzu mu-X 2x4 www.europcar.co.za Overnight in Salt Rock (Airbnb) www.airbnb.co.za

DAY 2 Drive from Salt Rock to Rhino Ridge Safari Lodge in Hluhluwe iMfolozi Park Distance: 230.5 kilometres via the N2 route Drive time: Approximately 3 hours and 10 minutes Duration: 2 nights By: Isibindi Africa Lodges www.rhinoridge.co.za

DAY 4 Drive from Rhino Ridge Safari Lodge to Tembe Elephant Park Distance: 230 kilometres, R22 road Drive time: 3 hours and 26 minutes. Duration: 2 nights By: Tembe Elephant Park www.tembe.co.za


the region’s unique coexistence with wildlife. This encounter was not just a moment, but a glimpse into the everyday life of the locals—affectionately referred to as “Townies.” Before bidding farewell to this land of wonders, one last adventure awaited—the sunrise game drive in iSimangaliso Wetland Park. One last game drive. Dubbed the “Reflection Game Drive” amidst antelopes and more hippo sightings and a beachside breakfast, I savoured the opportunity to look back on our magical adventure. Gratitude swelled within me for the privilege of experiencing these wonders as a family. And as our time drew to a close, a poignant gift graced our sight—a sighting of the African Fish Eagle, a symbol of freedom and majesty. With this final vision, our journey reached its crescendo—a crescendo of reflection, appreciation, and the quiet knowing that the echoes of these moments would forever resonate in our hearts.

Closing Thoughts: This self-drive itinerary turned out to be a key part of our adventure— the freedom to explore on our terms deepened the experience. Every moment was a treasure. The enchantment of these lands, the resonance of each encounter, and the pure joy of exploring as a family left a mark on our souls. This journey was more than a vacation; it was a connection to our heritage, a reminder that the wonders of South Africa’s wild heart are within reach for us all. As we boarded our flight home, the memory of the African Fish Eagle’s cry echoed in our hearts, a reminder of the beauty that awaits in our own backyard.

Drive from from Tembe Elephant Park to Kosi Bay Forest Lodge Distance: 42.8 kilometres via the P522 route, Drive Time 58 minutes Duration: 2 nights By: Isibindi Africa Lodges www.kosiforestlodge.co.za

DAY 8 Drive from Kosi Bay Forest Lodge to St Lucia Distance: 225.4 kilometres via the R22 road Drive time: 3 hr 19 min via R22 Duration: 1 night (strongly suggest 2 nights) By: Heritage Tours and Safaris www.heritagetoursandsafaris.com

DAY 9 Drive from St. Lucia to King Shaka International Airport Distance: 212.2 kilometres along the N2 route Drive Time: 2 hours and 48 minutes. Departure from King Shaka International Airport to Cape Town Airline: LIFT www.lift.co.za


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WORDS: Carla Louise Gailey

EL&N LONDON BRINGS A DASH OF INSTAGRAM-WORTHY ELEGANCE TO South Africa London’s beloved EL&N London café chain, famous for its Instagram-friendly atmosphere and delectable offerings, has answered the call of South African fans. The much-anticipated opening of their first location in Johannesburg’s Mall of Africa in August 2023, marks a significant milestone in EL&N’s global expansion.

PL 10

EL&N London, short for Eat, Live & Nourish, has captured the hearts of coffee and lifestyle enthusiasts worldwide with its innovative menu, captivating interiors, and speciality coffee. Boasting 32 locations across the globe, from Milan to Paris and Dubai, EL&N has chosen South Africa as its latest canvas for culinary and aesthetic creativity.

Stepping into EL&N at the Mall of Africa is like entering a fairytale realm. The bespoke tree of light chandelier, adorned with over 500 LED bulbs, bathes the café’s charming pink and green interiors in a warm and inviting glow. Every corner offers an opportunity for an Instagrammable moment, from the pink blossom florals to the iconic

neon slogans gracing the walls. One exciting addition to the Mall of Africa location is a nod to South African tastes. EL&N’s development team has incorporated new steaks and grills into the menu, along with a pizza bar serving up 11 rustic wood-fired pizzas made fresh daily. Of course, the menu retains its globally adored brunch cult classics, including speciality coffee


The café’s operating hours are: Sunday to Thursday: 7 am - 9.30 pm Friday and Saturday: 7 am - 10.30 pm

and mouthwatering patisserie items such as the iconic Spanish Latte and Dulce de Leche cake.

Get Connected For more information, @elan_cafe


“We are over the moon to celebrate our first opening in South Africa at the Mall of Africa. We’re bringing a touch of London to Johannesburg with our unique designs and an incredible menu offering,” says EL&N founder Alexandra Miller. EL&N London at Mall of Africa promises to be more than just a café; it’s an Instagram-worthy lifestyle experience that’s both stylish and nourishing. South Africans, get ready to experience a slice of London’s charm right in the heart of Johannesburg.


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Game Changers


FABIENNE LANZ’S INSPIRING JOURNEY WORDS: Carla Louise Gailey In the adrenaline-fueled world of motorsport, Fabienne Lanz is a shining example of what determination, passion, and relentless pursuit of excellence can achieve. Hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa, this remarkable woman has broken down barriers and shattered stereotypes in a male-dominated field. Today, we delve into Fabienne’s inspirational journey and explore the remarkable strides she has made in the world of motorsport. From a young age, Fabienne was immersed in the world of racing. “My father is an avid racer who had a workshop filled with racing cars and dyno-tuning road cars,” Fabienne reminisces. This set the stage for her lifelong fascination with speed and precision. As a wide-eyed eightyear-old, she took her first turn on an indoor karting track, and that’s when the motorsport bug firmly bit her.

PL 12

Fabienne’s love for racing transcends the thrill of speed. It’s about crafting the perfect lap, pushing a car to its limits, and experiencing the heart-pounding excitement of racing on the edge. But it’s also about defying stereotypes and overcoming societal hurdles that have kept women at bay in the motorsport arena. One of the misconceptions about motorsport is that it’s merely about pressing the accelerator pedal. Fabienne dispels this myth. “It takes an enormous amount of practice, hard work, and a deep understanding of the dynamics involved,” she explains. The path to becoming a champion is not a sprint; it’s a marathon that requires continuous learning and improvement. In a sport where women are often overlooked, Fabienne’s journey has been marked by challenges. She’s had to fight to be heard and

trusted when it comes to engineering decisions on her race car. Yet, she remains resolute in her goal to win, knowing that her skills and determination can match anyone, regardless of gender. Fabienne’s achievements in motorsport are nothing short of remarkable. She proudly holds the 2020 South African championship title and has clinched several other milestones along the way. But she doesn’t rest on her laurels. Fabienne constantly seeks out tougher competition, believing that to be the best, you must compete against the best. Her dedication to her craft is a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence. Beyond racing, Fabienne shares her wisdom and experience by coaching young karting enthusiasts, gaining a fresh perspective on the sport and helping the next generation of racers find their footing.

Game Changers

“One cherished memory that fuels my passion dates back to when I was 15, when I won my first race by the slimmest of margins, a mere 0.001 seconds,” she recalls. This experience ignited a fire within her that continues to drive her towards greatness. It’s a reminder that even the smallest victories can lead to monumental success. When Fabienne isn’t on the track, she seeks balance in nature, especially visiting the Kruger National Park, exploring new adventures, engaging in art, and dedicating time to reading and learning. “I’m kind of like Dora the Explorer,” she laughs. This multifaceted approach to life is a testament to her insatiable thirst for knowledge and adventure. Fabienne Lanz’s journey in motorsport is a beacon of hope for aspiring female racers and a testament to the limitless potential of determination and dedication. She proves that women belong on the race track, challenging stereotypes and inspiring a new generation to pursue their dreams. In the world of motorsport, Fabienne Lanz is more than a driver; she’s a trailblazer, a mentor, and an inspiration. Her journey reminds us that with unwavering passion and perseverance, barriers can be broken, and dreams can become a reality. Fabienne Lanz is living proof that women can not only survive but thrive in the fast-paced world of motorsport.

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s t s a e F e i d o Fo Dining

Mmule’s delicious new cookbook is all about nurturing friends and family through fabulous food – and that’s whether it’s for a weeknight meal, a lazy weekend breakfast or a dinner party. A passionate foodie and private chef, Mmule began cooking as a way to show her love for the community (aka her tribe) around her. Today, the social media maven shares the recipe for her tasty creations online as well Joburg’s Mmule as in her fabulous new cookbook. Setati is all about

cooking up a storm for friends and family – and in her cookbook Feed My Tribe, you can learn her delicious secrets.

“I was inspired by my tribe and the amount of requests I receive on social media for different types of recipes that could accommodate all their needs,” says Mmule. “From moms wanting quick meals to partners wanting to impress their spouse, it was important for me to create recipes that would live forever.” FAMILY TIME As a busy mom of two, homemaker and business owner, Mmule likes to get creative in the kitchen – and you’ll find plenty of down-to-earth time-saving tips and advice within the pages of her cookbook. Naturally, she’s always on the go so we wanted to find out how she spent her downtime in the City of Gold. “Most weekends are spent trying to figure out how to entertain my kids!” she says. “Fridays are usually date night for my husband and I, so I’ll make the kids something quick before we venture off for supper – I’m obsessed with trying new restaurants and love eating out. The kids have sports on Saturdays, so we’ll head over to the country club or a kid’s restaurant afterwards, and then

PL 14

Sundays are rest days – we’ll head off to church and I’ll make a spread of roast chicken or lamb and veggies for lunch.” ALL THINGS DELICIOUS

What makes Mmule’s cookbook particularly exciting is her unique blend of traditional and modern. “I’ve learnt that people know how to make traditional food but really struggle to think outside the box,” she says. “I wanted to give people that push to experiment in the kitchen, find new recipes and try new things.” Within the cookbook you’ll find recipes for Braised Pork Trotters, Red Sorghum Salad and Ting (“a sour porridge that’s a Tswana girls staple growing up and always makes me feel nostalgic”). There’s also a delightful spread of splashout desserts (Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Coffee Mousse anyone?), festive feasts, quick meals and salads.


TSHOTLO TACOS During my travels, I am always amazed (and delighted) to discover how similar some of the dishes of those countries are to those of my own SeTswana tradition, even though the cultures are worlds apart. In the SeTswana culture, we love making tshotlo (‘pounded beef’), especially during traditional gatherings. This is my take on Mexican tacos, incorporating something I grew up eating. 1.5kg beef brisket, cut into large pieces 2 cups beef stock 4 Tbsp olive oil 1 onion, chopped 3 cloves garlic 1 bay leaf ½ cup orange juice Salt and pepper to taste Taco shells for serving Flesh of 1 avocado, smashed, for serving ½ cup sour cream for serving Spice Mixture 1 Tbsp chipotle powder 1 Tbsp smoked paprika 1 tsp dried oregano 1 tsp onion powder 1 tsp garlic powder •

• •

Prepare the spice mixture by combining all the ingredients in a bowl. Set aside until ready to use. Place the beef, beef stock, olive oil, onion, garlic and bay leaf in a large, deep pot and ensure the meat is covered by the liquid. Cook for 3 hours over a medium heat until tender. After 3 hours, scoop out 1 cup of the cooking liquid from the pot. Transfer the meat and any leftover cooking liquid to another dish and shred the meat, using 2 forks. To the same pot add the reserved cooking liquid, orange juice and spice mixture and mix. Return the shredded meat to the pot and fry over a high heat until the meat is evenly coated and the sauce reduced. Check the seasoning and adjust if necessary. Fill the taco shells with the spiced shredded beef, avocado and sour cream. Add the portions of meat and mix well. Cover with plastic wrap and set aside.

Get Connected Feed my Tribe is published by Penguin Random House and available at a recommended retail price of R360. @feed_my_tribe


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: e l b a t i m i n I


Nestled amidst the historical grounds and breathtaking landscapes, Inimitable is a wedding venue that embodies uniqueness and splendour. Founded by Zavion and John, who sought to realise their lifelong dream of creating an exceptional wedding destination, Inimitable offers a setting that combines historical significance with awe-inspiring mountain views. Situated in close proximity to renowned tourist attractions and key locations such as the Sterkfontein Caves, Rhino and Lion Park, Lanseria International Airport, Fourways, and Monte Casino, Inimitable provides an ideal location for both local and international guests to immerse themselves in the wonders of South Africa. A MAJESTIC SETTING As the gates of Inimitable swing open, guests are greeted by the stunning Zwartkop Mountains that

PL 16

grace the horizon. These mountains overlook the very hills where George Harrison discovered gold in 1886 and the region would again go on to make headlines when Mrs Ples was discovered in 1947. The venue’s strategic location enables visitors to explore the treasures of the Cradle of Humankind, with attractions such as the Sterkfontein Caves and ancient gold mines scattered throughout the surrounding hills. EXQUISITE ACCOMMODATIONS AND FACILITIES Inimitable offers an array of luxurious accommodations, ensuring a comfortable and unforgettable experience for guests. With 12 executive suites, a beautiful Bridal Suite featuring private gardens, a honeymoon villa, and a captivating Groom's Suite nestled within the forest, every aspect of comfort and luxury is meticulously attended to. The accommodations boast premium

amenities, including 300 thread count Egyptian cotton linens, kingsize extra-length beds, and private verandas that provide panoramic views of the majestic Zwartkop mountains. The venue features a stunning canapé area with a fully stocked bar, positioned comfortably above the river, offering a 180-degree viewing deck of the venue and the scenic Crocodile River valley. The Riverside Reception Hall, with its modern design and captivating features, stands alongside beautifully landscaped gardens and water features, providing an exquisite backdrop for weddings and events accommodating between 100 and 350 guests. EXCELLENCE IN EVERY DETAIL At Inimitable, the philosophy that "everything is always a pleasure, and never a chore" is deeply


ingrained in every guest experience. The friendly and dedicated staff members are trained to uphold this philosophy, ensuring that a culture of excellence permeates every aspect of the venue. From meticulously maintained gardens and world-class accommodations to breathtaking bridal and groom suites, every detail is designed to create an unparalleled and truly inimitable experience. INSPIRATION BEHIND THE NAME The name "Inimitable" was inspired by a heartfelt message from a couple for whom Zavion Kotze Events Company, the wedding planning and décor company owned by Zavion and John, had organised a wedding in a game reserve. The couple described their wedding as truly "Inimitable". Upon discovering the definition of the word, which means "so good or unusual as to be impossible to copy unique", Zavion and John knew that it perfectly captured the essence of their future dream venue. UNPARALLELED SERVICES AND OFFERINGS Inimitable offers comprehensive wedding planning services, ensuring that couples can relax and fully embrace their special day. The venue exclusively utilises the services of

Zavion Kotze Events Company for flowers and décor, guaranteeing exquisite arrangements and meticulous attention to detail. The dedicated staff, including the venue managers and hospitality team, are committed to providing a stressfree and enjoyable experience, from the initial planning stages to the honeymoon. Inimitable goes the extra mile by partnering with the finest suppliers within each couple's budget, including their very own tailored suit company, Brereton Bespoke, which offers grooms a personalised and memorable experience. BEYOND WEDDINGS Inimitable's allure extends beyond weddings. The venue is open to hosting corporate events, film crews from both local and international companies, and birthday celebrations. While 18th birthdays, 21st birthdays, and matric dances are not hosted, Inimitable has become a preferred choice for launching new cars and hosting extraordinary product launches, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to any occasion. Inimitable stands as a testament to the passion and vision of its founders, Zavion and John. Set against a backdrop of historical significance and natural beauty, this world-class wedding venue offers an unforgettable experience for couples and their guests. With its unrivaled setting, exceptional service, and attention to detail, Inimitable ensures that every moment spent within its walls is truly special, leaving a lasting impression on all who enter.

Get Connected www.inimitablevenue.com Inimitable @inimitable_wv


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Community Heroes

e h t g n i m a T s d l i W

“It’s been almost 10 years since I first ventured into The Wilds, when it was overgrown and almost abandoned, and started trimming and clearing,” says James. As a lover of nature, it distressed James to see that the plants weren’t taken care of. “The more I worked, the more the beauty of this incredible 40-acre reserve was revealed to me. As people started returning and giving their time as volunteers to assist me, the whole project snowballed – I never imagined it would be as popular and loved as it is today.” These days Joburg City Parks has a full-time team of 15 people led by an on-site horticulturist to plant, keep

the lawns in immaculate shape, clear weeds and do general maintenance and upkeep. However, James is still involved. “We have formed The Friends of The Wilds Foundation, which runs special projects to assist Joburg Parks in constantly improving the park,” he says.

PEACE IN THE CITY So, what’s his favourite spot in The Wilds? “Fever Tree Lawn on the West Wilds is a very special place for me – a peaceful lawn surrounded by big trees, where the city melts away and I feel cocooned in the colours and sounds of nature,” says James. “My dog Pablo loves running around there and I can do yoga.”

One of Joburg’s most beloved green spots – The Wilds – is the beautiful, vibrant space it is today thanks, in no small part, to artist James Delaney

Another spot is on the East Wilds - a rock meditation path that provides a magical walk under the dense canopy of wild olive trees, with shade-loving indigenous plants on the forest floor and several stone benches decorated with mosaics of mushrooms. James also recommends keeping an eye out for one of The Wilds’ many hidden gems – a stone bench, decorated with mosaics of bees. “It’s pleasingly circular, located on a quiet path on the East Wilds with dramatic views of the forests on the West Wilds – especially at sunset. And, if you look carefully, you can see the red male kudu on the other side of the reserve.”

ART AMONGST THE NATURE One of the standout elements of The Wilds are the sculptures dotted around the reserve –quirky, beautiful and eyecatching, all with an aim to enhance the natural space. “One of the first things that struck me when chopping through the overgrowth was the beauty and size of the trees in The Wilds, in particular the magnificent yellowwoods which are very slow growing,” says James. “I chose a forest of yellowwoods and bushwillows to install the 67 owls with an aim to draw people’s eyes up and bring their attention to the beauty of the trees.”

Community Heroes “It brings me great joy to see how visitors enjoy being in this beautiful natural space as well as watching the plants as they move through the seasons - The Wilds has an incredible collection of indigenous plants.”

While the installation worked well, people would only walk to the Owl Forest before returning home – so James began placing pieces strategically to encourage exploration of all the park’s corners. “That’s why the ostriches are at the furthest point and other sculptures are dotted all over,” he says. “The giraffe sculpture was placed so that it would be visible from busy Houghton Drive and draw the attention of drivers.” The last installation was the female and baby kudu. “These were sited to bring people to the East Wilds, which wasn’t visited much at that stage. The red male kudu had become

a landmark and was attracting visitors, so I placed the female where she would be visible to encourage them to walk over the bridge and see her.” There are 100 sculptures in total in The Wilds, and James says they’re now switching to a new art form. “The sculptures have served their purpose to engage people and bring them back, so I think that’s enough! These days most of the artworks have been mosaics - we have work by about 20 artists now.”

Q&A WITH JAMES Favourite Coffee Shop? Home of The Bean in Maboneng Favourite Breakfast Spot? 4th Avenue Coffee, Parkhurst Best Sundowner Spot? Eagle’s View on the East Wilds Hidden Gem? Victoria Yards, where my studio is based Favourite Building? Corner House, downtown Favourite Cultural Spot? Circa gallery in Rosebank Retail therapy? Malindi in Kenya, for African fabrics and clothes Best thing about living in Joburg? The Wilds!



Located in the heart of the Cradle of Humankind, Bernardo and Manu are creating magic at their restaurant And Then There Was Fire. We take a closer look at this beautiful spot’s story, its inspirations and the unforgettable flavours that await within its walls. PARTNERSHIP IGNITED “I came to South Africa from Argentina in 2013 for love,” says Bernardo. “At first, I was locked up in the suburbs, thinking I would leave for lack of anything special here. Then I discovered Maboneng! I was in amazement at the atmosphere, the culture of the people, the tone of the buildings and the streets. I had to be part of it.”

PL 20

“I met Oscar from Uruguay and he had the same feeling. So, we started a little stall at the market: a fire with one cut of meat from our past, and then another, and then empanadas. Before we knew it, people were queuing and we were a part of the furniture, the family,” says Bernardo. The duo were then invited to bring their stall to a concert at the NIROX Sculpture Park. “Fresh air, nature, music, art. We could not believe it. I felt we had stepped into heaven. We have been at every concert since that day, experimenting and expanding. Learning,” says Bernando.




Today, Bernardo and his partner Manu run And Then There was Fire at NIROX, nestled in the Cradle of Humankind. The restaurant pays homage to the origins of cooking and open fires take centre stage, allowing guests to savour the essence of traditional cooking methods. The menu embarks on a global journey, weaving together influences from Bernardo and Manuela’s own heritage and infusing local flavours. It celebrates diverse culinary traditions, masterfully crafted to deliver a symphony of tastes that ignite the palate.

At And Then There Was Fire, change is embraced. The menu dances with the seasons, embracing the bounties offered by local farmers and their partners at Farmhouse 58, just across the road. Each visit promises a fresh experience, a chance to indulge in new flavours and unexpected creativity that continuously evolves harmoniously with nature’s offerings.

A FIERY VISION The interior design of And Then There Was Fire mirrors their culinary ethos, embracing minimalism with a touch of earthy elements. Inspired by the principles of NIROX, they opted for raw and natural materials, forging a space that seamlessly blends with its natural surroundings. The vision was clear — to create an atmosphere that harmonises with nature and reconnects diners with the earth itself.

THE FLAMES THAT DEFINE Among the standout features of the restaurant are the fires themselves — the pulsating hearts of their kitchens. As the crackling flames bring dishes to life, guests are transported to a world where flavours intertwine, creating a sensory symphony that tantalizes taste buds and sparks conversations around shared tables.

embrace the art of sharing and celebration. Every moment spent within its walls is an opportunity to forge connections, savour extraordinary cuisine, and revel in the warmth of a truly unique dining experience. LEAVING WITH MEMORIES Bernardo and Manuela’s ultimate desire is for guests to leave And Then There Was Fire with a lasting impression. They aim to ignite a love for food cooked the traditional way, leaving a trail of unforgettable flavours and creative masterpieces imprinted on every plate. It is an experience that encapsulates the essence of the restaurant’s philosophy — nurturing a deep appreciation for the nourishment that the earth provides and the beauty that surrounds us.

AN AMBIENCE OF CELEBRATION The ambience at And Then There Was Fire is a testament to its creators’ vision. It exudes an air of relaxation, inviting guests to unwind and

Get in touch: andthentherewasfire.com @andthentherewasfire_restaurant


21 P


: s t n a r P



PL 22


Shayne Holt, the owner of Mr Pants, has had a longstanding passion for the restaurant and bar industry. With a background in hospitality and a growing interest in wine, Shayne became a certified sommelier in 2019, expanding his knowledge and appreciation for global wines. It was then that he noticed a gap in the market for wine bars that offered a diverse selection of international wines. Holt took matters into his own hands and opened Mr Pants in 2020. Since then, there’ve been plenty of highlights along the way: “The friends we’ve made in the bar, the passion that some people have for good booze and by far the biggest highlight: the wine we’ve gotten access to over the years,” says Shayne. BEHIND THE BAR The Mr Pants team, consisting of Shayne, Desire, and Candice, work together to create a welcoming

and enjoyable atmosphere for their guests. “Desire and I have worked together in five different restaurants over the last 10 years or so,” says Shayne. “We seem to work very well together and balance each other out in the best way possible.” Candice, a recent addition to the team, is studying for her Cape Wine Academy diploma and has quickly become an integral part of the trio. The success of Mr Pants is down to several factors – a fantastic selection of rare and sought-after wines, all served by the glass in quality stemware without a hefty mark-up. However, it is the unique ambience of Mr Pants that truly captivates patrons. “I think what makes Mr Pants

successful is that it’s fun,” says Shayne. “We aren’t snobby about the wines we serve (even though some of them run into the thousands of rands per glass) and the space is an extension of how I would treat guests at my house. You’d struggle to find a night where our guests don’t end up behind the bar, hanging out, helping clear plates, polishing glasses and picking the music. It’s quite interactive and relaxed and I think that’s really what sets us apart.” GROWING THE COMMUNITY Memorable moments at Mr Pants range from opening extraordinary and highly coveted bottles of wine to witnessing winemakers’ astonishment at the bar’s impressive selection. However, the most gratifying experience for Shayne is the loyalty and ongoing support from fellow wine lovers. “I think the best feeling has been getting to know the wineloving community in Joburg and when they return, week after week, it’s validation for what we do.” And now it’s not just Joburg that will benefit from Shayne’s hospitality – Capetonians are buzzing with the arrival of Cooper Wine Bar (named after Shayne’s puppy). “To recreate what we have in Joburg would be impossible,” says Shayne. “It will have to morph into its own thing and I’m both excited and terrified to see what that might become.”

Q&A WITH SHAYNE Wine you canÕt stop talking about? Anything from Lopez de Heredia in Rioja Best Brunch Spot? I hate brunching rather wait an hour and eat properly! Best Coffee in Joburg? Father Coffee. Local Business shout out? Curds and Whey. Best thing about living in Joburg? The energy and hustle.

Get Connected www.mrpantswine.co.za @mrpants_winebar


23 P

Local Business

: s r e l b b o G orry



PL 24

Local Business

In a world that often prioritises perfection and positivity, Linda Jackson, a former interior designer turned entrepreneur from Johannesburg, has embarked on a mission to normalise the spectrum of human emotions. Her brainchild, the "Worry Gobblers," is making waves, providing a unique way for both children and adults to cope with their anxieties and worries. Linda's journey began with a career in interior design, which she pursued for eight years in London. After the birth of her son, Linda and her family decided to return to South Africa. As her children grew older and the demands of extracurricular activities increased, Linda found herself seeking a way to help her kids navigate their anxieties. The idea of Worry Gobblers was born during the COVID-19 pandemic, as Linda and her family embarked on a nightly ritual of writing down things they were grateful for. However, as the lockdown extended, they realised that their children were still grappling with anxieties. This led to the creation of the Worry Gobblers, quirky characters with zippered mouths that reveal a pocket inside. “Children can write or draw their worries on a piece of paper and ‘feed’ them to the Gobbler, symbolically sharing their concerns and making those worries a bit smaller,” explains Linda. What sets Worry Gobblers apart is their deliberate imperfection. Linda intentionally designed them to mimic a child's drawing, with stitches that are intentionally imperfect, embracing the "wonkiness" of life. “I believe that it's crucial to show children that life isn't perfect, and these lovable characters embody that philosophy,” she says fondly. Operating from her home studio in Johannesburg, Linda and a small team handcraft these unique characters. The fabrics she uses are often mismatched, and she encourages randomness, believing that it adds to their charm. Customers

can choose from existing styles or personalize their Gobbler with their preferred colours. Each Gobbler comes with a poem explaining how it works, available in English, Xhosa, or Afrikaans. Worry Gobblers have found their way into over 17 countries and have been embraced by people of all ages, from newborns to pensioners. Schools, play therapists, and psychologists have given them a resounding endorsement. One psychologist even mentioned that if her current patients had a tool like this in their childhood, they might not be her patients today. In the classroom, Gobblers have become an invaluable resource, providing teachers with insights into their students' worries and concerns. Schools are recognising the importance of addressing learners' mental health and well-being, with many integrating Worry Gobblers into their support systems. Linda's mission is simple yet profound: to create a safe space for children to voice their fears and concerns and, in doing so, let them know that it's okay to feel worried or anxious sometimes. Worry Gobblers are not about making worries disappear but about making them smaller and sharing the load. In a world where mental health awareness is more crucial than ever, Linda Jackson's Worry Gobblers remind us that it's okay not to be perfect, that worries are a part of life, and that sharing them can be a powerful way to ease our burdens. The colourful, quirky characters are more than just toys; they are tools for emotional well-being and connection in a world that can sometimes feel overwhelming. Get Connected Worry Gobblers @worry_gobblers 082 904 0016 worrygobblers@gmail.com


25 P

Local Business

m a J


24-year-old Gontse from Orange Farm firmly believes that his jam has the potential to become a staple in every kitchen. With four distinct flavours – tomato, yellow melon, pear and peach – and an infectious entrepreneurial spirit, we’re pretty sure Gontse is absolutely right, and that his business will continue growing from strength to strength!

All Day Jam was founded a few years ago with just R1000, the recipes from his grandmother and the farming knowledge from his grandfather. Inspiration first hit when, hungry, he stopped by his gran for something to eat and was struck by how delicious her jam was. When he asked her why she’d never thought to sell it, she challenged him to do it himself! Not only was he inspired to start his business by his grandparents, but also by the Step Up to Start Up competition he entered when he was still in school, a four-week course and competition which encourages youth entrepreneurship. While he didn’t win, it taught him the ins and outs of starting a business and primed him to look for opportunities. Today he makes the jam in the same way his grandmother Mabel used to make it while he was growing up, and he runs the operation from a small kitchen next to her tuck shop in Orange Farm. The organic tomatoes and melons that go into the jams are grown nearby, while the pears and peaches have been outsourced to another farmer.

PL 26

While he’s had challenges in getting funding and knowledge in agro processing to scale his business, Gontse says that being part of Innovation Hub and SEDA (the Small Enterprise Development Agency) has assisted him a lot. He hopes to get his jams into hotels and restaurants around Johannesburg, as well as retail stores.

Young Food-preneur Gontse Selaocoe is taking toast to new heights with his range of locally-made jam

“We produce 1000 units in a week, which are available on our online store which people can place orders for delivery,” says Gontse. He hopes to be able to make enough profit to create employment around Orange Farm and to buy bigger land to plant more produce as the business grows. His advice for other young entrepreneurs is to look for inspiration close to home. “Look to the skills that your grandparents have and see how you can make use of them,” says Gontse. “We can start a business from the things that they can teach us!” Get Connected @alldayjam_sa gselaocoe@gmail.com



Now that you know all about the Atlanta Lounge Suite, let's check out some trends in décor that'll pair brilliantly with this fabulous sofa:

Bring in the Outdoors: Get all nature-loving with your décor. Use natural materials like wood and stone, and pop in some indoor plants for that chilled-out vibe – in fact, House & Home has a fantastic selection of décor items that will fit in fabulously. From Terracotta Vases and Floral Scatter Cushions to Rattan Table Lambs, there’s plenty of elements that will bring the outdoors in and all pair beautifully with the Atlanta Lounge Suite.

Elevate your indoor and outdoor spaces in style with a little help from House & Home.

Keep It Neutral: Stick with neutral colours for that timeless look. They create a calm backdrop that lets your outdoor greenery steal the limelight. The Atlanta Lounge Suite is available in both grey and white, which gives you some excellent neutral colour options that'll fit right in.

As the seasons change, we all crave a bit of a fresh start for our homes. Switching from one season to another gives us the perfect opportunity to spruce up our living spaces, so let’s take a closer look at a fabulous piece from House & Home that’s not only affordable, but also a breath of fresh air for any living space – the Atlanta Lounge Suite. Lavish Upholstery: The Atlanta Lounge Suite is all decked out in air leather fabric, an effortless blend of comfort and luxury. Whether you're having a quiet read, watching a movie, or having friends around, this sofa is your ticket to hours of topnotch lounging. Sturdy Electroplated Pegs: Those electroplated pegs on the Atlanta Lounge Suite don't just look good – they're also useful. They make it incredibly simple to keep the floor underneath the couch clean as a whistle. No more fussing around with crumbs and dust – just a sleek and tidy living space. Heads Up!: This lounge suite is all about you. It comes with adjustable headrests that let you personalise your seating experience. Fancy a chat with your friends? Pop the heads up for a

bit of upright comfort. Looking for some laid-back lounging? Lay those heads back and put your feet up.

Let the Sunshine In: Make the most of natural light by using sheer curtains or going allin with big windows and glass doors. The Atlanta Lounge Suite's sleek design goes perfectly with this trend, letting the light flood in and keep your place feeling airy.

A Touch of Class: This sofa isn't just about comfort; it's got style in spades. With its contemporary design, sumptuous upholstery, and nifty details, it's a real showstopper. It'll jazz up any room, adding a splash of elegance to your living space. DISCOVER MORE IN OUR LATEST CATALOGUE Visit House & Home Today Experience the Atlanta Lounge Suite in person at your nearest House & Home store, where their expert staff is ready to assist you in creating your dream living space. houseandhome.co.za

Browse our wide range of modern, stylish furniture in our latest catalogue for heaps more inspiration on how you can elevate your space this season.


27 P




When a friend falls ill, we want to help and support them as much as possible. There are naturally limits to what we can do, but there are numerous practical ways to support a friend and let them know that you are there for them. BE PRESENT One of the most valuable gifts you can offer a sick friend is your presence. Whether it’s a visit to their home or hospital room, or simply reaching out via phone or video call, being there for them is essential. Really listen when they talk and let them express their feelings, fears, and frustrations. By actively engaging in their stories, you’re showing that you genuinely care and are willing to offer emotional support throughout their healing journey.

PL 28


BE PRACTICAL Illness often brings physical limitations, making everyday tasks more challenging. Why not lend a helping hand by offering practical assistance and allow your friend to focus on their recovery? Whether it’s running errands, preparing meals, lifts to the hospital or taking care of household chores, these small acts can significantly ease their burden. When offering to help or visit, try be specific – rather than asking how you can help and putting the ball back in their court, ask if their kids need a lift from school, or if you can pop in after work with supper.


BE MEANINGFUL Brighten your sick friend’s day with thoughtful and meaningful gifts. Whilst flowers or a favourite book can bring joy, consider their individual preferences and needs. Perhaps they enjoy puzzles or crafts to occupy their time or would appreciate a care package filled with soothing teas, cosy blankets, or relaxing music.

We share our practical advice for supporting a friend who’s sick

BE HUMAN While everyone is obviously different, remember that your friend isn’t just their illness – they have a sense of humour, interests and

hobbies, a favourite TV show or book. Yes, their life is probably dominated right now by what they have to do to get better, but your conversations don’t always have to be based on that part of their life.

BE THOUGHTFUL Whilst your intentions are noble, it’s crucial to respect your friend’s boundaries and preferences. Illness can make people feel vulnerable, and some may prefer solitude or limited social interactions. Always ask before visiting or providing assistance and be understanding if they decline. Respect their need for rest or privacy, allowing them to dictate the pace and extent of their interactions.

Game Changers

Robin Lewis and his wife Jolandie have embarked on a 10-year intercontinental journey to raise awareness on the importance of stem cell donation.

e s o p r u P

Could you imagine travelling through 64 countries over a decade? It’s certainly not an easy undertaking, but Robin and Jolandie have extra motivation spurring them on. Robin had a successful stem cell transplant after he was diagnosed with Fanconi Anemia - a genetic disorder that can lead to bone marrow failure, leukemia and solid cancerous tumours - and this trip is all in aid of helping others that need the same support. The two started their journey – dubbed Matches on the Map – last month, and will be travelling 11 000 kilometres through Africa, Europe and Asia in their custom-built motor home. Known as Betsy, the vehicle is an old fire truck that runs on used cooking oil to be more cost-effective and sustainable.

The journey’s objective is to sign up thousands of donors in partnership with the South African Bone Marrow Registry along the way – because, as Robin knows, the chance of finding a matching donor is like finding a needle in a haystack. “If it wasn’t for the stem cell transplant, I would not be here today. Since then, we’ve been plotting ideas of how to raise greater public awareness around stem cell donation, and that’s how ‘Matches on the Map’ was born,” says Robin. And it’s not only the numbers of stem cell donors that Matches on the Map will increase, but also the diversity. “Ethnicity plays a huge role in finding donor matches, especially for patients of colour,” says Nadia Chalkley, Head of Donor Recruitment for the SABMR says Matches on the Map will allow access to a broad and much more diverse spectrum of donors. “Currently, only 35% of our donor base is of colour, which is not reflective of the demographic make-up of South Africa. This limits our ability to find matches for patients who are of African or Indian descent.”


“This project will bring us closer to making our donor database more diverse. The more donors we have from various ethnic backgrounds, the greater the chances of a match,” she says.

Much has gone into the planning of this journey - hundreds of hours of research, and building Betsy has taken almost four years. “After my transplant five years ago, my wife and I started planning the trip with the hope of changing the world,” says Robin. “Our plan was very ambitious, and we soon realised that we couldn’t do it alone. As Fanconi Anemia nearly claimed my life, we decided that we would also focus on establishing support groups for patients with this disease as we make our way through various countries, meeting up with families that are affected, and sharing their stories. “We want to appeal to corporates and the public to come on board and help us fulfil this dream of making a meaningful change in the lives of patients who require a stem cell transplant. The likelihood of people from certain ethnic backgrounds finding a successful match is a mere 37% compared to patients from European descent whose chances are 72%. As a survivor myself, I know what a harrowing experience it is to have to wait for a donor match when you’re running out of time.” Get Connected To donate to Robin and Jolandie’s journey, scan the QR code to visit their Backabuddy page. numinousexpeditions.co.za @numinousE @numinous_expeditions


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