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At Ruark Audio we are passionate about sound and design! As a family owned British company, we have worked within the UK audio industry for over 30 years, creating high quality loudspeaker systems for music and audio enthusiasts. With evocative names such as Talisman, Equinox and Solstice, our speaker models have long been sought after and admired world-wide.

Using the same exacting standards, in 2004 we made

Since launching in 2006 our models have quickly become

a radical decision to diversify and apply our expertise

recognised as the finest available. The Sunday Telegraph

to design a range of high quality compact audio

described our R1 as “the Aston Martin of DAB radios”.

systems, with three main goals:

This sentiment succinctly describes our philosophy and

Mission. To design and produce products that appeal to the heart as much as the head. Products that we ourselves would be proud to own. Design. To create design icons of the future! Clean lines and proportions allied to features such as our ‘RotoDial’ control system make our products instantly recognisable and give us a unique brand identity.

we believe that our products are an investment which you will cherish and enjoy for years to come. We hope that you enjoy browsing our brochure and find the information you need, however should you require further advice please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Our contact details are listed on the back page of this brochure.

Performance & Functionality. Our goal is for class leading performance, intuitive operation and utilities that are of real benefit, rather than frivolous features that may seldom be used.

Alan O’Rourke Founder and Managing Director

about us

About us

R1 deluxe tabletop radio


Tatler Magazine


al Ra

dios M ay



For those seeking a high quality radio-alarm, R1 is also a great choice. The easy to read high contrast display can be set so it automatically adjusts intensity to suit room

The introduction of our first generation R1 laid down a style

The new R1 allows users to set their radio as they

light levels and programmable twin alarms allow for

which make our products unique. The Sunday Telegraph

like it! As you would expect with our audio heritage,

daily, weekday and weekend settings. When activated, the

described it as ‘the Aston Martin of DAB radios’, an appraisal

sound quality is exceptional, but now with adjustable

alarm softly rises to your preset volume level to wake you

which concisely describes our ethos and one that drives us

tone and a loudness setting, customers can ‘fine

gently from your slumber. Along with adjustable sleep and

to design and build products which we believe are the best

tune’ the sound to suit their own taste.

snooze functions, R1 is a perfect bedside companion.

available. With the introduction of our second generation R1,

On the rear panel a headphone output is provided along

the essence of our original design remains, but with numerous

with an audio output for recording or to connect R1 to a

To further enhance the look and usability of R1 we also

refinements we’ve created a successor which is further

secondary system as a radio tuner. Also included is an

have two quality accessories available in the form of

enhanced and even more desirable.

auxiliary input, so other portable audio devices can be

a carry-case and rechargeable battery pack, called

connected and enjoyed with R1’s refined sound.

CarryPack and BackPack. You can find out more about these items further on in this brochure.

Switchable auxiliary input for MP3 and other audio devices.

Exclusive RotoDial control with soft illumination.

Radio never sounded or looked so good...

deluxe tabletop radio

“it’s simply the most beautiful radio in the world.”

Best Buy – Time Out Magazine

tabletop stereo

R2i tabletop stereo

“Ruark Audio make some of the best-sounding, best-looking tabletop stereos around”

Whilst R2i undeniably looks stylish, sonically it’s equally impressive! Our custom designed drive units and electronics provide a scale of sound that is perfect for use in kitchens, dining rooms, studies and offices. Also with its easy-to use alarm, R2i makes a sublime bedroom system and

Serious small audio describes our desire to design compact

These finishes combine with the steel panels, mesh

the supplied remote control allows key R2i and

systems which we believe are the best available and R2i

grilles and soft touch controls to create a tactile feel

iPod functions to be set and operated from the

embodies our principles in a product that looks and sounds

to match R2i’s elegant design. Finally our trademark

comfort of your chair or bed. Other features of

sublime! With a DAB/DAB+/FM tuner, integrated iPod dock and

‘RotoDial’ controller sits on top, allowing intuitive

R2i have also been carefully considered. On the

two auxiliary inputs, R2i is a complete music solution, perfect for

operation of R2i and iPod functions.

front panel the high contrast display makes time

those seeking high quality sound from a compact package.

and programme information clearly legible and

Like our other models, the enclosure of R2i is crafted from materials selected for their excellent acoustic properties and clad in a choice of walnut veneer or high gloss lacquers.

a headphone output along with a line input allows easy connection of other audio devices. On the rear panel two pairs of gold plated phono sockets are Two switchable auxiliary inputs for MP3 and other audio devices.

High contrast display with large format ‘easy to read’ clock.

provided. The first gives audio outputs to link to a secondary system and the second an additional input for the permanent connection of a TV/DVD or

Love radio? Love music? You’ll love R2i...

suchlike. Such connectivity makes R2i a highly versatile system.

What Hi-Fi Magazine

Through careful design we endeavour to make our products a pleasure to use. Employing our trademark RotoDial controller, all R4i and iPod functions can be intuitively operated. Exclusively for R4i we’ve taken our RotoDial controller a stage further so it can be detached and function as a great looking remote

One glance at R4i and you’ll desire one! Listen and this

With no wires other than a power lead to worry about,

control. With its tactile design, it feels comfortable to

emotion will grow, because R4i produces a majestic sound

simply plug in, switch on and within minutes you’ll

hold and is a guaranteed talking point.

that you simply will not expect from such a neat design.

have room filling sound that will satisfy even the most discerning listener.

To create systems which we believe are the finest

Comprising a multi format CD player, integrated iPod dock,

available, we design every aspect of our products here

USB playback port, DAB/DAB+/FM tuner and auxiliary inputs

in the UK. As an example, most small audio systems

This method is usually only found

allied to a powerful speaker system, the R4i is in many

use amplifier modules for ease of construction and

in specialist ‘Hi-Fi’ components,

ways a traditional music centre, though one designed and

cost, however, for R4i we developed our own 2.1

but to obtain the best performance

engineered for 21st Century living.

amplifier system using discrete component technology.

we knew that this was our only choice. With our years of experience in loudspeaker design and meticulous optimisation, voices and music are reproduced with clarity and realism, in a soundstage that truly belies the

Intuitive docking ‘RotoDial’ provides remote control of R4i and iPod functions.

USB port for playback of MP3 and WMA music files

A music system for the 21st Century

R4i’s compact dimensions.

Integrated iPod Dock supports all models produced from Jan 2004 to Sept 2012. Adaptor is required for latest models with Lightning connector. Please see our Accessories section for details.

integrated music system

R4i integrated music system

“Whether you’re listening to a CD, docked iPod or the DAB tuner, the R4i is an absolute joy”

provide an ideal match to our newly

MR1 active speaker system

Real World – Your World Audio…

Our aim with MR1 was to create compact stereo speakers

foundation of a complete music system and with the

are significantly reduced. Both units

capable of giving high fidelity sound in multiple applications.

added convenience of built-in Bluetooth with apt-X

also feature rare earth neodymium

As desktop speakers for computer systems they work

technology, audio can be streamed and played back

magnet systems. This type of magnet

perfectly, moreover, they are equally suited as TV speakers

wirelessly through MR1’s with CD quality sound.

developed woofer and tweeter units. Using the latest CAD software, great care has been taken on the woofer design so distortion causing reflections

material is considerably more

to dramatically improve the sound of flat panel TVs and

The MR1s have been fashioned to compliment our

expensive, but allows greater magnetic

as extension speakers for our

R-Series award winning style and are immediately

concentration (for better driver control) in

own R2i/R4i models and also

recognisable as a Ruark Audio design. With regards

a lightweight and shielded system, so the MR1s can

other sound systems. Even

to sound, we’ve used the skills gained from our

be safely used alongside magnetically sensitive devices. Both

alone they can provide the

loudspeaker past, to squeeze the last drop of

drivers are married together using select audio grade crossover

performance from the MR1s compact design.

components and driven by a linear Class A-B stereo amplifier with a high capacity power supply. The end result is a system with natural dynamics and a frequency response that would usually only be associated with larger systems. To conclude the MR1s are true hi-fi speakers developed to fit your life and home. With the addition of ‘BackPack’ our rechargeable battery pack, they can even be enjoyed outside on a fine day or wherever mains power is not directly available.

active speaker system

The hand crafted and damped cabinets

Customers who have Apple’s latest iPod and iPhone


style ‘Lightning’ connector and compatibility with the connector as found on R2i and R4i. To help rectify this we have developed a simple yet smart solution.



From research, we found that

Codenamed LAS (Lightning Adaptor Support) this

many customers still desire audio

simple conversion allows full functionality with Apple’s

products that can be carried and enjoyed where mains power


models have shown some concern about the new

new generation devices and R2i/R4i and when fitted

is not available, but the common practise of placing batteries


inside steals valuable volume, which often results in poor

To protect R1 and to aid portability, we’ve created a

sound quality! To overcome this we have designed an optional

complementary carry-case crafted from high quality


rechargeable power pack, which integrates seamlessly with

leather. ‘CarryPack’ brings an unabashed retro feel to

own Lightning to 30-pin adaptor

both our R1 Radio and MR1 Active Speakers. Called ‘BackPack’

R1 that further enhances its beauty and design.

inside its casing and features a

integrates to look like part of the system, rather than an ugly ‘bolt-on’ accessory. 1

combines with Apple’s 2

this stylish accessory will provide hours of ‘wire-free’ listening

polished stainless steel support

and once fitted can be left permanently attached, as the power

bar to stop strain when using the

supply that comes with R1 and MR1 also doubles as a charger.

iDevice touch-screen. The beauty of this simple conversion is that iPod/iPhone models old and new can be used on the same system and with millions of devices already in use, we feel that such flexibility will be important for some time to come. Apple Lightning to 30-pin Adapter not included with LAS.


Apple Lightning to 30-pin Adapter


“It’s the best all-round performer in the DAB/FM radio category, regardless of price.”

Features & Specifications

BEST BUY - What Hi-Fi Awards 2012 Rich, natural sound

Display backlight auto-


adjusts to suit ambient

Superb stereo sound quality

20 watts nominal power output

light level

Optimised dual enclosure

‘My EQ’ treble and bass

DAB, DAB+ and FM Tuner with RDS

2 x 3.5” custom longthrow drive units

Tuned acoustic enclosure DAB, DAB+ and FM


Tuner with RDS

Loudness function

10 Station Presets (5 DAB/5 FM)

Stereo headphone output

Switchable auxiliary input

Easy-to-use dual alarms

for MP3 and other audio

with once, daily, weekday


and weekend settings

9 watts nominal power

Detachable aerial allows


connection to external

3.5” custom long-throw drive unit

source Available CarryPack

Custom RotoDial control with soft illumination High contrast display with large format ‘easy to read’ clock

finishes: Black and Tan grained leather Dimensions H170 x W130 x D135mm Weight: 1.5 Kg

10 Station Presets (5 DAB/5 FM) Integrated iPod Dock supports all models produced from Jan 2004 to Sept 2012. Adaptor required for latest models with Lightning connector

Custom RotoDial control with soft illumination High contrast display with large format ‘easy to read’ clock Selectable tone and loudness settings Stereo headphone output

Two switchable auxiliary inputs for MP3 and other audio devices

Detachable aerial allows connection to external source

Compact remote handset provides remote operation of R2i and iPod functions

Easy-to-use clock and alarm functions

Enhanced 3D sound processing

Dimensions H120 x W340 x D185mm Weight: 3.6 Kg

Class leading stereo sound

Superb stereo sound

Subwoofer output

Integrated active subwoofer

Hand crafted tuned enclosures

Line-in input via 3.5mm stereo jack

DAB, DAB+ and FM Tuner with RDS

Custom high-fidelity drive units

Ruark 75mm neodymium woofers

Auto Standby function

10 Station Presets (5 DAB/5 FM)

Custom RotoDial handset provides remote operation of R4i and iPod functions

Optimised triple acoustic enclosure

Slot loading CD player plays CD-Audio, MP3 and WMA music disks Integrated iPod Dock supports all models produced from Jan 2004 to Sept 2012. Adaptor required for latest models with Lightning connector USB playback port for MP3 and WMA music files ID3 tag support for MP3 files on CD and USB Two switchable auxiliary inputs for MP3 and other audio devices

80 watts nominal power output

Enhanced 3D sound processing Selectable tone and loudness settings Detachable aerial allows connection to external source

Ruark 20mm neodymium tweeters Built in Bluetooth: A2DP, apt-X Linear Amplifier with 20 watts nominal output Audio grade components used throughout

Multi coloured LED shows status and function Loudness curve for improved sound at low levels

Dream white

Rich walnut veneer

Midnight Black

Dream white

Rich walnut veneer

Midnight Black

Dream white

Weight: 3 Kg pair

Compact remote control included

“It’s a superb iPod dock in its own right, but add in the CD player, radio and luxurious finish and you have a winner.”

Stereo headphone output Easy-to-use clock and alarm functions Dimensions H145 x W450 x D255mm

BEST BUY - What Hi-Fi Awards 2012

Weight: 8 Kg

Rich walnut veneer

5 STARS - Mail on Sunday - Live Magazine

Dimensions: H170 x W130 x D135mm each

Available finishes: Midnight Black

“Serious small audio’ claims British firm Ruark – and it sums up this award-winning system. Slide in a CD or park your iPod for stunning sound.”

Soft Black

Soft White

Rich walnut veneer

“The luxurious R4i is everything a music lover could ask for” London Evening Standard

Ruark Brochure  
Ruark Brochure  

Ruark Brochure