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GamuT Audio D200i

This 200W solid-state amplifier has much of the liquidity, three-dimensionality, and image density of tubes as well as the expected virtues of solid-state: tonal consistency, frequency extension, and bass control. It runs relatively cool, is tonally neutral, and should be very reliable, producing a deep soundstage and enough power to drive most speakers well. Its only weakness is a tiny wisp of “fuzz” in the upper frequencies, noticeable only in a highresolution system. KM, 229.

GamuT M’inenT M5

These elegant, narrow-front floorstanders of moderate size are optimized for presentation of soundstage, and they do the job with a convincing vanishing act and a large and deep stereo presentation. Though not quite neutrally balanced due to some midrange forwardness, they are clean and pure sounding and have excellent resolution of fine detail and an impressive dynamic capability for speakers of moderate size. REG, Issue 220.

Magnepan MMG Revised

At just under $600, it is hard to imagine a better speaker for the money than this mini-Maggie, provided you have the space for it and a powerfulenough amplifier. Like all Maggie dipoles, the thing sounds open, airy, and unusually lifelike. Improved in overall coherence in its “revised” version, it is still not the last word in resolution, low bass, or top treble (but who cares?). Jonathan Valin, 177

Magnepan MG12/QR

This affordable two-way quasiribbon brings you remarkably close to the best performance. Magnepans are capable of. When it is properly placed—around 3’ from walls—its clarity is addictive, with a wide deep soundstage and terrific transient response. The MG12 performs satisfyingly down to about 50Hz, and because of its larger panel has a slightly bigger soundfield than the amazing bargainbasement MMGs. JV, 177

Magnepan 1.7

Magnepan Mini-Maggie

The Mini-Maggie system is a three-piece, ribbontweeterequipped, planar-magnetic, ipole speaker system intended primarily for desktop use. Featuring small tweeter/ midrange panels that sit atop the desk and a two-channel mid/bass panel that sits in the footwell below, the MiniMaggie package is arguably the finest desktop speaker made. In detail, resolution, purity, freedom from grain, soundstage width and depth, and, above all, coherence, it sounds like a pair of Magnepan’s exceptional 3.7s on a smaller scale. Chris Martens, 223

Maggie’s first “all-ribbon” (which is to say, “all-quasiribbon”) loudspeaker, the 1.7, easily picks up the mantle of the MG 1.6, JV’s previous choice for the best affordable loudspeaker, by improving upon the 1.6 in every area (particularly overall coherence). Though lacking the bottom octave, from the midbass up it can stand comparison to some of the stalwarts of the ultra-high-end. A superb transducer and real bargain, provided you have enough space to house it and enough amp to drive it. JV, 205

Magnepan 3.7

Maggie’s three-way, trueribbon/quasi-ribbon planar 3.7 successfully addresses three issues that have long plagued “true-ribbon” Maggies: the seamless integration of that ribbon; the retention of detail and dynamic range at relatively low volume levels; and the reduction of “Maggie grain.” The solution of these problems combined with the famous virtues of trueribbon Magnepans produces what is, in JV’s opinion, a best buy. Be aware that the 3.7s are large, power-hungry, and limited in low bass and ultimate SPLs. JV, 214

Magnepan 20.7

These Maggies’ magical ability to transport listeners to a different space and time and to there realistically recreate (with lifelike scope and size) the sound of acoustic instruments and the venue they were recorded in is extraordinary. It almost goes without saying (since these are Magnepans), but the 20.7s are also incredibly good values, although you’re going to have to bring a lot of high-quality power to this party, and you’re going to need a good deal of room to house two speakers the size and width of a couple of NFL linebackers. JV, forthcomin

Vandersteen 2Ce Signature II

This classic three-way floorstander delivers excellent top-to-bottom balance and engaging musicality. Moreover, Vandersteen’s baffle-less, timeandphase-coherent design can suggest the spatial focus usually heard with planars. It benefits from biwiring and should be placed away from walls. Shane Buettner, 139

Vandersteen 3A Signature

Like all Vandersteens, the 3A Signature is time-andphase accurate. Its driver complement features the patented midrange and tweeter used in the vaunted Vandersteen 5. The 3A Signature has a relaxed presentation, is musically seductive, and will appeal to those who want to forget about the sound and enjoy the music, though it does trade off some dynamic contrast and midrange resolution for its overall ability to involve the listener. RH, 122

Vandersteen 5A Carbon

This upgraded version of Vandersteen’s Model 5 brings the carbon-fiber-clad balsawood midrange cones from the Model 7 to a much lower price point. Model 5 owners can upgrade to Carbon status for $8650. Featuring a self-powered 12” pushpull woofer with EQ adjustments below 100Hz, the 5A Carbon can deliver extraordinary bass extension. But the real magic is in the carbon-fiber and balsawood drivers, which deliver astonishingly low coloration, high resolution, and a sense of top-to-bottom seamlessness. AHC, 219.

Vandersteen Model 7

Based on new drivers made from carbon-fiber-clad balsa wood, the Model 7 strips away a layer of coloration and artifacts, revealing an absolutely glorious purity of timbre. You simply don’t hear the cones when listening to music through the Model 7, which is electrostaticlike in its clarity, transparency, and openness. The extensive bass adjustments, made possible by the powered woofer, allow the Model 7’s response below 120Hz to be tailored to your room. RH, 206

Você viu os prêmios que nossos produtos ganharam e estão sempre conquistando das mais respeitadas revistas especializadas, mas isso é só parte da história. Agende uma audição e venha ouvir e conhecer a sinergia e compatibilidade que nossas marcas têm entre elas. Afinal, a Audio Shop não iria conseguir ficar 20 anos no mercado se não fosse a empresa que monta os melhores sistemas, que tem os produtos mais confiáveis, que dá as melhores garantias*,.... Ah.., e o som ... mas será mesmo que precisamos falar alguma coisa?? Veja alguns sistemas combinando algumas de nossas marcas que arrancaram suspiros e fizeram sonhar quem os ouviu. *Apenas os produtos importados pela Audio Shop têm direito a nossa assistência técnica e garantia.

• Cdplayer GamuT CD-3

• Sincronizador de energia Isotek Syncro

• Preamplificador GamuT D-3i

• Caixas Magnepan 1.7

• Amplificadores GamuT M-250i

• Cabos GamuT Worm Holes Signature

• Condicionador de energia Isotek Sigmas

• Cabos Harmonix X-DC2, Rack Target S-320.

• Cdplayer Roksan Caspian M-2 Series • Preamplificador GamuT D-3i • Amplificador Harmonix Reymio KAP-777 • Caixas acústicas GamuT M´ Inent 5 • Condicionador de energia Isotek Aquarius • Sincronizador de energia Isotek Syncro • Cabos Vertere Acoustics • Cabos de força Harmonix Studio Master • Rack Target CL 470

• Cdplayer Gato Audio CDD-1

• Sincronizador de energia Isotek Syncro

• Preamplificador GamuT D-3i

• Cabos GamuT Worm holes Signature

• Amplificadores GamuT M-250i

• Harmonix Studio Master

• Caixas Magnepan 3.7

• Rack Target CL-470

• Condicionador de energia Isotek Sigmas

• Cdplayer GamuT CD-3, • Preamplificador GamuT D-3i • Amplificador GamuT D-200i • Caixas acústicas GamuT S-3 • Condicionador de energia Isotek Orion • Cabos Musical Cable • Rack Target Dome

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