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"THEY STAGED THE WHOLE THING PART 5" Ersatz Israel - The Final Phase? What ever happened to the Middle East Peace Process? Israel Seeks to Entangle US in Iran War; Press TV bedded

(7 minute Press TV News video)

"And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood. And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth." (Rev 12:15-16) We are literally being inundated by "a flood" of disinformation and propaganda. What are we to believe? Where does the truth really lie? Could it be that our adversary knows even now that his time is short? The Bible says the source of this flood originates from the devil himself in an attempt to "deceive the followers of Christ", and cause them to be carried away "to believe a lie", but that the Earth helped the woman, by swallowing this flood of lies. You might ask, but how does that help us? The conundrum of this is when we are able to see with our own eyes, how far afield the peoples of this world have been led astray and deceived. But most alarming of all, is how Christians the world over, those who claim to be followers of Christ, have swallowed these media mind-conditioning lies. Television Mind Control Television is the most powerful weapon of psychological warfare in history and yet it is a member of the family in most households. The programming that we are constantly assaulted with conditions us to a particular worldview. This fake reality changes our behavior making us less active and more compliant with society's shortcomings. Since television is controlled by a small handful of powerful corporations, viewers will never witness informing, truthful news and entertainment. As political and corporate power unite at an ever increasing rate, being informed is more important than ever. People need to seek out independent and alternative unbiased sources on the internet for their information or we will continue to be manipulated by the corporate controlled media. David Icke: Most of humanity is in an absolute hypnotic trance that

they're put in from cradle to grave by constant repetition of a fake reality and when we wake up from this we will not be subservient. Jordan Maxwell: The bottom line is that the government is getting what they ordered. They do not want your children to be educated. They do not want you to think too much. That is why our country and our world has become so proliferated with entertainments, mass media, television shows, amusement parks, drugs, alcohol, and every kind of entertainment to keep the human mind entertained so that you don't get in the way of important people by doing too much thinking. You better wake up and understand that there are people who are guiding your life and you don't even know it. Steven Jacobson: Television is the most powerful weapon of psychological warfare in history. The programming that we are constantly assaulted by throughout our lives conditions us. It programs us to a particular worldview. Now, we may consider it normal because we were born into this system of lies and deception. And because we were born into this situation and our parents were born into it and have suffered from it, we don't know any better. Aldous Huxley: What I may call the messages of Brave New World, but it is possible to make people contented with their servitude. I think this can be done. I think it has been done in the past. I think it could be done even more effectively now because you can provide them with bread and circuses and you can provide them with endless amounts of distractions and propaganda. George Carlin: But there's a reason, there's a reason. There's a reason for this. There's a reason education sucks and its the same reason it will never ever ever be fixed. Its never gonna get any better, don't look for it. Be happy with what you got, because the owners of this country don't want that. They don't want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking. They don't want well informed, well educated people capable of critical thinking. They're not interested in that. Howard Beale: We know things are bad, worse than bad. They're crazy. Its like everything everywhere is going crazy so we don't go out anymore. We sit in the house and slowly the world were living in is getting smaller and all we say is please at least leave us alone in our living rooms. Let me have my toaster and my TV and my steel belted

radios and I wont say anything, just leave us alone. Well I'm not going to leave you alone. I want you to get mad! I want you to get up now. I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window, open it and stick your head out and yell, I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore! You've got to say, Im a human being God damn it, my life has value! TV = Mind Control Using fear and the threat of insecurity to manipulate the people, corporate media, in bed with government, over the years having become the mouthpiece of government control, unleashes a barrage of propaganda, in images and pro-war commentators, to arouse in the population the false sense of security that justifies military action. This way, debate is silenced and dissent is disappeared on the airwaves as once again the corporate media, the gatekeepers of information, allow us only to see and hear the point of view they want us to incorporate into our psyche. Voices of reason and of intelligence are ignored, banished from imparting important thoughts of wisdom, thus making it virtually impossible for the population to ever know there are other options besides the horror of war. With corporate anchors, journalists, reporters, commentators and executives pushing into our homes an exclusively pro-war, jingoistic viewpoint, blitzkrieging us with their propaganda-laced images and opinion, over months of constant threats of fear and insecurity, denying the public from ever seeing or hearing truths and realities, it therefore becomes rather easy, with a population addicted to television viewing, to mobilize a nation for war. With the marriage of government and corporate power, truth disappears just as much as falsity prospers. With both entities profiting from the spoils of war, it is in each other's best interest to work together to disseminate the seeds that will invariably spawn the rebirth of a dormant war culture. Once again the system is at work, knowing how easy it is to control the minds of a dumbed down population that has been well trained, and some might say socially engineered, to never question authority, never think outside the box, never seek accountability and never think for itself. Easily manipulated, millions of people are conditioned to believe,

from a very early age, that anything emanating from television is sacrosanct. Thus, everything they watch is reality and anything they hear is truth. Anchors and reporters become trusted personalities voicing reticent opinions whose veracity are seldom, if ever, questioned. It is designed to manipulate and control at once, transforming the population into a sedentary herd of sheeple who never question what is told them. Over the years millions of citizens have used this most dangerous drug to escape lives of frustration, unhappiness, desperation, depression and loneliness, never realizing that with every hour they watch, with every show they are glued to, with every channel they surf their minds are turned to mush, becoming conduits of ignorance, molded into muscles in desperate need of gossip and sensationalism, no longer thinking for itself. The Establishment has perfected its machination of propaganda, creating the realities it wants into society, forming whatever truth that will be of the greatest benefit, not to society, but to itself. Whatever reality it wants to create and disseminate is quickly absorbed by a population eager to feed off the mammary glands of television. The Establishment, the corporate world and government have for years told us how and what to think, how to act, who to obey and where to follow, condemning our minds to obedience, our lives to conformism and silent acquiescence.

"CAN YOU THINK OF ANYTHING I EVER SUGGESTED THAT IS CERTAINLY A FORERUNNER OF THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST?--That speaks with the voice of the Beast & is worshipped by almost everybody on Earth right now today & stands in the holy place of their hearts, the spiritual holy place of their affections & their imagination & their worship & their love! It is the very personification of materialism, at whose feet the whole World who are well off enough to have one, sit at least an average of 2 or 3 hours a day! "Now Dad, you've gone too far! That's stretching my imagination too far!" What am I talking about? (Fam: Television!)" (David Brandt Berg, ML# 221:152)

THE MISSILE WAR VISION Written by David Brandt Berg in October 1973 IN THE "IVAN" REVELATION ABOVE, IVAN TALKS ABOUT THE RUSSIANS HAVING TO BOMB AMERICA TO KEEP HER FROM DESTROYING THE EARTH. The relating of this vision followed later that same morning in the spirit, but this one sounded like the voice of Abrahim. In the following war vision, MO saw these events actually happening! Evidently the following recording is Abrahim's explanation or running commentary on this spiritual documentary: "KISSINGER WARNS THE ARABS if they don't stop and agree to settle for what they've got, he threatens them that he's going to let the war go on, and Israel is going to win it and take Cairo, if they don't stop right where they are and let Israel have what she's got. "BUT OF COURSE THE ARABS AREN'T GOING TO LET THE JEWS stay right there on their doorstep! So while Kissinger is there, the Arabs say, "Yes, yes," 'cause they don't want to show their hand and tell what they really going to do, 'cause they not going to let Jews sit right there on Cairo's doorstep! "AND CISCO GOES TO ISRAEL AND TELLS THEM SAME THING: That they going to have big war and Arabs not going to stop next time. But they very mad because they can't make big win. (Maybe Ivan tell you this?) "KISSINGER LEAVES AND CISCO LEAVES, and poor Arabs see no more hope, because Israel like defeated them and they're worse off than ever before! So they figure if they going to die in disgrace, they figure they going to take Israel down with them. "SO THEY SHOOT BIG BOMBS INTO ISRAEL, AND ISRAEL OR AMERICA FROM NAVY SHIPS SHOOT BIG BOMBS BACK INTO EGYPT! And Russia gets so mad, 'cause she told America she want to settle the war, but America just want to settle it her way. "SO RUSSIA GET FED UP AND SHOOT BIG BOMBS AT AMERICAN NAVY, and anyhow, they all start shooting back and forth at

each other till big, big war starts from little war, and it just grows and grows, and everybody gets real mad and shoots everybody! . "YOU KNOW?--I SAW IN A PICTURE! I don't know when, but that's what I saw!" (“Ivan Ivanovitch “)

"He that hath ears to hear, let him hear." (Matt 11:15) WAR WITH IRAN IS HUMAN EXTERMINATION WWIII (3 minute video clip) Let's all put an end to this madness, this war with iran is going to exterminate the human race just like the elite want. Let us put up a fight like Mu mar el Qaddafi did in Libya messing with the elite's time line of world economic catastrophe. you can check these videos out and see why Libya had to go down. Russia warns US.....WW3 COMING SOON! Israel Likely To Attack Iran, Says Ex-CIA Officer China Says Either WW3 or New World Order China says we are at the crossroads of either world war 3 or a new world order. Russian Warships Enter Syrian Waters To Prevent NATO Attack Nov 18, 2011 Russian warships have entered Syrian territorial waters in an aggressive move designed to prevent any NATO-led attack on the country under the guise of a “humanitarian intervention”. “Russian warships are due to arrive at Syrian territorial waters, a Syrian news agency said on Thursday, indicating that the move represented a clear message to the West that Moscow would resist any foreign intervention in the country‟s civil unrest,” reports Haaretz.

Russia has stepped up efforts to defend Syria in recent days, with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov keen to frame the violence in the country as a civil war in defiance of claims by western powers that President Bashar al-Assad has overseen a bloody crackdown on innocent protesters. As we saw prior to the attack on Libya, which was also framed as a “humanitarian intervention,” NATO powers are keen to demonize Assad‟s government by characterizing attacks by his forces as atrocities while largely ignoring similar attacks by opposition forces, such as this week‟s raid on a Syrian air force intelligence complex that killed or wounded 20 security police. U.S. State Department spokesman Mark Toner rejects Russia‟s claim that Syria is in a civil war, stating, “We believe it‟s very much the Assad regime carrying out a campaign of violence, intimidation, and repression against innocent protesters.” Of course, we heard similar rhetoric even as NATO-backed Al-Qaeda rebels were commandeerng fighter jets and firing rocket-propelled grenades in Libya, actions also undertaken by “innocent protesters,” we were told at the time. As we have previously reported, despite overwhelming speculation that Iran will be the next target of a military assault, Syria is the likeliest target for the next salvo of NATO-backed regime change. US President Barack Obama got the ball rolling back in August when he called on President al-Assad to step down. The UN has already withdrawn all non-essential staff from the country. Without Russia‟s help, Syria would be largely defenseless against a NATO attack. “I don‟t see any purely military problems. Syria has no defence against Western systems … [But] it would be more risky than Libya. It would be a heavy military operation,” former French air force chief Jean Rannou commented. Given that the western press has proven adept at manufacturing lies to justify military interventions, whether the actions of Assad‟s regime represent genuine atrocities or legitimate conduct in the midst of a civil war remains unclear. Some have claimed the abuses are being embellished, while both former CIA agent Robert Baer and ex-

MI6 officer Alastair Crooke point out that the Syrian people definitely want change, but not in the form of a NATO “humanitarian” assault.

Why World War III: Destroy The Global Economy, Create A Greater Israel, And Establish A Global Authoritarian Government Nov 14, 2011 As a result of this unrelenting propaganda against Iran, the talk now is not; „has Iran really got a nuclear weapons program‟, or even; „if it has, how can this be a threat to any one of the nuclear armed nations of the world, including Israel, which could obliterate Iran in an instant‟ but, rather, the talk is; „how best can an attack be launched‟, „who should launch the attack‟, and „how far can the West go in attacking Iran in order to prevent retaliation‟. Even those against an attack aren‟t against it because there is absolutely no moral, practical or legal justification for it; they‟re against because of the consequences such an attack might bring. They worry not so much about the massive loss of life such a conflict will bring to the region but they worry that it‟ll send the cost of oil sky-rocketing and doing untold damage to an already very wobbly global economy.” – Damian Lataan; Why War Against Iran? (September 3, 2010). “In short, for Israel an attack against Iran and Israel‟s other enemies on the pretext of pre-empting an immediate threat to its own existence will be the do or die action it will take in order to realise Zionism‟s ultimate endgame; the creation of a Greater Israel. The coming confrontation is not about Iran being a threat; it is about Israel ridding itself of all of its enemies in the places that it would like to annex as part of its realisation of creating a permanent Greater Israel nation abundant with fertile lands, its own water resources, and living space. War is its pretext.” – Damian Lataan; The U.S. And Israel‟s „Obsession‟ With Iran – The Real Reasons (November 6, 2011).

“The law is whatever people determine it to be.” – David Ben-Gurion, Israel‟s first Prime Minister. “Before the founding of the state, on the eve of its creation, our main interests was self-defense. To a large extent, the creation of the state was an act of self-defense. . . . Many think that we‟re still at the same stage. But now the issue at hand is conquest, not self-defense.” – David Ben-Gurion. There is a mistaken belief held by many people that the U.S. government won‟t attack Iran or allow Israel to attack because of the economic repercussions that will follow. Oil prices will rise to astronomical levels, global trade will diminish, and world poverty rates will increase rapidly as the global economy comes to a standstill. People ask: Who wants to see this nightmare scenario unfold? The answer is clear: The Western plutocratic elite. Journalist Jim Tucker reported in June 2010 that the secret attendees at the annual Bilderberg Conference wanted America to attack Iran. Paul Joseph Watson wrote in his article: Bilderbergers Green Light At “Turning to Iran, Tucker said that many Bilderberg members, including Brzezinski, were in favor of U.S. air strikes on Iran and were “leaning towards war,” although 100 per cent of members were not supportive of an attack.” “Some of them in Europe are saying no we shouldn‟t do it but most of them are in favor of American air strikes on Iran,” said Tucker, adding, “They‟re tilting heavily towards green lighting a U.S. attack on Iran.” An attack on Iran would provide a welcome distraction to the globalists‟ failings in other areas and would also allow them to war profiteer, pointed out Tucker. The sociopathic elite who hold secret conferences to discuss their evil plans desire the destruction of the global economy because destruction

and chaos will help them achieve many of their long-term political objectives and global goals:  The

establishment of a global authoritarian government with the power of life and death over all nations. This government will not be based on the rule of law or the people‟s will. It is springing up by way of deception, state terrorism, world wars, economic depressions, and other orchestrated global crises.  The increase of mass starvation and world poverty to accelerate the reduction of the world‟s population.  The end of industrial civilization, material development and unlimited economic growth. This is not being done for the good of the planet and environment, but to secure power and profits into the hands of a small global elite. This sociopathic elite wants to control the destiny of humanity and the planet. There is no better way of doing that than by destroying the middle classes and forcing people to live in abject poverty because then their thoughts won‟t be aimed towards knowledge and revolution, but towards attaining the next meal. Instead of changing the system and putting up a fight, they‟ll cheat their neighbour and loot stores to survive through the days like malnourished dogs. The new world order banksters and global fascists see global chaos as the gateway to their dream: the world‟s acceptance of a global authoritarian government that will be fully owned and controlled by them. A lot of people naively think that the hijacked U.S. government and the new world order banksters won‟t start a world war in the Middle East because they won‟t like the economic fallout. But if you are the ruling elite that has screwed up royally, defrauded hundreds of millions of people, and committed crimes against humanity, what‟s not to like about war? They can make tremendous war profits, use the police state to crush dissent against Wall Street and the government, and transition the world into a new totalitarian dark age after all the bodies are incinerated and/or buried. World War Three is just what the doctor of death ordered.

Those who love death, war profiteering, mass suffering, violence, chaos, power, and a world fascist government, believe a new world war is good and necessary. So the freaks and psychopaths in power in America and the West will enjoy this decade of mass death. I don‟t want to leave Israel out of the picture. What will the maniacs and mass murderers in Tel Aviv gain by attacking Iran and blowing up the whole region? In one word: territory. Damian Lataan says Israel‟s political elite wants to establish a Greater Israel and destroy the Palestinian nationalist movement. In his article, “The U.S. And Israel‟s „Obsession‟ With Iran – The Real Reasons,” Lataan writes: “Israel‟s real obsession is the creation of a Greater Israel and the destruction of those that prevent Israel‟s expansionist dreams; Hamas in the Gaza Strip and Hezbollah in Lebanon, both of whom are supported by Iran. The stated casus belli for any Israeli/US attack on Iran will be that Iran is building a nuclear weapon with which it intends to „wipe Israel off the map‟. The „Iran has a nuclear weapons program‟ and the „wipe Israel off the map‟ are two memes that have gone hand in hand in the propaganda and rhetoric of Israel‟s Zionists and their neoconservative allies in the US and, indeed, around the world for years.” The problem with Israel‟s expansionist plans is that millions of Lebanese and Palestinians are sitting on the land that Israel wants to grab for itself. What a pity. All that land, and no Israelis on it! Something must be done. To achieve a “Greater Israel,” the maniacs in Israel repeat these lies to the world:  Iran

is threatening to wipe us off the map. They are savages and terrorists. They cannot be trusted with a nuclear bomb.

 Iran

is building a nuclear bomb and it will use it against us. Please, help us. Please, America. Please, Europe. Do not forsake us like you did in 1939. Please, help us. We are alone and scared, and we cannot defend ourselves. We love peace and never started a war. We don‟t understand these savages who are around us. Please, help us.  9/11 was done by religious fanatics and Muslim extremists who threaten Western Civilization. We in Israel are on the frontlines in this struggle against international terrorism. We are fighting heroically to defend the values of the Western world.  We are innocent. We are victims. We are good. We are not barbarians like them. We do not fight for land, and water, and power, and wealth. Anyone who says otherwise is anti-Semitic! An extremist! A racist! A terrorist! A Nazi sympathizer! Israeli state deception, the Neocon dogs, and the Zionists‟ control of a large portion of the Western media has given Israel an advantage that history‟s greatest barbaric and lawbreaking nations have lacked: good PR. There is nothing like reputation in this world. It can save or ruin nations, and turn individuals into gods or monsters. The new world order fascist elite and the war criminals in Israel know their reputation is sinking. Nobody believes their lies anymore. Both sides want to attack Iran and start World War III for different reasons, none of them justifiable by law or morality. War without provocation, war for land and power, is barbaric and indefensible. THE U.S. AND ISRAEL’S ‘OBSESSION’ WITH IRAN - THE REAL REASONS Nov 6, 2011 Actually, it‟s not so much that the U.S. and Israel are seemingly „obsessed‟ with Iran, but more that the neoconservative‟s of the U.S.

and Israel‟s right-wing Zionists are. However, this apparent obsession is only a deliberately created illusion. Israel‟s real obsession is the creation of a Greater Israel and the destruction of those that prevent Israel‟s expansionist dreams; Hamas in the Gaza Strip and Hezbollah in Lebanon, both of who are supported by Iran. The stated casus belli for any Israeli/US attack on Iran will be that Iran is building a nuclear weapon with which it intends to „wipe Israel off the map‟. The „Iran has a nuclear weapons program‟ and the „wipe Israel off the map‟ are two memes that have gone hand in hand in the propaganda and rhetoric of Israel‟s Zionists and their neoconservative allies in the US and, indeed, around the world for years. There are, however, a range of problems with these allegations. Firstly, there is, despite the constant barrage of assertions to the contrary, no actual physical evidence whatsoever that Iran actually has a „nuclear weapons program‟. Time and time again, Israel and their allies have made the accusations but have never been able to support their allegations with any hard irrefutable evidence. All of the „evidence‟ so far has been either vaguely circumstantial, hearsay based on statements from dissidents and defectors, straight out lies or simply conclusions based on wishful thinking and vivid imaginations. Secondly, the „wipe Israel of the map‟ meme is a deliberate mistranslation of a statement by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who said nothing of the sort. It was the neoconservative organisation MEMRI that was responsible for the deliberate mistranslation of the „wipe Israel of the map‟ line which has been used extensively by neoconservatives and Israelis ever since to invoke hatred of Iran and to infer an existential threat against Israel from Iran. Still, though, Israel and the US insist that Iran is intent on producing a nuclear weapon that it plans to use against Israel and possibly even against America. Which brings us to the third problem with the allegations ranged against Iran and that is; why would Iran, even if it did have a nuclear weapon, risk utter and swift destruction by the US and Israeli retaliatory nuclear strikes if it were to ever attack Israel with a nuclear weapon? The answer, of course is; it wouldn‟t – and the Israelis and the US are well aware of it. They are also well aware that in reality Iran has no nuclear weapons program.

So why then all the fuss? The hope is that with the aid of a compliant Western mainstream media, the propaganda memes of „Iran has a nuclear weapons program‟ and wants to „wipe Israel off the map‟ repeated over and over endlessly will eventually so influence public opinion that it will support an attack against Iran. The „Iranian problem‟ is presented to the world via the mainstream media in its most simplistic form. It runs thus: „Iran has a nuclear weapons program with which it wishes to wipe Israel off the map so the answer is to destroy its weapons making capabilities using military action‟. That‟s the rhetoric and the propaganda. The reality is this: Israel and the US have no real interest in Iran‟s nuclear program; their real aim as far as Iran is concerned is to destroy the Islamic regime and replace it with one that is US and Israel friendly. Attacking Iran and affecting regime change kills a number of birds with one stone. It puts an end to what Israel and the US regard as Iran‟s influence in the region, but, most important as far as the Israelis and their supporters are concerned, is that an attack against Iran provides, so they hope the world will believe, a legitimate pretext for attacking Hamas in the Gaza Strip and Hezbollah in Lebanon on the basis that the Israelis are pre-empting a strike by Hamas and Hezbollah against Israel in retaliation of Israel‟s attack against Iran. Since the only way the US and Israel will be able to affect „regime change‟ in Iran without the use of an invasion and occupation – unthinkable considering that Iran is more than three and a half times the size of Iraq and has about two and a half times the population – is by bombing it into capitulation and surrender, one can expect a campaign that will be far more than a load of bunker-buster bombs aimed at Iran‟s nuclear facilities. Much more likely is a campaign of significant attacks against Iran‟s defence and governmental institutions as well as its nuclear facilities; attacks that will deliberately inflict significant „co-lateral damage‟ on civilians as the Iranian authorities get accused of using their civilians as „human shields‟. The hope always with this strategy is that the civilian population will then press their government to end the war by capitulating to their enemies demands.

The only problem with this strategy is that it rarely ever works. Usually when such all-out bombing campaigns are carried out with the view to getting the enemy to sue for peace, rather than suing for peace, a phenomenon known as „Kriegssozialismus‟ sets in whereby people from all walks of civilian life spontaneously ignore their ordinary class affiliations and come together to help each other out in circumstances where all are suffering equally due to war, and, importantly, collectively stiffen their resolve to resist the enemies actions rather than cave into them. Short of using nuclear weapons to defeat Iran, the US and Israel stand no hope of defeating the people of Iran. There is also a problem of logistics in attacking Iran. Over the years that the threat of attack has prevailed, there have been reports that have suggested that Israel will „go it alone‟ if they feel threatened enough by Iran‟s „nuclear weapon program‟. One report recently even suggested that the US is “concerned that Israel will not warn them before taking action against Iran‟s nuclear facilities”. This is all rhetorical nonsense dished up for public consumption. The reality is that it would be absolutely impossible for Israel to launch an entirely unilateral attack against Iran without US connivance. In any attack they mount, Israel will use American aircraft which constantly require spare parts mostly from the US. They will also require ordnance which also mostly comes from the US; they will require vast quantities of military jet fuel, and, if Israel plans to attack Hamas and Hezbollah at the same time, it will also require massive amounts of diesel fuel to power up its ground forces. All of this comes from the US and, as was recorded in August 2010, Israel has already ordered that fuel which would by now have been delivered and stockpiled. The other major logistic hurdle Israel needs to overcome is the one of getting to and from its target. Israel is separated from Iran by at least two other countries; Syria and Iraq or Jordan and Iraq. Either way, this amounts to a round rip of around 3000kms to bomb Bushehr and/or Qom, Iran‟s two main nuclear facilities. The most likely route would be via Syria who would be unlikely to offer any resistance to Israeli overflights – especially if it came under attack itself. Then there is the question of overflying Iraq. The Iraqi government on its own is unlikely to allow Israeli aircraft to overfly their territory. Israel would need to be

in cohorts with the US if it wished to get the US to convince the Iraqi government to allow Israeli aircraft into its airspace. And not only would Israel need to have Iraqi permission to pass through its airspace, it would also need to use Iraqi airspace for in-flight refuelling operations which the Israelis would need to utilise since their strike aircraft do not have the range to do the job in one round trip without refuelling. The question then is; what exactly is Israel‟s intended endgame in the event of an attack against Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah? Such a massive attack against all of its enemies at once is a huge commitment on Israeli resources and one of very high risk. It will, therefore, need to be decisive in terms of meeting all of its war aims. Israel will have learnt the lessons of its past failures. After years of attacks against Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, Israel has not been able to destroy Hezbollah or Hamas despite its efforts against Hezbollah in 2006 and against Hamas in 2008/2009. In the event of an attack against Iran, Israel is likely to simultaneously mount hitherto unprecedented attacks against both Hamas and Hezbollah. Such a strike will likely be opened up with a massive aerial and artillery barrage and then, since Israel does not have to commit ground forces to attacking Iran, it will be able to invade and occupy the Gaza Strip and south Lebanon up to the Latani River. At the same time, Israel is likely to fully occupy all of the West Bank in order to prevent any uprising by Palestinian resistance there and remilitarise the Golan Heights to prevent any backlash there. In short, for Israel an attack against Iran and Israel‟s other enemies on the pretext of pre-empting an immediate threat to its own existence will be the do or die action it will take in order to realise Zionism‟s ultimate endgame; the creation of a Greater Israel. The coming confrontation is not about Iran being a threat; it is about Israel ridding itself of all of its enemies in the places that it would like to annex as part of its realisation of creating a permanent Greater Israel nation abundant with fertile lands, its own water resources, and living space. War is its pretext. The Harbinger - A Prophetic Week in Review, below are some of the News Reports not commonly covered in the "main stream" media

over the past week - Nov 14th - Nov 20th. "A Harbinger - anything that foreshadows a future event; omen; or sign, a forerunner, that heralds a presage or portent, an indication of things to come." The links below are "active" so pick and choose the ones you care to read. "Audio Activated - Audio Conectate" has started posting the "The Harbinger Week in Review" and other prophetic current events here: --- For additional news, commentaries, editorials and indepth coverage related to Bible prophecy and end-time events, please visit the following GP Family websites: "End Time Info", and "People of the Keys" 11/20/2011  Iran

flies Palestinian terrorists to Syria for raids into Israel  Abbas Going for Broke, Gunning for Unity with Hamas  Blasts in Syrian capital as embattled Assad vows crackdown  Arab League rebuffs Syrian bid to amend deal to end national crisis  No place for 'authoritarian regimes', Turkey tells Syria  EU Chief: The Time Has Come for a Federal Europe  Police, protesters clash for second day in Egypt capital  Strong quake jolts northern Japan, felt in Tokyo  Iran and Saudis Acting Out Ancient Messiah Prophecy? 11/19/2011  Israel:

time running out to stop a nuclear Iran  Arab Press Predicts Regional War over Syria  Iran paper: Deadly blast occurred during intercontinental missile test  Iran army tests defenses as nuclear tensions rise  Syria forces attack restive areas, despite Arab League peace plan  Britain in secret talks with Syrian rebels  Clinton says there could be civil war in Syria  Egyptians back in Tahrir for anti-military protests, 10 months after Mubarak‘s ouster  Over 500 protesters wounded in clashes with Egyptian police  Super Committee failure could trigger US credit downgrade, economists warn

 Wall

Street Analysts Everywhere Are In Agreement: THE WORLD IS ENDING  Economy: The rising cost of eating 11/18/2011  Arab

Nations Pressing for Iran Strike  West says Iran deceives world on nukes  World powers express 'deep concern' on Iran  Iran to hold air defense drill simulating Israeli attack on its nuclear sites  U.S. vows to keep pressure on Iran after nuclear report  Russia warships to enter Syria waters in bid to stem foreign intervention  Top Russian general: NATO expansion raises danger of nuclear conflict  Israel watches as world rejects Iran sanctions  Suspicion in Iran that Stuxnet caused Revolutionary Guards base explosions  German memo shows secret slide towards a super-state  OWS protesters cause mayhem across the city, 275 arrested  29 Injured After Christians Attacked In Egypt  6 Dead, 11 Injured In Southeast Twisters, Storms  4.6 earthquake shakes area northwest of Omak,Washington  Series of strong to very strong earthquakes out of the New Zealand North Island coast 11/17/2011  Barak:

Iran is testing uranium- and plutonium-based bombs – not tactical arms  Chavez Warns That a Nuclear Conflict Looms Ahead in The Middle East  IAEA to Soften Iran Nuke Report to Appease China, Russia  Tunisia's Islamists hail arrival of the 'sixth caliphate'  'Syrian army planting mines along Jordanian border'  Russia says Syria's crisis looks like 'civil war'  Syrian Army Defectors Attack Damascus Intelligence Complex  US Satellites Compromised by Malicious Cyber Activity  Mark Mobius: The next financial crisis will be hellish, and it‘s on its way

 Citi's

Willem Buiter Says Europe Could Just Have Days Before A Financial Catastrophe  Fed Now Largest Owner of U.S. Gov‘t Debt—Surpassing China  Million Men to March in Cairo Against ―Judaization‖ of Jerusalem  OWS: City braces for 'tens of thousands' of protesters set to march on Financial District 11/16/2011  Israeli

Prime Minister "is acting to stop" Iran's nuclear armament  Saudi Prince Warns Against any Attack on Iran  Attack on Iran could risk Gulf oil supplies  End game on the Mideast chess board? - The Saudi-Iranian Cold War heats up  Mideast Turmoil Increases After Arab League Suspends Syria  Abbas calls on Palestinians to mount non-violent resistance against Israel  Syrian army deserters strike first big security facility at heart of Assad regime  Cyber-security of continent's power grid 'chaotic,' report warns  U.S. reserves right to meet cyber attack with force  Occupy protesters plan to 'shut down' Wall Street on Thursday  Mass Bond Sell-off takes Europe from Bad to Worse  German Chancellor Merkel says she would give up sovereignty to achieve closer economic and political ties in Europe  Stocks fall as Europe's debt crisis rages on 11/15/2011  IDF

chief: Gaza violence may lead to significant military action  Report: Iran blames Israel for deadly blast  IDF's Judea Brigade Simulates Terror Attack  'Hizbullah on Alert, Preparing for War'  Hamas, in the Gaza Strip, is training women to be suicide bombers  Israel, Egypt on collision course  North Korea and Iran: 'Evil' nuclear fusion?  Analysis: Israelis doubt world will stop Iran's nuclear quest  Syria Massacres 70 Protesters, Banks on Russian Support  Major world economies 'on course for slowdown'  200 arrested as police clear Wall Street protesters  5.2 Quake hits Van, Turkey  A Huge Drought Is Pushing Food Prices Even Higher

11/14/2011  Netanyahu:

Iran closer to bomb than assumed  Iran will have five nukes by April 2012. Only 2-3 months left for military option  Arab press predict regional war over Syria  Assad ; I‘d rather start Middle East war than to give up power  Syria Warns Arab League: Suspending Us is Dangerous  Turkey to take ‗resolute stance‘ against Syria, says no longer possible to trust Damascus  Jordan's King Abdullah to Syria's Assad: If I were you, I'd resign  Michele Bachmann: Stage set for worldwide nuclear war against Israel  Will USA and Israel join efforts for splendid little war against Iran?  Report: Palestinians planning diplomatic ‗third intifada‘ to marginalize Israel  EU commissioner: Belgium could become the next Greece  There Is ‗No Way Out‘ for Europe: Economist  Radioactive Iodine Blankets Much of Europe … Everyone Points Fingers  Philly Archbishop: America Is Becoming ‗Much Less Friendly to Christian Faith‘ Than Ever Before  Powerful 6.4 quake hits Indonesia, no tsunami threat eof


"THEY STAGED THE WHOLE THING - PART 5" Ersatz Israel - The Final Phase? What ever happened to the Middle East Peace Process?

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