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The Art of Paediatric Care

Complex medical care is both science and art. Nowhere is this more true than in paediatric hospitals, where children need to be consoled and comforted, but parents have to be sure they have made the right care decision. The Harley Street Clinic Children’s Hospital is already ‘a world-class medical centre’ and we saw an opportunity to develop a distinctive and memorable brand and brand experience for their paediatric services. Instead of using child-centred imagery – after all, the decision makers are parents, GPs and consultants – or employing hackneyed pictures of poorly kids and smiling nurses, we encapsulated the key concept, ‘The Art of Paediatric Care’, through intricate origami animal characters. Their detail made tangible the hospital’s expertise in the complex issues of paediatric care, while each character embodied the different roles in the hospital, from children through to consultants and nurses. For the brand launch, during a paediatric conference at the Royal Society of Medicine attended by over three hundred GPs, we filled the atrium with life-size origami models in dynamic action, some jumping through glass walls.

The new website anchors the branding in the hospital’s vision for itself as a place where the science and art of complex paediatric care produce the best possible treatment for children. We are currently designing the interiors to reflect that vision, creating an environment suffused with the values of the clinic’s brand.

World leading consultants and doctors, really wise and really quite brilliant. With teams of the very best nursing professionals.

“As a result of working with Atticus we have increased our revenue by 40%. We attribute a great part of our success to the creative input in all our communications.” THE HARLEY STREET CLINIC

Harley Street Clinic Childrens Hospital - Atticus Case Study