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what PET is RIGHT for your family?



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13 reasons to SMILE if you have a TWEEN

Home Care for Children with Special Needs

The Center for Autism Research at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is looking for participants for a research study focusing on early brain development.

Who are we looking for? • Infant siblings of typically developing children • Infant siblings of children with autism

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Calvary Chapel Presents an Inspirational Celebration of America Sunday, July 4 Special Service & Ceremony at 10:30am at the Canlan Ice & Sports Arena 2111 Industrial Way Vineland

Faith • Family Food • Fun Bounce Carnival Ceremony is free of charge. Bounce carnival and food tickets may be purchased in advance or at the event for a small fee.

Local veterans encouraged to attend

2 | July 2010

856.696.9409 Invited Guest Speakers: Mayor Robert Romano, Congressman Frank LoBiondo and Senator Je Van Drew

$ $"" &% $" "   &  ! Our Center Offers: • Infant, Toddler & Preschool Programs • Before & After School/Holiday Care • Full & Part Time Schedules • Meals Included • Vouchers Accepted

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July 2010

Dear Readers, Fw: Check Your Facts Before You Spread Rumors recently got an email from a friend that I know and trust (and still do). The email topic hit close to home, as it had to do with religion and politics and the American Family. I try not to forward emails to people because I know how much I hate for my inbox to get bogged down, but if the email is really funny, or has something to do with my values or beliefs, I will share it with people whom I think share the same interests. After forwarding this emotionally charged email, I got a message back from another friend whom I know and trust, and she said: “Hey: I’ve seen this email before and thankfully it is FALSE. Usually when I get emails from people claiming certain things, I’ve learned to go to to verify its validity before I send it out to people. It’s a really great site that has saved me many times from spreading untruths and it tells you which stories are true, false or mixed. I think you’ll like it if you’ve never used it before. Here is the link that speaks on the email you sent below. Feel free to share it with the people you just sent your email to - perhaps they will all use it in the future as well.” Oh man, I felt like a HUGE jerk. After I read this, I sat here thinking, should I email ALL those people I just forwarded this email to and tell them I was wrong? I would look like such a fool.


But I had to. I felt like I was a terrible person for misleading them into believing something untrue. So often, I forward these emails without thinking about the consequences it could have on society. I mean, of course I only forwarded this email to a handful of people, but they obviously passed it on, and on, and on...because an hour after I sent out my apology for misleading my friends who know and trust me, I got this email from a woman in Lima, Peru: “We don’t know each other, but both of us ended up receiving this email. I just wanted to say that I appreciate you using a fact checker and also writing all the recipients back with the truth. So many rumors go around that so many believe as truth without actually finding out if it is the truth. Thank you for seeking truth.” WOW! That little email I sent to 16 friends and family ended up in the inbox of someone more than 4,000 miles away! It’s not only amazing, it’s scary. I use the Internet every single day of my life, but I never witnessed how powerful it really could be. This really made me more aware of how careful I should be before blasting out info to people as if it’s fact. We spend so much time on the Internet, and we are always trying to learn how to keep our children safe on the Internet...but we really should be just as concerned with ourselves. Your Friend and Fellow MOM,

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nana’s 2 sense

South Jersey

It’s Official, I’m Old I

n case I wasn’t sure, my 4-year-old grandson recently confirmed it for me. We were dining at a Friendly’s, as we often do Sundays after church. We were talking about birthdays. “Mommy and me have the same birthday. Not daddy, not Camille, not Nana, just me and mommy.” “That’s right, Kayden. That makes you and mommy special,” I say. “Yep, I’m special and mommy’s special...and you’re old!”; a mouthful, all with a proud smile on his little face. We all burst out laughing, of course. This, after yesterday’s compliments from coworkers that my new haircut makes me look ten years younger. And advice from the lady in the salon I asked to wax just about my whole face. “Stop looking so close in the magnifying mirror.” Now I know this “little man” is really smart but I am also pretty sure Kayden does not know how to say things, deliberately, to hurt people’s feelings; but it did kind of hit me. I have to admit, I have been fighting the inevitable all along the way. It’s easy to see the face age, but I think I first noticed that my body was aging more than ten years ago. I looked down and thought I saw wrinkles in my panty hose…those wrinkles weren’t in my panty hose, they were on my knees. I started running. It did not help. Loose skin is loose skin. Through the years, I have changed my hairstyle and hair color several times, just to realize that I kind of like the natural salt and pepper gray every time it grows back. I had my teeth straightened and whitened. I even had the eyelid lift. I still run and exercise and eat healthy, most

of the time. I take much better care of myself than I did when I was younger. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the woman I am today, inside. But, I can no longer be proud of the fact that I don’t need any “medicinal” health assistance (I hate swallowing pills); I take blood pressure medicine. I have a touch of arthritis in my hands which, short of pain meds, I can’t do much about. My eyes have regressed from single vision glasses, to bifocal, to tri-focal. AND, I’m not sure if I can still stand on my head. (My girls used to brag about the fact that their mom could do cartwheels and stand on her head.) Maybe I’ll try it tomorrow just to check. It might just encourage some fresh blood flow and wake up some sleeping brain cells. OR I could pass out and hope someone comes by (because I would only attempt this when no one is around) to call 9-1-1. Well, I don’t have to deliberate about that two piece bathing suit anymore. Just because something fits, doesn’t mean you should wear it. It’s time to accept the inevitable and grow old gracefully. —I-am-truly-Nana-now,


Nana Jean is a South Jersey grandmother with two daughters and six grandchildren. Enjoy her stories about her 38+ years as a mom and 19 years as a grandmother as she shares her experiences and lessons learned with lots of laughs and tears along the way.

On the COVER "Cutest Kid in Town" Contest Winners: Alexis, 9, and Angelina, 4, are from Atco. Alexis spends her free time playing piano and loves to play soccer. She is also a great artist. Angelina loves to sing and dance and enjoys preschool and the beach. Photo taken by Lisa Ward Photography.

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life sentences

Natural Beauty Shines with the

Right Cosmetics

he intricacies of makeup have long been a mystery to me. With my light skin and fair hair, too much color can be a garish mistake. I have gone for makeovers periodically at department stores where the ladies applied foundation with a trowel and sketched in my brows with charcoal briquettes, smoothing on goop to “even out my skin tones.” That’s Lancôme-speak for cover my freckles. Mostly, I came out looking like Joel Gray in Cabaret. It was not until recently that my friend, Miok, a Korean lady, finally gave me the keys to cosmetic competence. She is an artist, and knew exactly what tones would pink me up. For my makeover, she put together a kit containing just the right colors for everyday and “dramatic” and she applied them sensibly so I could do it again, when she was not around. At my high school reunion, the photographer came up to me and said, “You are the most attractive woman in this room.” I told myself she was talking about my inner beauty, but really, it was my Christian Dior. Recently, my young daughter was in her elementary school play, Aladdin Jr. At age 11, she is a lover of fashion, an unstoppable shopper. And, she is fairskinned. The night before the play, she approached me charmingly, knowing my rule: no makeup until you are 16. “Mom, Lauren’s mom is going to


come in early to help us do our hair and makeup. Do you have some we could practice with?” To be honest, my age limit on makeup is to protect my daughter; first, because she has extremely sensitive skin, and second, I cannot forget my early experiments with avocado eyelids, pearlized white lipstick that erased my lips, and thick black mascara. Picture me working as a waitress in the church basement, where 200 Bingo addicts chain-smoked while I walked the aisles serving greasy burgers and fries. My eyes streamed with tears in the blue nicotine haze that hung over the tables, and my mascara ran down like Alice Cooper’s nightmare. Oh, yes. My mother found out. I always thought I would be a mom who would introduce my daughter to a qualified cosmetician who would teach her the difference between glamour and ghastly, when she reached the appropriate age. But this was a special occasion. She was in the ensemble cast of an Arabian tale, and a little exotica was called for. I hauled myself off of the couch and together we made up her sweet young face: tinted moisturizer, two coats of mascara, layered color for her eyes, and bright red lipstick. Okay, so the lips were an intemperate choice. She removed the candy-apple red and opted for a light berry gloss. I sat mesmerized during the play, watching my girl and her friends dance,

sing, and enjoy the drama of the Arabian By Fran LoBiondo princess and the humble street urchin who fell in love. It was a tour de force, a highlight of her grade school days. Next year, she will enter Middle School, where I hope there will be zero tolerance for shiny harem outfits and sparkly Vegas excess. A mother can only take so much. Fran LoBiondo of Vineland has children in grade school, high school and college. A Purdue University graduate with a degree in Journalism, she has written about parenting, food and fun for 25 yrs.

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Would you like an extra $1,000 a month working part time hours? • Help your organization earn a 40% profit by hosting a FUNDRAISER! • Organize your home for FREE by hosting an in-home party

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• Commitment to children’s dental care for over 30 years • Treating infants thru adolescents • Focus on prevention education • Orthodontist on staff* • Flexible hours at two locations CHECK OUT MOMMY MORNINGS! Call for dates and more info FREE Monthly seminar on infant oral health for pregnant moms, new moms, and moms trying to conceive. For more info visit our website. W. Deptford Office


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+ +! #"* ($/ "& ',) +"-"+/ ) .!"$ /',   &   /',)*$ $$ ') ' '&$"& +'/ +' ''# /',) (('"&+%&+ $$ &. ,*+'%)* "& ,$/ ."$$ )"-


'& *)-" ' +!") !'"

  &+, -&, &'&!    


...*+,"'*!)$"**'% July 2010 | 7

mom 2 mom

5 Life Lessons or many of us, summertime means trips to the local pool. On the surface, these excursions may just seem like a way to get our children out for some exercise, or an opportunity to catch up on some much needed adult conversation. But the time spent at the pool, specifically the baby pool, is so much more! Lessons that will last a lifetime are etched into those impressionable, young minds.


Making new friends can be a bit nerve wracking, but sometimes making the first effort pays off. For many kids, the baby pool is their first interaction with other children of similar age and they are not quite sure what to do. One summer, I watched my son eye a little boy and his toy shark for ten minutes. I kept saying to him, “Go over, say hi and ask him if he wants to play with you.” But he needed to do it in his own time. Eventually, a few days later, he did go over to that little boy and they became pool buddies for the rest of the summer. When my son is in high school and hesitant to stick his neck out, I’m going to pull out that example to illustrate 8 | July 2010

Learned in the Baby Pool By Kate Hogan

what good can result if you are willing to make the first move. Sharing is not always easy, but it’s a good thing! So what I did not mention in Lesson #1 was that the little boy with the toy shark did not want to share at first. But when my son pulled the dump truck from behind his back, he gladly handed the shark over. Okay, so maybe sharing is easier when you know you are going to get something in return. But as you get older and you can see that you just created happiness for another person, sharing becomes easier and you do not need any kind of material possession in return. As an adult, that kind of joy is something I strive for everyday. You know how the saying goes – “We don’t swim in your toilet, so please don’t pee in our pool.” Or “Even if you are not going to get caught, you still have to follow the rules.” Contrary to what many people think, rules are NOT meant to be broken, especially when you are two. Teaching children rules and boundaries is

vital to their future success in school, work and life in general. And you know what they say: you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. When pretzels fall into the water, they get soggy. Translation: Hold onto the things that are dear. There are few things more sacred to a toddler than a snack. So when something bad happens to their treat, say if it falls into the pool, they will remember and NOT let it happen again. Hopefully, with a lot of good parenting and a little bit of luck, pretzels will be the only thing our children get soggy. When all else fails, crying to your mom makes you feel better! Inevitably, your child is going to get their feelings hurt, be it at the baby pool or somewhere else. As mothers, one of the best things we can do for our children is to create a haven where they can share their burdens and feel safe and secure. Sometimes, a hug and a kiss from someone who loves you unconditionally is all you need to make everything all better. Visit our website and sign up for our e-newsletter

Register Now for Fall Dance Classes via internet, phone or in person Contact the studio for dates and time for in person registration • Graded classes in the dance arts • Pre-school to adults • Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical • Studio established in 1958 • Old fashioned values incorporated

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811 N Black Horse Pike • Runnemede, NJ

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MOM vs. DAD Discipline

Who Rules? By Sandra Gordon isagree with your spouse when the kids will not behave? Four couples with clashing styles learn to work together and get better results.


Shaney and Louis Goldenberg with Zachary, 3 “She believes in time-outs. I don’t.” Discipline Dilemma: Shaney gives Zachary time-outs when he misbehaves. “But he just does the same thing 10 minutes later,” Louis says. Then again, Louis’s tactic of ignoring Zachary while he acts out has not reduced the outbursts either. Misbehavior Makeover: Punishing bad behavior does not teach children the proper way to act, says Jane Nelsen, Ed.D. author of Positive Discipline. In fact, it usually backfires, making a child feel rebellious or inadequate. Instead of giving time-outs or withholding attention, the Goldenbergs should try a hug. “A hug doesn’t reward misbehavior,” says Nelsen. “It helps a child reach a better state of mind. Then, you can help him figure out a better solution.” Three Weeks Later: Zachary threw a fit when his dad wanted to stop for bagels on their way to a bowling alley. Louis was so annoyed he drove straight home instead. When Shaney heard what happened, she spoke gently with Zachary about the incident. “Once he settled down, we discussed what he could do differently the next time,” she says. Louis was impressed with how Zachary responded to Shaney and decided to try the settle-down-first-then-talk-it-out approach too. It worked. A week later, when Louis took Zachary to a batting cage and it was closed, Zachary easily agreed to go home. “It’s amazing what a difference it makes to speak calmly to a child when he’s upset,” Louis says. Margarida and Daniel Wainraich with Danielle, 6, and Hope, 4 “I like to coddle. He likes to threaten.” 10 | July 2010

Discipline Dilemma: Danielle and Hope never put their toys away. Consequently, the Wainraichs’ house is messy. “I’m lenient,” says Margarida, who often picks up after them. Daniel is less forgiving. If the girls ignore his request to clean up, he threatens to throw their toys away. “They’re old enough to understand consequences,” he says. Misbehavior Makeover: The girls should learn to pick up after themselves, says Susan Isaacs Kohl, preschool director. To encourage the process, the Wainraichs should offer an incentive to clean up, such as telling Danielle and Hope they can play outside once they are finished. “That’s not bribing,” Kohl says. Rather, it makes them understand that completing chores makes other fun activities possible. If the girls do not help out, Margarida and Daniel should calmly explain that they will not be able to play with those toys for the rest of the day. Three Weeks Later: “The first time I told Danielle she had to clean up, she thought I was joking,” Margarida says. “But I kept calmly saying, ‘We’re all doing this together.’ Eventually, she helped, and Hope did too.” Daniel tried the same tactic. “I kept it positive by focusing on how clean the playroom would look when we were done,” he says. “It worked.” One day, when Danielle and Hope wouldn’t cooperate, they did not get to go to the park. But that only happened once. “Now they put their things away without us having to tell them,” Margarida says, proudly. Janine and Michael Sillat, with Ethan, 2, and Emma, 2 months “We don’t agree on spanking.” Discipline Dilemma: Ethan has meltdowns whenever his sippy cup isn’t filled or he does not want to get dressed. “Maybe spanking will help Ethan listen,” Michael says. Janine is opposed to the idea, but she has not been able to derail Ethan’s tantrums using a softer approach. Misbehavior Makeover: First, the Sillats should understand that Ethan’s behavior is normal for his age, says Carleton Kendrick, family therapist. Ethan’s defiance stems from his growing awareness of the power he wields by saying “No!” Moreover, baby Emma’s arrival means he’s no longer the

center of attention—a big blow for a child this age. Next, “they must accept that spanking merely teaches a child that grown-ups can hurt him,” Kendrick says. Instead, Janine and Michael should give Ethan extra attention and emphasize the big-boy things he can do—run and eat by himself—that Emma can’t. When they sense he’s approaching a meltdown, the Sillats should distract him—for example, challenging him to see how fast he can get dressed. Three Weeks Later: Giving Ethan extra affection has had a positive impact. “Before I leave for work, Ethan always has me give everyone, including him, a big hug and then a little hug,” Michael says. “He gets such a big kick out of it.” Diversionary tactics have also reduced Ethan’s tantrums. “And even when Ethan does act out, knowing his behavior will ease up as he matures makes it easier to deal with,” Janine says. Jennifer and Chris McKinley, with Brenna, 2, and Ian and Patrick, 7 months “He’s the good guy. I’m stuck being the enforcer.” Discipline Dilemma: Chris travels during the week, which leaves Jennifer, a stay-athome mom, in charge of discipline. “And when Chris is home, I’m judgmental. For example, he might try to make Brenna laugh if she’s whining,” says Jennifer. “That doesn’t teach her anything.” Misbehavior Makeover: “The McKinleys should follow this simple guideline: Whoever speaks first, rules,” says Karen Deerwester, early-childhood specialist. That is, if Chris disciplines Brenna, he calls the shots for that occasion. If Jennifer disagrees with his method, she should talk about it with him after Brenna is asleep. “It’s important to realize there’s not one right way to handle a situation,” Deerwester says. Three Weeks Later: The “who speaks first rule” paid off. “I let Chris handle more situations with Brenna,” Jennifer says. And Chris was happy to take control more often. “I’m dealing with behavioral issues because Jennifer allows me to,” he says. Their new approach has made a world of difference. “Brenna listens to me more because I’m less stressed,” Jennifer says.

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inding an irresistible pet and creating a cute-cuddly name that matches is the least of your worries and woes when considering what pet is most suitable for your family. There are as many obligations and scenarios to consider as there are selections of pet breeds and species. The Internet, library, television and veterinarian’s office are flooded with information about entering “pet-hood.” Most resources recommend basing your decision on four factors: your family’s needs, lifestyle, time and cost. Knowing your family’s needs is crucial. The best way to get every family member’s opinion is to have a meeting. Make it possible to discuss potential fears, concerns, medical issues and preferences. Age is a large factor in this matter. Lindsay Davis, CVT and office manager at East Oak Veterinarian Hospital in Vineland recommends animal size and characteristics be considered. For example, “with toddlers, consider a sturdy puppy, [as] opposed to a fragile bunny.”


Entering Pet-hood: How to Select the RIGHT PET for Your Family By Makema Douglas How much time does your family have in their schedule for a pet? Think ahead and plan for pet care when you are away. What is the pet’s life expectancy? Some pets can live as long as thirty years. In most cases, training is involved. Jersey mom Bridgett MacMillan, a volunteer who fosters animals through PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society) says, “The most common reason [people] give up their pets is because of improper training. If an animal is trained properly, [it] can be a wonderful addition to the family.” The amount of time required for regular interaction with a pet varies. Lindsay Stone, local mother of three small children and owner of two large dogs, admits, “I didn’t notice it before, but after the kids, it was harder to stay on top of cleaning [up] after the dogs.” Pets also require a financial commitment. Stone shared her stories about the critical surgical procedures necessary for saving her dogs’ lives and the unexpected medical costs. She says, “If you are ready…you are going to be able to make life better for them.” Owning a pet comes with a price. All pets have specific care and dietary needs. Regular veterinarian visits are to be expected. Several online sources suggest that owners maintain an “emergency fund.” Search for a pet that fits in with your lifestyle. Determine if your family spends more time indoors or outdoors and is active or more relaxed. Choose a pet that will enjoy your family’s activities. Although the jump into pet-hood may be complicated, Davis says, “There are many rewards to choosing the best pet. Look at your life style and do the research. Most people are looking for companionship and unconditional love and they can most certainly give you that.” In your quest to find the pet with the most compatible characteristics, training needs, personality and sociability for your family, take a close look so your pet will have what Davis refers to as a home “fur-ever.”

TOP 10 DOG BREEDS FOR KIDS According to, these breeds will be able to handle the rough and tumbles of your kids with ease! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Bull Dog Beagle Bull Terrier Collie Newfoundland

6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Vizsla Irish Setter Poodle Labrador Retriever Golden Retriever is a wonderful resource for pet owners. Their instructional how-to videos are great for showing pet owners how to do tasks such as properly remove a tick, brush your pet’s teeth and more.

July 2010 | 11

Your Quick and Easy

FAMILY REUNION Planning Guide By Gwen Recinto o matter how large or small your family is, getting together for a reunion is a great way to catch up and create memories. Whether you are in charge of planning or looking to start a new tradition, check out the helpful hints below.


Create a guest list that includes family members, spouses, partners and children. Be sure to collect phone numbers, email and mailing addresses. You may want to bring and distribute copies of your list at the reunion so everyone has it. Pick a date, time and place. Consider a time when most people will be off from work or school — for example, a national holiday like Labor Day. Also, pick a location that is convenient for most family members. Determine a budget and decide how much each family will need to contribute. If your event will be at a public park, figure out what each family should bring — for example, an appetizer or dessert. Be sure to have a back-up plan in case it rains. If the reunion will be at a hotel or hall, be sure to make reservations early.

Plan reunion activities for all ages. For example, you may want to include icebreakers, games and contests. You can even ask people to bring old photos and plan a family craft project. Plan to give away prizes for games and special awards such as “oldest family member.” Send a “Save the Date” email or flier to spread the word about the family reunion. Use this as an opportunity to ask for help and give information about the cost for each family. Follow up with invitations and directions. If worse comes to worst, just go with it. Everything will work out fine...and if it does not, you will be better prepared for next year! Gwen Recinto is a writer and fitness instructor. Follow her on Twitter, @AllThingsGwen, and check out her blog,, for posts about living a happy, healthy and inspired life.

Plan ahead for outdoor events. There are many reasons to rent a tent, but the main ones would be to stay dry from rain and stay cool from the sun. Rental City, located on Landis Avenue in Vineland recommends selecting a rental company that is fully insured. “This means they have liability and worker’s compensation insurance. This is very important, because you as the home owner will know the rental company is responsible,” says Lisa VanMeter. Pick someone with a good reputation. “There is more to putting up a tent then you may think. Pick a company that can help you from the tent to the spoon you put on the table,” says VanMeter. Plan the menu. Consider special family recipes and dishes that celebrate your heritage. If you need a caterer, be sure to add this cost to your budget. 12 | July 2010

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arrying the man of your dreams is exciting. Reciting the vows “for better or for worse” should come with a caveat to include dealing with his mother. Here are five tips to help build a better relationship with your MIL.

By Renee Taylor Negin

Be understanding. Your husband might be the love of your life now, but he has been the apple of her eye since the day he was born. Give your MIL a chance to get to know you, to see that you have his best interests at heart. Do your best to start off on the right foot from the first time you meet her—do not wear your weekend club clothes to her house for dinner—and praise her for the wonderful job she has done raising such a caring, kind individual.

Make the effort. Get to know your MIL. Learn about her as a person— about her childhood, her family life, your son’s childhood, etc. She is a valuable resource for family history. Learning about her relationship with her husband might prove useful in understanding how your husband sees his role in your own marriage. Remember that once you are married, your MIL is part of your family. Treat her as kindly as you would your own mother. Remember her birthday. Keep her up to date on information regarding your kids. Send her photos. Find a common interest and use that to build a friendship with your MIL.

Do not compete. Do not get into a battle of who loves him more. There is room in his heart to receive love from both of you, and for him to love his mother’s meatloaf and your broiled salmon. The same goes for gift-giving. If your MIL gives him a watch at Christmas, do not one-up her with a fancier version for his birthday.

Presented by The Creature Production Company in association with BBC Worldwide


Set limits. Whether you live across the street or across the country, visiting can easily become an issue. Discuss with your husband what kind of guidelines you might want to establish and stick to them as a united front. Set limits with yourself too. Do not run to your MIL when you and your husband are having problems. Do not complain to her about his failure to help with the housework or his lack of table manners. Your MIL will see these as insults to her parenting or an attack on her child, which will raise her hackles and put a wall between you.


Lighten up. When it comes to overindulging the grandkids, let her have her fun. A sweet treat before dinner or an extra hour before bedtime will not hurt your children, and they will not come home expecting the same from you. Likewise, rather than grit your teeth when she starts to offer advice, smile and graciously listen. Hearing what she has to say does not mean you have to follow her advice, but for the sake of the relationship, listening to what she says is a far better strategy than barking at her about her old-fashioned ways.



BBC & logo © & TM BBC 1996 Walking With Dinosaurs word mark and logo TM and © BBC 1998


JULY 14-18

moms R women 2

Managing your

Following these tips might not bridge the gap between you and your MIL 100 percent. You may never have an easy and open relationship. But making every effort to build a bond between you and her will strengthen your marriage, and who knows? You just might learn a thing or two after all.


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maternity guide

False Alarms

By Hema AdunuthulaJonnalagadda, M.D.

Am I Really in Labor and When Should I Call the Doctor?


considered labor unless they dilate the cervix. So, time them from the beginning of one contraction to the beginning of the next. Contractions are those where your whole belly tightens up followed by a feeling of relaxation. If they are every 3-5 minutes, increasing in intensity and pain, taking your breath away, and last for at least 1-2 hours, call your OB. Constant abdominal or low back pain is usually not considered labor-related pain. If it lasts even after simple measures like resting, moist heating pads, or Tylenol, call your OB.

very pregnant woman goes through the quandary of how to recognize true labor. Even though I am an obstetrician and explain the symptoms of true labor to patients every day, experiencing it myself changed my perception of labor. Now, I am very much in tune with the predicament of a pregnant woman when they ask questions about signs of labor.

HERE ARE THE MOST COMMON FALSE ALARMS: Infrequent, irregular contractions: It takes regular (every 3-5 minutes, lasting 30-60 seconds) contractions to dilate the cervix. Those annoying contractions you may have are not

Spotting or passing mucus plug: Scanty vaginal ble-

eding associated with a few contractions after intercourse or after a long day of activity is not unusual. It’s not necessarily a sign of labor. Wait. If it gets worse like a period bleeding, call your OB. Passing your mucus plug can happen a few days to weeks prior to your actual labor. Again, wait and watch for regular contractions. Leaking of fluid or increased vaginal discharge: It’s fairly common to lose bladder control with the baby’s head pressing on it. If you feel a gush, change your pad and see if you stay dry. Call your OB if you are constantly wet. Hema Adunuthula-Jonnalagadda, M.D., is a board certified OB/GYN who completed her residency at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia. She practiced at Pennsylvania Hospital for three years before moving to Physicians of Southern New Jersey in Elmer and Woolwich. For more information, call (856) 363-1210.

Top doctors. Quality OB/GYN care. Close to home. There is no need to travel long distances for your OB/GYN when there are compassionate, experienced, professional, friendly doctors right in your community! The Physicians of Southern New Jersey Obstetrics and Gynecology offers you exceptional doctors and staff complemented by the most up-to-date women’s health technologies, medicine, and hospital affiliations — giving you the quality, concerned care you deserve. -ICHAEL'ERIA D.O., FACOOG


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Phone: 856-363-1210 14 | July 2010

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Manage “to do” time for more “you” time. Juggling the daily needs of the entire family doesn’t leave much room for “you” time. Fortunately, there’s Your online resource for health and wellness information, personal and family health management tools, and online communities that lets you connect with other women who share your concerns, interests, and experiences. Join the conversation at Yo u r h e a l t h . Yo u r l i f e . O r g a n i z e d .

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Pregnancy and Preeclampsia M

ost women look forward to pregnancy as an exciting time of change. Few anticipate complications. According to research, the most common serious medical complication for pregnant women is preeclampsia, occurring in about 10 percent of all first-time pregnancies. Preeclampsia can endanger the lives of both mother and baby. The disease remains elusive—its exact cause is unknown, and there is no single method of diagnosis. What is preeclampsia? Preeclampsia, also called toxemia or pregnancy-induced hypertension (PIH), is a serious medical condition affecting all organs of the body. When a woman develops high blood pressure (above 140/90) in the last half of her pregnancy, and protein is detected in the urine, preeclampsia is suspect. Follow-up blood work, urine analysis and blood pressure can confirm the diagnosis. What are signs of preeclampsia? Although some do not experience any signs, women should alert their caregiver if they experience: • strong headaches • vision problems • nausea/vomiting • decrease in urination • sudden weight gain • stomach pain, often on the right side under the ribs • swelling, while common during healthy pregnancies, may accompany preeclampsia

Five Tips for Healthy Blood Pressure By Anna Centuolo

watermelon are also recommended. Cook with fresh garlic and parsley. Enjoy a sweet, crispy snack by shredding raw beets with apples. Fresh dandelion leaves (a crop local to South Jersey) are extremely beneficial—simply add to salads. Avoid stimulants like spicy foods, pepper and caffeine. 3. Prenatal vitamins: Taking multivitamins prior to and during pregnancy can reduce the risk of preeclampsia as much as 71 percent. 4. Herbal supplements: Nettle, dandelion and raspberry leaf tea nourish and enrich the blood. Skullcap, also available as tea, is a remedy for elevated blood pressure. Taking passionflower daily, in pill or tincture form, can lower blood pressure too. 5. Exercise: If blood pressure is normal to moderately elevated, exercise is advantageous. During exercise, circulation increases. Blood vessels dilate and stretch, reducing pressure. Anna Centuolo, mother of three, is a childbirth educator, doula, and member of the Association of Labor Assistants and Childbirth Educators. She runs South Jersey’s chapter of BirthNetwork National, a local organization holding free childbirth preparation classes for expecting parents. For more information, or to locate mother-friendly caregivers or other birth-related services, visit www.SouthJerseyBirth or email Anna at

Can preeclampsia be prevented or treated? Once a woman has full-blown preeclampsia, the only remedy is birth. Thus, prevention is critical. The following techniques can minimize the risk of developing preeclampsia: (Always talk to your doctor before changing your diet, starting exercise or taking herbs.) 1. Proper nutrition: There is substantial evidence linking preeclampsia to poor nutrition. Pregnant women need 2,400 calories per day minimum. Consuming at least 80g of protein daily is said to be vital in preventing preeclampsia. Eat a balance of quality carbohydrates, fresh fruits and vegetables and high-fiber foods. Do not eliminate salt, as this can lend to preeclampsia; instead, salt foods to taste. Drink plenty of fluids. 2. Foods that lower blood pressure: It may be possible to halt or delay the potential onset of preeclampsia at the first sign of elevated blood pressure. Eating one cucumber a day reduces blood pressure. Bananas, potato skins and 16 | July 2010

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he Children’s Regional Hospital at Cooper is a recognized leader in pediatric care. With outpatient offices throughout South Jersey; pediatricians who manage the health care of children in the region; and, specialists who treat complex and chronic medical conditions, it is easy to see why parents and community pediatricians are choosing Cooper.




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Dental Problems During Pregnancy


ost people don’t think about dental health during pregnancy. Although you have a lot to think about during this time, oral health is important and should not be neglected. • Problem 1—Hormonal changes can make your gums sore, swollen and bleeding. This can be prevented by brushing and flossing your teeth daily. If you did not have your teeth cleaned before you found out you were pregnant, having your teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist or dentist early in your pregnancy may

help prevent problems.



• Problem 2—Some women develop a “pregnancy tumorâ€? on their gums. This is a painless bump on your gums that can be pink, red or purple. It will usually not cause any problems, but care should be taken to keep the area around the tumor clean. See your dentist if you think you may be having this problem. • Problem 3—If you need to have emergency dental care during your pregnancy, you may need to have some X-rays taken of your teeth. Always be

sure to remind your dental care professional of your pregnancy. Care should be taken to limit or avoid nitrous oxide, some prescribed antibiotics and some pain medications. It’s important to see your dentist and dental hygienist during your pregnancy to prevent dental problems. Be sure to make a dental appointment before your baby is born. After birth, it may be several months before you will be able to find the time for an appointment.

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18 | July 2010

BPA-Free Breastmilk Bottles

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Local Breastfeeding Support T he benefits of breastfeeding are hard to beat: better nutrition and immunity boosters for baby, no costly formula, mother/child bonding and more. But once a woman is committed to the decision to breast feed her baby, she is often uncertain about where to turn for supplies and support. Michelle Tucker, owner of Away Baby Essentials, recognizes the need for both. An RN with a background in research, and a mom of a 5-year-old and a baby on the way, Tucker sells breast pumps, as well as support and guidance to her customers. In 2005, Tucker started her Deptford-based business, which was then called Away Baby Rentals. She rented baby equipment—high chairs, strollers, cribs, car seats and more— for those passing through South Jersey on their way to the shore. She sold breastfeeding supplies as well. As her business grew, she realized breastfeeding needed to be her main focus. She changed the name of her business to Away Baby Essentials, stopped renting equipment and dedicated herself to assisting other moms on their journey. Tucker enjoyed breastfeeding her baby and

wants other moms to be able to do the same. She heard others speak of the need for affordable breastfeeding essentials. She wanted to help make things easier for them by providing those essentials at an affordable price. She points out that breastfeeding, even with the supplies, is cheaper than formula. Along with supplies, Away Baby Essentials offers support to nursing moms. Tucker says, “Breastfeeding equipment is medical equipment,� and she knows nursing moms sometimes have issues and questions. Her parenting experience and nursing background allow her to offer caring and knowledgeable support to her customers. “Sometimes you need a nurse, sometimes you need a mom, and sometimes you need someone not related to you,� to help you work things out, she says. In addition to pumps, Away Baby Essentials sells maternity and postpartum supplies designed to help moms in a healthy way. Items offered include creams, lotions, teas, belly supports and binders and nursing pads and bras. As a business owner and a mom, Tucker




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By Renee Taylor Negin

must balance work and family. She sets aside time every morning to spend with her 5-year-old son. When she’s working, he often joins her in the office. She tries to make it fun for him and makes sure he knows he is a priority in her life. The family sits down together for dinner every night. Tucker reminds her son often, “I love you, I value you, I appreciate you. No one in the world has to tell him how important he is,� she says, because she makes sure he knows it directly from her. Tucker admits being a night owl, which allows her to work late at night, giving her more time during the day with her son. She is due this month with a daughter, who will, of course, receive the same time, love and attention while scampering around the office or the back yard. Michelle Tucker knows her customers’ needs. She has thorough knowledge of her products and lends a supportive and sympathetic ear to newly nursing moms. She wants to make sure women who choose breastfeeding get the support they need for success.

business spotlight


Learn more about Away Baby Essentials by visiting or via email at or call (856) 374-1580.

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t’s Summer and all parents are looking for something fun to do with the family. While getting away from it all and going out of town is always exciting, a day trip or weekend in South Jersey can be just as fun! This area is filled with great times. The Wildwoods are a perfect destination for a family vacation. With loads of FREE things to do, beautiful, award-winning beaches and a boardwalk, the Wildwoods offer an unmatched family vacation destination. The Wildwoods Beaches are FREE of charge and feature swimming, surfing, fishing, boating, jet-skiing, sailing and kayaking. With three spectacular amusement piers boasting more rides and attractions than Disneyland, three interactive water parks, carnival-style midway games, arcades and a myriad of shops and eateries there is something for every age. More than 180 FREE festivals and events are scheduled in the Wildwoods annually, from FREE Friday night fireworks in the summer and classic car shows, to dance competitions and the largest kite festival in North America. Learn more at Known as “The Strangest Place in Atlantic City” is Ripley's Believe it or Not! This amazing museum is sure to thrill the entire family. Experience their unique and unbelievable treasures and amazing artifacts 365 days of the year. This year Ripley’s is opening “The Vault-Laser Maze Challenge.” This web of lasers challenges players to go over and under as quickly as possible to reach the end of the maze.

Photo Lisa Ward Photography 20 | July 2010

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Ripley’s annual Face Off contest is on Wednesday, August 18th. Perhaps the quirkiest contest in Atlantic City, the annual Face Off contest is a competition to find the person with the funniest facial expression. Contestants compete for prizes and the chance to have their “funny face” immortalized on Ripley’s “Face Off Wall of Fame.” Located at New York Ave and the Boardwalk, Atlantic City. Learn more at While you’re in Atlantic City, don’t forget to visit Steel Pier. Steel Pier added three new additional rides for the 2010 season, including the first “Spinning Drop Tower” of its kind in the USA. They also have free live shows daily with fun for all ages. For show schedules and other info visit Ocean City bills itself as America’s Greatest Family Resort. Just about everything in town is geared toward giving you and your family the best vacation experience possible. Ocean City offers eight miles of beautiful beaches, complete with lifeguards on duty for your safety, but the beaches do require a beach badge. The summer calendar is full of fun events like freckle contests, a hermit crab beauty pageant and more. Don’t miss the Discovery Seashell Museum on Asbury Avenue. You’ll see

         • Cones, Sundaes & Milkshakes • Homemade Waffles & Brownies • Hoagies-Burgers-Hot Dogs-Nachos • 50's Themed • Hours from 11am - 11pm 4310 Park Road Sea Isle City, NJ



thousands of rare and lovely shells. More local history is in the the Ocean City Historical Museum on Simpson Avenue. When visiting Ocean City, Pirate Voyages is a “Must Do.” Climb aboard the 2008 USCG custom made Pirate Ship known as the “Sea Dragon.” Pirates of all ages enjoy an hour of old-fashioned

• Rides for all ages! • Where the whole family can come and play • Have your next group outing with us. Birthdays, Sweet Sixteen, Graduation, Family Reunions and much more! • FREE live shows daily • Pay one Price—Ride All Day Thursday’s

RECEIVE $10 OFF an All Day Ride Pass (wristband) Available on Thursday’s only. Limit 4 per coupon. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Must bring to guest services.

866-386-6659 Located at Virginia Ave. & the Boardwalk Atlantic City, NJ July 2010 | 21

swashbuckling fun with face painting, sea chanteys, storytelling and fun, all while decoding a secret map to find the Hidden Underwater Treasure. For schedule and info visit There is so much to do and see in Cape May that even on a rainy day, you won’t be bored. Cape May is the perfect vacation choice for families with children, because they have family-friendly beaches

(beach tags required), whale and dolphinwatching tours, miniature golf and a free zoo, open year-round. Biking in Cape May is a favorite past time. Rent a really cool bicycle rig called a surrey, complete with fringe on top for $10 per hour. If you are staying for more than a day, check into the Thorn and the Rose, a lovely Victorian inn featuring apartments and suites. Many local inns don’t allow children under age 12, but this one is part of a group of family-friendly places known as VictENJOY REAL VALUE with our ALL-DAY STIMULUS PASS!!! orian Guest Accommodations. Only $36/person for Rates for a famanyone over 48” ily of four start $27/person for 48” around $135 a & under night. For that Includes: price, you can • FREE Parking at participating lots Moms love Splash Zone have an enor• Pancakes • Slice of Pizza too… it’s fun, clean, safe mously comfor• Unlimited Coca Cola Fountain and fully-gated! table three roDrinks • $1 Miniature Golf Game Special rates for camps, recreation groups, daycare centers, and others. om apartment (before 5 pm & after 10 pm) Call 609-729-5600, x10 or visit our website with a kitchen, a • Tram Car Coupon at deck, a glimpse (M-F, 11 am – 5:30 pm) of the ocean and loads of wicker furniture. Feeling adventurous? Board the 110 foot Cape May Whale Watcher, the SPLASH ZONE WATER PARK | WILDWOOD, NJ | 609-729-5600 largest whale 22 | July 2010

and dolphin watching boat in South Jersey. Touting the largest, fastest, cleanest and most stable boat around, they guarantee a dolphin or whale sighting or you get a free pass. For schedule go to Last but certainly not least, don’t miss the Historic Cold Spring Village, located on Route 9, three miles north of Cape May. This Early American open-air living history museum brings to life the day-to-day activities of villagers living in South Jersey during the “age of homespun” (1790-1840). Visitors can make a personal connection between the past and present through the interactive, educational and hands-on family activities. Children enjoy playing at the activity area where they take part in a variety of projects such as trying on costumes, participating in hands-on crafts and playing games. As you can see, there is plenty to keep the family busy every weekend of the summer, or get a rental and stay for the week!

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New York Ave. & Boardwalk Atlantic City, NJ 609-347-2001 ATLANTIC CITY ACW Ripley’s Believe It or Not! is a trademark of Ripley Entertainment Inc.

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know 2 grow

plan a

FUN play date


lay dates can be so much fun! There is nothing better than being with friends, no matter how old you are. Playing, laughing, sharing or just being next to each other is what life is all about. And, with some careful planning, you and your child can arrange a fun play date! Below are thirteen tips to keep everyone happy!

THE PLAN: 1. Unless the parents are going to stay, do not invite too many children to your play date. You want it to be manageable and fun. 2. If you are going to serve a snack or meal, remember to ask if the child has any food allergies. If he or she has more than one, ask mom to e-mail you a list of foods that are off limits before the play date. 3. If your child is 3 or older, ask if there are any special toys he or she does not want his friends to touch and put them away. Broken toys and meltdowns are not fun. 4. Plan to keep the play date short and sweet. One to two hours should be perfect. 5. Do not plan a play date when you know your child will be hungry or tired. 6. Put out a small number of carefully selected toys. Too many toys and games can create total chaos. THE DATE: 7. If your child is a young baby and having a guest, spread out a blanket, lay the babies next to each other and watch what happens. You will hear lots of cooing and see lots of touching. You can also lay them both in front of the mirror. 8. Until toddlers are about 3 ½ years old, there is parallel play. While it sometimes looks like they are not playing together, they are having fun. Do not try to force organized play, as parallel play is perfect for this age of development. 9. Sharing is not always easy for little ones. A small kitchen timer is a must. Let each child set the timer for five minutes to play with that popular toy. When the bell rings, it’s time to take turns. 10. Homemade play-dough, jumbo crayons and paper are fun while working on small motor skills. 11. Do not forget about music; freeze dance and musical chairs are the best! 12. It’s nice to break up the play date with a snack-time and also helps children settle down for a few minutes. Choose a healthy snack. Fruit or vegetable slices served with a yogurt dip are great choices. 13. When the play date is coming to an end, set the timer and ask the children to clean up before the bell rings. The most important thing to keep in mind when planning a play date: “nothing is perfect.” Do not stress and do not over plan. 24 | July 2010

By Blythe Lipman Sometimes, the best-laid plans can change in the blink of an eye. You do not have to provide entertainment every second. Play dates are about fun, no matter what activities are available. Just enjoy watching your child nurture friendships that can last a lifetime. Blythe Lipman is the president of Baby Instructions. She is passionate about babies, toddlers and their parents. After working in the field for over 25 years, she wrote her second award-winning book, MORE…HELP! MY BABY CAME WITHOUT INSTRUCTIONS available at You can hear Blythe’s weekly radio show on Mondays, 11am EST @

PLAY-DOUGH RECIPE Ingredients: • 1 cup flour • ½ cup salt • 2 teaspoons cream of tartar • 2 Tablespoons oil

• • •

1 cup warm water Several drops food coloring Several drops of essential oil—orange or lavender smell great! (if desired)

Directions: Stir first 5 ingredients in a pot over low heat until combined.Remove dough from heat and add a few drops of food coloring until desired color is achieved. And add essential oil if desired. Knead dough until smooth. Allow to cool and place in an airtight container.

HAVE CONCERNS ABOUT YOUR CHILD'S SPEECH? Pediatric Speech, Language and Feeding Therapy Specializing in Autism, Speech Sound Disorders, Apraxia, Social Skills, Language Processing Disorders and Feeding Disorders 600 North Route 73, Suite 9B • Marlton

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Is My Child’s Speech Progressing Normally? By Sharon K. Pearl, M.A.C.C.C.-S.L.P. ow do you know when to be concerned about your child’s speech or language development? Keep these general guidelines in mind. Babies from about 6 to 9 months coo and babble and, by about 10 months, speak “gibberish” or their own “foreign language.” They enjoy making a lot of different speech sounds and communicating with you by using their sounds and by looking at you and laughing with you. Twelve to 18-month-old babies start saying their first words and following directions, such as, “Give me the cup.” Vocabulary increases rapidly so that, by 24 months, babies say about 50 words. Twenty-four-month-old babies follow simple directions like, “Put down the cup and bring me your shoes.” An explosion of language development takes place between 2 and 3 years. Sentences of three or four words are used and your child follows directions, such as, “Put it under your bed.” Or “Put the ball on top of the table.” Four-year-old children speak in sentences of at least four words and their grammar is correct for the most part. Everyone is expected to understand a 4-year-old’s speech, even if the child does not say all of the sounds correctly. If you are concerned about your child’s speech or language development, here are some signs to watch for:


Infants: • Does not respond to sound and does not engage in “baby talk.” • Cannot stick out tongue or tip of the tongue appears split. 12 to 24 months: • Is not pointing to desired objects and isn’t waving “bye bye.” • At 18 months, is communicating mostly by gestures, rather than spoken words, and has trouble imitating sounds.

Older than 24 months: • Is difficult to understand. • Two-year-olds are understood about half the time • Three-year-olds are understood about three quarters of the time. • Four-year-olds are understood almost all of the time by adults outside of the family.

tal lines. If you or your child’s pediatrician suspect your child is experiencing a problem, an early evaluation by a Speech – Language Pathologist (SLP) is essential. When speech and language or developmental delays are present, early treatment can provide the help the child needs. Once you have a better understanding of your child’s needs, you can learn ways to encourage speech development in your child.

There are many reasons children show delays in speech and language developFor more information, contact Sharon K. Pearl, ment. Sometimes hearing is impaired. M.A.,C.C.C.-S.L.P., owner of Pearl Speech Chronic ear infections can cause fluctuatAssociates at 18 Barclay Pavilion East, Cherry Hill ing hearing loss, which will affect speech at (856) 429-1505. development. This is why every child who shows signs of delayed speech development should have their hearing tested by an audiologist. Other children may have difficulty coordinating their mouth muscles to make sounds and, when they try, canBeginning Tuesday, not imitate sounds July 20th made by adults. Art Therapy and These children may Social Skills Group drool or have feed1 hour a week for 5 weeks, ing difficulties, but morning and evening not always. Occasgroup sessions available. ionally, a child is Registration required; physically “tonguegroup size limited. tied.” The memProviding Occupational, Physical and Speech brane under the Services for Children with: tongue is too short. Developmental Delays, Learning Disabilities, Neurological or A simple surgical Orthopedic Problems, Speech Impairments, Motor or Sensory procedure can remDelays, Autism and PDD, Attention Defect (ADD/ADHD) edy this. Most parents Individual Therapy Sessions—By Appointment know instinctivPROFESSIONAL THERAPY SERVICES, LLC ely if their child 111 South Broadway, Pennsville isn’t progressing 856-678-4701 • along developmen-

Does Your Child Need SPECIAL ATTENTION in School, at Home or During Play? SUMMER PROGRAMS!

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ask the aDDvisor

Ask the


By Linda Karanzalis, M.S. Learning Specialist/ ADD Coach

Summertime is Prime Time to Jumpstart Your Child’s Social Skills!

hink back to when you were a kid and how you couldn’t wait until school was out, and how you looked forward to all the fun things you were going to do. Summertime is a fun time for most children, but for those who struggle with social skills it can be a stressful time. School days and academics are replaced with new experiences and environments, which naturally bring social skills to the forefront this time of year. What exactly are social skills and how does one acquire them? Simply put, social skills are a set of unwritten rules we are expected to follow and abide by. It’s automatically assumed that everyone knows these skills, although no one directly teaches them. The majority of children learn by observation, role-modeling, trial and error. However, for those with ADD or learning disabilities there are roadblocks to learning these essential skills. Your child may have trouble with making and keeping friends, interrupting others, talking too loud or invading others’ personal space. The consequences for lacking social skills can be harsh; these children often become easy targets for bullies and experience rejection and isolation. So, what’s the good news? It may be a challenge but, with practice and patience, your child can learn social skills. Summertime is prime to work on these, as you have a classroom complete with a learning lab right at your fingertips. There will be many opportunities to prepare your child for specific activities and events. Check out the list below to guide you in teaching your child the basics. The key is to introduce the following skills and practice them in various role-playing scenarios. Once your child practices these skills, he or she will become better able to navigate the social scene. Of course, it will take time and effort from both of you. Remember the words of Thomas Edison: “Genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.”


Basic Social Skills 1. Listening skills (eye contact, nodding head, asking questions) 2. Voice – tone and volume 3. Personal Space 4. Body Talk (reading facial expressions and body language) 5. Starting Conversations 6. Staying on the Topic – talking about only one thing at a time and responding to others without changing the subject 7. Stopping and thinking before talking or blurting things out (visualizing a stop sign helps) Linda Karanzalis, M.S., founder and owner of ADDvantages Learning Center in Cherry Hill is the coordinator of CHADD of South Jersey, a non-profit organization serving children and adults with attention deficit disorder. Listen to her “Ask the ADDvisor‚” radio show on 92.1 FM. For more info contact Linda Karanzalis at (856) 482-0756 or at

Watching your child grow is an amazing process. However, some children are challenged by injuries, illnesses or birth defects. SJH Kids RehabCare helps families in our region by treating and managing pediatric disorders like brachial plexus injuries, cerebral palsy, autism, speech/swallowing disorders and developmental delays. Our team of experts provides a variety of therapies including occupational, physical and speech therapy services. For more information call 856-507-8585.

26 | July 2010

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s n o s a e R 13 to SMILE if You Have a Tween By Angela De Groot


ou survived the terrible twos, endured the emotional threes, and navigated potty training, play dates and birthday parties. Now you find yourself confronted with an eye rolling, shoulder shrugging, 10 going on 18-year-old. Welcome to the club – you have a tween! Tweens are children aged 9 to 12 in the no man’s land between not quite a small child and not a teenager. Ease their struggle to find their feet in the teeter-totter world of hormones, fickle friends and emotional turmoil by keeping your smile handy. Here are thirteen reasons to smile because you have a tween:


2 3 4

Tweens are funny. One minute serious and mature, the next, bounding around the backyard chasing squirrels with the dog. Seemingly too old for hugs, yet still trying to squeeze their five feet and 90 pounds onto the recliner with you. Trips to the movies are less painful. You are no longer handcuffed to G-rated movies but can now choose a movie you actually want to see. The mid-movie dash to the restroom is a thing of the past. Mother’s helpers and babysitters. Twelve-year-olds may supplement their pocket money by supervising other children and need less supervision themselves, allowing you to run errands or treat yourself to a pedicure. Not-so-picky eaters. Tweens are more adventurous in their meal choices. You can move away from

5 6 7 8 9

chicken nuggets and hot dogs and start cooking one meal for the whole family. Tweens are more body conscious, so their choices lean towards healthier food. Sense of humor. Their slapstick and knock-knock humor has switched to higher brow irony, puns and sarcasm. Of course, you can still count on potty humor to bring out the belly laughs you know and love. Developing sense of style. Tweens discover the joys of grooming and the wide range of products available to create “the look.” When you run low on makeup or hair gel, you can raid your tween’s supply. Better gifts. You will always cherish the kid-made treasures your preschooler proudly presented to you; however, birthday and holiday gifts become more thoughtful and useful as your children grow older and develop a better understanding of your likes and needs. Conversation. Tweens have a better comprehension of the implications of current news events and an increased awareness of the world around them. This makes for intelligent and stimulating dinner conversations that knocks the socks off those chats you had when they were younger.

10 11 12 13

you adore. Sometimes all it takes is a smile from you to release the cheerful tween hiding inside. The transformation. Watch in amazement as your tween comes into their own, cultivating opinions, sense of style and individuality. It is gratifying to witness the values and morals that you instilled in them come to the fore. Sanity check. Smiling reduces stress and diffuses tension, giving you both the opportunity for a change in perspective and the ability to recapture your enthusiasm. Help around the house. Tweens can be a tremendous help around the house. By vacuuming, doing light cleaning, folding laundry and walking the dog, they can contribute in a meaningful way. Keep yourself young and resilient. Spending time with enthusiastic and impulsive tweens rejuvenates your outlook on life. Connect with your tween, share confidences and discover activities you enjoy together. Forge a relationship that will weather whatever the teenage and adult years might throw your way.

So give your tween a smile, chances are they will smile right back.

Living with an alien. Beneath the blossoming body, eye-rolling and attitude, lurks the little guy or girl July 2010 | 27

Eat Local By Debbie Zimmerman

hhhh, the joys of summer. The beach. The sun. Children playing in the yard. And, yes, the Jersey tomato! There is nothing better than a fresh, straight from your garden, still warm from the sun, Jersey tomato. Technically a fruit, but considered a vegetable by many, the tomato is one of many foods that is best bought locally. Why eat locally grown food? Because it tastes great! Fresh, seasonal food from your garden or local farmers market tastes much fresher and more vibrant than food that was picked last week, sprayed with preservatives, factory wrapped in plastic and flown in from across the country. Locally grown fruits and vegetables are usually sold within 24 hours of being picked. When consumed at their very ripeness, they have nutrients, texture and flavor beyond compare. Purchasing locally grown produce not only makes sense nutritionally, but supports the local farmers and economy. Why go elsewhere when we have the best tomatoes in the United States right here in our own backyard?


Debbie Zimmerman is a Certified Health Coach and founder of Turning Leaf Nutrition and Wellness, LLC. She leads community and corporate workshops on nutrition and healthy eating and also offers supportive counseling to individuals to inspire them to achieve optimum wellness. For more info, visit and for more easy, fresh recipes visit

Jersey Tomato Salad Italiano (Yield: 4 servings) Ingredients: 2 large ripe beefsteak or other slicing tomatoes 1/4 cup olive oil Red wine vinegar to taste 1/4 cup chopped fresh basil 3 cloves garlic, finely chopped 2 tablespoons finely chopped fresh Italian parsley 1 medium-sized red onion, finely chopped 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 2 teaspoons dried oregano Preparing: Cut the tomatoes into chunks and place in a salad bowl. Tear basil into pieces with your hands instead of using a knife. This releases the natural oils of the herb and increases flavor. Add the remaining ingredients and toss well. Toss again right before serving. 28 | July 2010

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Summer Sun Smarts E

veryone loves the look of their skin after a summer of sunbathing, but the harmful effects of sun exposure outweigh the glamorous look. Understanding these effects will better prepare you to be safe and still look great this summer. Did you know tan skin is your body’s desperate attempt to protect itself from the sun’s harmful rays? The sun’s rays consist of UVA (the aging rays) and UVB (the burning rays). Tanning beds are mostly exposure to UVA rays, which causes a breakdown of your skin’s collagen. Too much exposure to the sun’s rays or tanning beds can lead to premature aging, including wrinkles and hyper pigmentation. Every year, over one million Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer. Ninety percent of skin cancers can be traced back to UV exposure. Using sun-

By Dr. Danielle Brenza

screen 15-30 minutes before exposure is a practical approach to keeping your skin healthy. The importance of sun protection isn’t solely for adults. We must be sure to shield our children’s delicate skin from the sun’s rays. Many items used for shade are made from thin materials that allow UVA and UVB rays to pass through. Parents should be aware of how to best protect themselves as well as their little ones. Sun Protection Tips: • Seek the shade, especially between 10 AM and 4 PM • Avoid sun tanning and UV tanning booths. • Use a broad-spectrum (UVA and UVB protection) sunscreen with a SPF 15 or higher every day, year-round. Use a higher SPF on nose, ears and lips.

Apply 1 ounce (2 tablespoons) of sunscreen to your entire body 30 minutes before going outside. Reapply every two hours. • Cover up with tightly woven clothing, a broad-brimmed hat and UV-blocking sunglasses. • Examine your skin head-to-toe every month. • See your physician every year for a professional skin exam. I recommend airbrush tanning if you must be tan. The system offered at Ageless Skin and Laser Center in Sewell is safe, organic and mimics a tan without any damage. For more information on how to protect your skin and how to keep it looking youthful, contact Dr. Danielle Brenza at Ageless Skin and Laser Center. Located at 11 Parke Place Blvd, Ste A, Sewell. (856) 218-4848 or

Give us 5 minutes... We’ll give you back 5 years! Regain that healthy youthful look with our non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

Reserve your complimentary consultation with Dr. Danielle Brenza today! Ageless Skin & Laser Center 11 Parke Place Blvd., Suite A • Sewell


SOME OF OUR SERVICES: • Active FX/Deep FX Skin Rejuvenation • Rosacea/Age Spots • Laser Hair Reduction • Laser Vein Removal GIFT • Acne Treatments Certificates • Botox™ Available • Dermal Fillers • Chemical Peels • Medical Grade Microdermabrasion • Non-Surgical Skin Tightening • Cellulite Treatments • Spa Treatments • Anti-Aging Facials • Accent XL™ • Organic Spray Tanning • Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Latisse $98 while supplies last, Expires 7/31/10 Semi-Annual Sale • Hair removal: Buy 1 area, get 1 free Same or lesser value is free- Entire month of July

• Active, Deep, and Total FX: 50% off Entire month of July

• Spider Vein Treatment: 50% off Entire month of July

Botox Days August 5th & 6th $9.75/unit min. of 22 units to qualify

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Four Moms Create a Triathlon Craze for a Good Cause


olleen Fossett, Lydia DelRosso, Maureen Brigham and Michelle Powell all share a common interest—competing in triathlons. In pursuit of their health and fitness goals, this group of moms wanted to help others find their inner athlete, so they formed a women’s triathlon club in Mullica Hill called No Nuts. Just Guts. The Mullica Hill Women’s Triathlon Club (MHWTC), a USA Triathlon sanctioned, non-profit organization, has more than 90 mem30 | July 2010

bers. Many of the women who joined the club (ranging in age from 18 to 63) are brand new to triathlons. Group training sessions, nutrition seminars and sports clinics are among the events MHWTC has organized to help club members with their training and to encourage them to be the best they can be. In addition, MHWTC is giving back to their community by raising money for local charities. This year, all funds will be donated to a foundation committed to providing outreach, education and support to families with children affected by the challenges of living with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Many of the MHWTC members will participate in the Philadelphia SheROX Triathlon on August 1st in Philadelphia. Visit to learn more.

ATTENTION MILITARY FAMILIES! Gradient Financial Group, the country’s leading financial services firm, has put together the national program, Gradient Gives Back! This summer, Gradient will award a local military family with six months of mortgage payments, financial assistance, debt reduction, retirement planning, tax filing, career counseling and career placement. For more information about the program, or to apply, visit www.

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green mama


BEAUTY By Sheila Taney, RN, MSN

he heart of the summer is here and now is the time we want to look our best from head to toe. Many commercial beauty products are harmful for our skin and the environment. Homemade beauty products are cheap, easy to make and good for you and the environment. Here are some tips to feel good inside and out, naturally.


 Drink at least eight glasses of water a day and even more if you will be outside or exercising.  De-puff eyes by putting a wet tea bag in the refrigerator for ten minutes and then placing under eye area.  Make a homemade body scrub out of sea salt or turbino sugar and some olive oil.  Purify your face by making an avocado or honey mask.  Chlorine and ocean water can dry out the hair, so moisturize your hair with olive oil.  File your nails and paint with a natural nail polish or leave bare.  Eat lots of local, in-season fruits and vegetables.

Girls & Boys Ages 2 to Adult Beginner-Advanced Levels

Adult Fitness Classes (as low as $4) Zumba, Kickboxing, Tone & Sculpt

Ballet • Jazz • Tap Hip Hop • Gymnastics Mommy & Me Cheer • Tumbling All Boyz Hip Hop Preschool Combo Classes Birthday Parties No Contract • Low Tuition Small Class Sizes Family/Multi Class Discounts


856.589.4099 Lisa Plaza 259 Fish Pond Rd • Sewell

for ages 5-11 years 9am-12pm Monday - Thursday 7/05 - 7/08 Outdoor Activity Week 7/12 - 7/15 Arts & Crafts Week 7/19 - 7/22 Party Week 7/26 - 7/29 Dance Week $60 per week Space is Limited

 Refresh your feet by soaking in Epsom salt, water and essential oil.  Eat food high in Vitamin E, which helps skin to maintain a healthy glow.  Eat carrots to give you a sunny glow. Recipes can be found on natural beauty websites or in books. Involve your children by letting them pretend they are scientists by mixing the ingredients. Teach them what you are doing and that you are protecting your skin and the earth at the same time. Sheila Taney has two children and resides in Cherry Hill. She is passionate about teaching her children and others how they can participate in saving the environment.





South Jersey MOM

• Flexible hours - 20 hours per week minimum • Work from home - must have home office setup Interested applicants should send cover letter and resume to *Experience preferred, but not required. Full training provided.

July 2010 | 31

just born

Looking for the latest gadgets, toys, books or family related products? Look no further! Each month, we highlight the latest and greatest just for you. Take a look at these “just born” products and add them to your list of must haves!















1 8





32 | July 2010

Eti-Kits: Napkin Clips Growing up we were always told to place a napkin on our laps, the only problem is little ones tend to move a lot, which means by the time something spills those napkins are gone. This is where Napkin Clips come in. Perfect for diners of all ages who want to keep their clothes clean while dining at the table or on the go. 6 clips for $8, Babysols Stroller Umbrella The first stroller parasol/umbrella that safely and easily attaches to all strollers, joggers and other gear to provide shade and UV protection. They are versatile enough to attach to any baby chair or device where sun protection is needed. Can conveniently be stored when not in use. $9.99 plus shipping, St. Eve Kids Beach Wrap Whether she’s heading to the beach or a bubble bath, this towel wrap is the perfect accessory for any little gal’s wardrobe. St. Eve Kids produces an adorable line of children’s sleepwear, loungewear, accessories and more. $18 and up, Little Giraffe Baby Accessories Spoil your little ones with these incredibly soft, chenille products. The mission is to provide consumers with the most luxurious, exclusive, and hassle-free children’s apparel and accessories on the market. Everything is machine washable. Prices vary, OnTray Effortlessly attaches to the shopping carts handlebar allowing your child to easily feed themselves while your hands are free to shop! Compact design makes storage easy to keep in your purse, diapers bag, etc. Handy for many applications such as snacks, activity storage and a coupon container. Encourages your child’s independence. Dishwasher safe. Available in various colors. $7, Padalily Every mom can relate to the arm pain of carrying a baby carrier. Now, a solution. This is a cushion that Velcro’s around the infant car seat handle making it easier for moms (and dads) to carry in the bend of their arms. Plus, it’s super stylish with an array of styles, patterns and colors. $26, Carhartt for Women The Carhartt women’s line of clothing and accessories is designed expressly to fit a woman’s shape. Princess seaming, vibrant color options, no-gap waistbands and longer length shirts are among the many features that set our women’s clothing apart from the rest. From outerwear to the latest summer styles, they have what you need. Prices vary, Elemental Herb’s All Natural Zinc Sunscreen Your kids can enjoy spending the summer playing in the sun, without getting painful sunburns or absorbing chemical-laden sunscreens through their skin. Kid-friendly and safe for babies too. No Chemicals. No sunburns. No worries. $8.99 and up, Company Kids Swimwear Before sending the little ones off to camp or to the beach, make sure they have essentials that are both fashionable and functional. These high quality, durable line of beachwear, many of them with built-in UV protection are a perfect addition to summer. Prices vary, Backyard Sports: Sandlot Sluggers Batter up! Based on one of the best selling kids’ sports videogame series, this game allows players to join their favorite neighborhood friends and play ball in fun and exciting arcade style sports action. With all-new features, updated graphics, enhanced gameplay, and extensive options, this game will keep players enthusiastically entertained. It features 5 new mini games that provide exciting competition away from the traditional baseball gameplay. For Wii, Xbox360 and Nintendo DS. $29.99, Available where video games are sold.

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By Brian Fountain

y daughter, who is six, recently lost her third baby tooth. Each time she places the tooth ceremoniously beneath her pillow. You see, Molly believes in something millions of other children believe in. I know what you are thinking: cold, hard cash! Yes, that too. But mostly, like all other innocent kids, she believes in magic. “When the Tooth Fairy takes your tooth from underneath your pillow, she turns it into money,â€? she says, while holding a crisp new dollar bill, proudly displaying the gap in her smile. Jack, however, has a different idea‌ “She puts the teeth in a bag and sells them.â€? Now THAT’S a listing I would like to see on eBay. Before me were two valid opinions, well thought out and presented. How DOES the Tooth Fairy do it? I was compelled to dig deeper. There are somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 million children in the United States in the age bracket for losing baby teeth. That amounts to hundreds of millions of midnight switcharoos annually, a Herculean task for a single fairy. As the kids seem well-informed in these matters, I press for more information.


CÂ’mon, LetÂ’s Go...

Expedition: Earth

Where kids have summer Summer Fun Begins Here...

t get wild, fun as they dig dive d ig deep, deep, d ive iin, n, blast off o

GO O Green! Grreen ! and an dG

pop’s culture

The Tooth Fairy

“She has help from her friends. She has Fawn, Iridessa, Silvermist‌â€? Stop right there, Molly, those are Tinker Bell’s friends. Jack began to name a few of Santa’s reindeer (and possibly some lesser characters from Cars) so I move onto wardrobe. Assuming this is a one-fairy operation, does it make sense to wear something form fitting for quick movement? Or is a looser, more comfortable approach in order? Kids? “She wears a pink tutu with ribbons in her hair,â€? Molly states confidently. “But when it’s cold, she wears gloves.â€? “And boots,â€? adds Jack. I was starting to get an idea of what my children envisioned, but still remained puzzled as to the logistics involved, even if Rudolph himself were lending a hoof. How does she get to all the houses? “She has a cape like Superman and flies down the chimney,â€? Jack says as he “flies offâ€? to the next room. “She has wings,â€? Molly corrects sternly. “They’re on her back and she uses pixie‌ I mean, she uses magic powder to get in the house.â€? Again, she steers just clear of Tink and her pals. Lastly, I ask the kids what the Tooth Fairy looks like. After telling me she is “really tall and short,â€? Jack closes his eyes and drifts off to sleep. Molly smiles and says, “She looks just like Mommy.â€? As I tuck my kids into their beds I smile, content with the answers I received. The next time Molly loses a tooth, I know she will be dreaming of Lori, my beautiful wife and aspiring Tooth Fairy, who’d better have a buck in her hand! I have always considered myself a relatively hard-working man but considering her workload, I would not trade places with the Tooth Fairy for anything. Besides, I would look ridiculous in a pink tutu. Brian Fountain lives in Winslow Township with his wife and their three young children. He is an Atlantic City restaurant manager and writes about the joys and struggles of raising a family from a father’s perspective.

FFor or A S Summer ummer P Program rogram Close Too H Home Visit Close T o me V isit MIDWEEK SPECIAL

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    pediatric cancer. ÂŽ


Private P rivate Early Early Childhood Childhood Education Education For For 6 Weeks Weeks T Too 8 Y Years ears Locations L ocations In In PA PA & NJ N J  Call Call 11-877-MALVERN - 87 7- MA LV E R N F or NAEYC N A E YC Accredited Accre dite d Sc hools For Schools

Princess Parties • Super Hero Parties • Character Parties Mother Goose Parties • Glitter Tattoo Parties Face Painting • Balloon Creations • Name Bracelet Parties July 2010 | 33

learning 2 learn

Memory, The Cornerstone to Learning

emory improvement is learning starts with identifying and one of the most imporremembering figures or pictures, then tant skills one can learn symbols as letters and numbers and then to help overcome learning words. When working on memodifficulties. Children ry, activities should be prewith weak memory sented using this develskills are often opmental approach “Children with misdiagnosed with regardless of the attention deficit probchild’s age. weak memory skills lems or reading For children 4comprehension difyears-old and olare often misdiagnosed ficulties. If children der, start with with attention deficit cannot remember three pictures; what has been said show them, then problems or reading or read, then they take them away will certainly appear after three seconds. comprehension as if they are not payCan your child difficulties ” ing attention or compreremember them? Prehending what they read. sent three more pictures The good news is that again, for three seconds. memory is one of the easiest skills to Now show them in reverse. Can train (and learn). Taking just fifteen minthey remember dog, cat, and fish in order utes daily, at home or in school, to practice and then in reverse? The more they practhe techniques can make a big difference in tice, the better the skills will develop. Once developing the memory skills necessary figures are mastered, progress to numbers for learning and retaining information. and then single sight words they can easily The most current scientific research read using the same approach. These are related to the brain and learning indicates critical readiness skills for arithmetic, sight that specific factors in the learning experivocabulary for reading and spelling and ence significantly impact a child’s ability reading comprehension, as well as retento remember information. tion of subject content. Make homemade The first and most significant factor is materials with your child’s assistance to emotional environment. The emotional enhance the value of the activity. atmosphere of the classroom (and the Give them a few words to picture. home) is paramount to the learning experiOnce they have created the pictures, ask ence. Feelings of fear, stress or embarrassthem to repeat the words back to you. This ment impact a child’s ability to learn and is a great activity for the whole family on remember information. long road trips, especially for children who Children need to feel relaxed, motitend to get car sick vated and enthusiastic about learning in a and can’t occupy safe, creative atmosphere that is developthemselves with rementally appropriate. In school, this enviading, coloring or ronment must be fostered by the teacher’s games. “parenting” style and by creative, brainThere are combased teaching strategies. The novelty of mercial board and the learning experience and unique activicard games that ties and strategies that peak kids’ interest can help enhance tremendously impact memory, as well as memory. The more the student’s ability to relate learning to the senses used, the life experiences they have already had. more areas of the What can you do to help your child’s brain involved in memory? Developmentally, a child’s the learning pro-


34 | July 2010

cess and, therefore, the more By Mary Pat areas where inCorrero, Ed.M. formation can be stored for memory recall. Eating nutritious brain foods and getting adequate rest after studying and physical exercise are also scientifically proven to be essential to learning and retention of information. Who said learning has to be boring? For more information about how to enhance your child’s memory, contact Center For Learning Enhancement, Inc. at, call Mary Pat Correro at 856-234-7337 or email her at

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book review

Tale Spin Stories Read-to-Me Book Reviews By Kathryn Ross, a.k.a. “Miss Kathy”

love old things! I collect old things – antiques, vintage, retro, old. Something about the history of an object and the past time that it has lived and functioned in is beyond fascinating to me. I suppose that is why history has always been a great love of mine – even from childhood. I remember how I loved getting my hands on National Geographic Magazines and finding articles about ancient civilizations dug up by archeologists. Playing history was also a favorite thing to do. This involved historic costumes and acting out great historical events. Funny how what I enjoyed as playtime in my childhood is what I largely do for a living as an adult. Events in our childhood go a long way to forming our character in adulthood. This concept is the foundation for the “Childhood of Famous Americans” series, in publication for over 70 years and currently available in Aladdin Paperbacks through Simon & Schuster Publishers. Here we meet the most notable individuals of American history in their formative years. Each chapter-book, geared to readers aged 8 through 12, is written using what facts are known of the person and time, yet fictionalized with details and conversations that make the subject flesh and bone to the reader. Meeting them in their world as children we see what made them the adults they became. As the 4th of July is upon us, I review my edition of Betsy Ross: Designer of Our Flag, in the series. I enjoy meeting her as a youth, when she learned the seamstress skills that would earn her a permanent place in American history as the woman who stitched the first flag of the United States at the outset of the Revolutionary War. I love the part about the five-pointed star – a little origami trick she learned as a child and demonstrated to General George Washington, in an attempt to talk him out of the original six-pointed star he had requested. Washington thought the six pointed version would be easier to cut, until Betsy showed him otherwise and gave her opinion about other aspects in the design of the flag – all this, as a young widow, working undercover of British occupation. The book


36 | July 2010

 THEME: Stars & Stripes Forever! BOOK: Betsy Ross: Designer of Our Flag AUTHOR: Ann Weil ILLUSTRATOR: Al Forentino EAN: 9780020421207

details the many aspects of her youth that formed her character into the brave and revolutionary woman she became – a history making woman. Follow-up Activity: Grab some paper and scissors and follow the directions in the story to make your own five-pointed stars and create a Colonial paper flag just like Betsy. This book is a great start to collecting the complete set of biographical novels for more American history adventures following the character formation of John Adams, Daniel Boone, Clara Barton, Lou Gehrig, Rosa Parks, and many, many more! Check out Amazon online or your nearest bookstore for a full selection! Kathryn Ross is a professional storyteller celebrating the love of learning and literacy with children of all ages. She hosts Tale Spin Stories every Tuesday for preschoolers at the Cumberland Mall in Vineland. To learn more about Miss Kathy programs from Pageant Wagon Productions, visit

Celebrating 15 Award-Winning Years!

Play and Learn Adventure for Kids 5 and Under

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To submit your event, send an email to Entries are due six weeks prior to the event and are filled on a first come first serve basis. Space is limited. ATLANTIC COUNTY Atlantic City Food & Wine Festival July 29 to August 1 This will be the premier event of Atlantic City’s summer season with four days of events, tastings and celebrity appearances. Featuring world-renowned chefs and great wine. Held at all four Harrah's Atlantic City properties, Harrah's Resort, Caesars, Showboat & Bally's. andwine.aspx, (609) 441-5786 July Jubilee July 1 at 11 a.m. A fun filled week of contests leading up to July 4th complete with taffy sculpting, treasure hunts and more. Music Pier, Moorlyn Terrace & Boardwalk. (609) 525-9300 Furry Friends Flea Market July 11 from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Proceeds will benefit the Humane Society of Ocean City. Held outdoors at the Humane Society, 1 Shelter Rd, Ocean City. Parking space size flea market spaces, $15 each space. No electric or tables provided. Food available for purchase. (609) 398-8037,

BURLINGTON COUNTY Time for Twos and Threes July 2 at 10:30 a.m. Join Miss Mary for stories and a simple craft. This program is for 2-3 year-olds and their caregivers. Evesham Library, Meeting Room, 984 Tuckerton Road, Marlton. Registration required. (856) 983-1444 or Princess Party July 7 at 2:00 p.m. Become a princess for a day! Dress up & visit the library for fun princess activities & refreshments! Open to children ages 4 & up. Limit is 20. Registration required. Pemberton Library, 16 Broadway, Browns Mills. (609) 893-8262 or Back to School Skill Building Classes July 13 at 9:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. Get help for your child in developing the fine motor skills that will be needed for school. Writing, cutting, coloring, utensil grasp, coordination

and peer interaction will be addressed. 5 week class. 4 – 5 years 9:30 – 10:30 a.m. & 6 – 7 years 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. Mary’s Place Pediatric Rehab, 9004-F Lincoln Drive West, Marlton. (856) 988-1160 or

CAMDEN COUNTY Youth Animal Shelter Volunteer Program July, times vary This program allows kids and teens 11 to 17 to safely interact with the animals at the shelter under the supervision of a mentor. Besides playing with the animals, the volunteers have the opportunity to participate in fundraising, pass out treats, fill up water bowls, help with cleaning, and have a great opportunity to learn new things. 125 County House Rd, Blackwood. (856) 401-1300 or Independence Day Concert & Fireworks July 4 from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. Presented by 102.9 WMGK. Visit Cooper River Park to see one of the hottest free concerts this summer featuring Paul Rodgers. Make sure you stick around for the phenomenal firework display presented by Pennsauken Township. N. Park Dr. & McClellan Blvd, Pennsauken. (856) 216-2170

CAPE MAY COUNTY Writers Rock Club at Library July 11 from 6 to 7 p.m. A club for aspiring writers 8 to 12. If you enjoy writing and want to learn more about it, this is the club for you. Children will share their writing and participate in fun activities to inspire creativity. Please bring a short story to share with the group. The library is located at 30 Mechanic Street, Cape May Court House. Registration is requested. Lenora Boninfante (609) 463-6354 or Cape May County 4-H Fair and Chicken BBQ July 15 – 17 from 5 to 8 p.m. An annual event and family tradition in Cape May County for over 60 years. The celebration includes amusement rides, live entertainment, 4-H project displays; small animal, horse and livestock shows and

exhibits; games, vendors, delicious food, and the famous nightly chicken BBQ. Free parking and shuttle service from noon to 9 pm each day. Free general admission. 355 Court House/So Dennis Road Cape May Court House (across from the back exit of Zoo) (609) 465-5115, ext. 605

CUMBERLAND COUNTY Cumberland County Fair July 5-10 A week of fun-filled family events including demolition derby, horse drawn hay rides, tractor pull competition, fun rides, pie eating contest, live entertainment, food and much more! for schedule and times. Summer Fest & Chili Cook Off July 1 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. There’ll be shopping, kayak and canoe rentals, and plenty of kids’ activities. But the main attraction is the South Jersey Regional International Chili Cook-Off. With big money and admission to the World Chili Cook-Off on the line, the competition is heated. Festival-goers may buy a tasting kit, which usually runs about $5, to sample the chili before casting a vote in the prestigious “People’s Choice” category. (800) 887-4957 An Inspirational Celebration of America July 4 at 10:30 a.m. This celebration of America's Christian Heritage features Faith, Fellowship and Family Fun. Special performances by The Calvary Chapel Theatrical Choir and Drama on the Vine Players is followed by family fun with moon bounces, dunk tank, face painting, food & more! Small fee for food & activities. Service and events held at Canlan Ice & Sports Arena, 2111 Industrial Way, Vineland. (856) 696-9409 or Cohanzick Zoo Summer Camp July, various times The Cohanzick Zoo is holding its Annual Zoo Camp during the month of July. Campers will receive a complimentary t-shirt and enjoy five days full of zoo adventure, which includes games, crafts, snack and of course animals. Space is limited. 45 Mayor

things 2 do

July Calendar

Atkins Dr, Bridgeton. (856) 453-1658 or

GLOUCESTER COUNTY Summer Concert July 11 at 7 p.m. A tribute to Billy Joel by Robert Eric. Atkinson Memorial Park, Delsea Dr. and Bethel Mill Rd, Hurffville. Call for rain-out information (856) 589-0047 after 4 p.m. Powerful You! Women’s Network presents Sharon Roth-Lichtenfeld teaching Power Up The Positive July 8 from 7 to 9:30 p.m. Learn the 7 levels of energy, how it affects your life and how to shift from negative to positive. Open to women interested in networking & connecting w/ other women on a business level. Adelphia’s, 1750 Clements Bridge Rd, Deptford. (609) 560-8370 or; Wizard of Oz July 14 at 7:30 p.m. and July 15 and 16th at 10:30 a.m. Follow the yellow brick road to an enchanting performance presented by Mainstage Center for the Arts. Dennis Flyer Theater, Lincoln Hall, Camden County College, 200 College Dr, Blackwood. $10 for evening performance, $8 for morning performance. (856) 227-3091 or

SALEM COUNTY Coffee with CASA July 29 from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. CASA is looking for volunteers to advocate for abused and neglected children in South Jersey. Come to our event for free coffee and information. Beans Coffee Shop, 9 N. Main St, Woodstown. (856) 459-0061 Mosaic Picture Frames for Kids July 15 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Make a mosaic picture frame. For kids 8 years old and up. Two session class. Registration required. Glass Delights, 8 Isaacs Dr, Pennsville. (856) 935-5267

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resource guide

CONSIGNMENT SERVICES BRING DOWN THE COST OF GROWING UP AT KIDSTUFF! KIDSTUFF consignment shop specializes in superior pre-owned clothes for kids. Vast selection of high quality & designer brands, all in excellent condition at fraction of original cost. Recycle your child’s “still like-new” clothing back into cash!, (856) 589-7171


daily; open year round. Mention this ad for 15% discount for July. Have your next party at Carvel! (856) 478-4599 ABRAKADOODLE Arty Parties! Kids LOVE art, celebrate their CREATIVITY! Abrakadoodle has dozens of IMAGINATIVE arty themes. Each child’s artwork is FRAMED - the BEST PARTY GIFT ever! Hosted at your location, we provide all Crayola® supplies and materials. Visit or call (856) 914-0521.

CAN’T GET THE TOYS, LAUNDRY AND OTHER KID STUFF UNDER CONTROL? If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the “stuff” consuming your house, let BB’s Clutter Solutions reduce your stress, create order and help you find a place for everything...for good. Contact Barbara Berman at (856) 912-0077 or and get your house back today!




GREAT PERSONALIZED GIFTS FOR ALL AGES At JUST FOR LITTLE PEOPLE (and others, too!) we specialize in new baby gifts both hand-painted or embroidered. Beautifully wrapped and available for pick-up at our new Gibbsboro location, or we can ship it for you. Call (856) 627-8901 or check out

WHO WILL TAKE CARE OF YOUR CHILDREN? Appointing Guardians for your minor children is one of the most important aspects of Estate Planning. Complimentary initial consultation. Mention this ad and receive 15% discount for July. Contact James F Fahy, Esq., LLC to learn more. Call (856) 287-3107 or email

NEED HELP GUIDING YOUR CHILD’S DEVELOPMENTAL JOURNEY? At The Schlinic, happy childhoods are our specialty. Kids come for awesome motor equipment, fun sensory experiences and developmental play. Parents come for answers, professionals who listen, assessments and research-supported intervention. Learn more at or call Dr. Jodi at (856) 692-9292

HEALTH & WELLNESS ARE YOU READY TO TURN OVER A NEW LEAF? Want to improve your eating habits, increase your energy and understand your food cravings? Turning Leaf Nutrition and Wellness will develop a personalized program that will radically improve your health and happiness. One conversation can change your life. (856) 912-3709,

JOB OPPORTUNITIES RAISE YOUR INCOME WHILE RAISING YOUR FAMILY You can make extra money without putting the kids in daycare. You set your own hours. No billing, no collections, no carrying inventory, no large investment. Great local support. Call us today at (856) 305-7680


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ORDER YOUR PARTY ICE CREAM CAKE AT MULLICA HILL CARVEL TODAY! Try our delicious cakes, novelties & fountain ice cream products! Custom flavors & designs. Gluten & egg free available. Made fresh

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Choose your best dates: Monday-Thursday July 12-13-14-15 or August 2-3-4-5 Call for brochure or register online today! 856-227-9414 or

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Each camp learns two routines! Tumbling! Arts & Crafts everyday! Design and decorate your own t-shirt with sequins, rhinestones and puffy paint! Create a jazzy hat! Informal performance on the final camp day!

5360 Route 42 • Whitman Plaza • Turnersville

July 2010 | 39


DISCOVER THE WORLD’S LARGEST DRIVE-THRU SAFARI OUTSIDE OF AFRICA Take your family on an up close encounter with over 1,100 animals, all from the comfort of your own car. It’s a one-of-a-kind journey you’ll never forget. Wild Safari opens at 9AM. Buy your Six Flags Wild Safari tickets now at

July 2010 - South Jersey MOM Magazine  

The July 2010 issue of South Jersey MOM Magazine

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