Atlas and Alice - issue 6

Page 13

Atlas & Alice | Issue 6, Spring 2016

Two Hearts OPENING SCENE: Music, something simple ONE guitar MAYBE a recorder a bus terminal (perhaps) HE is here ----------------> <---------------- SHE is there exchanges are made: 1. a smile / raised eyebrows 2. names (possibilities: Giselle/Leon; Ogden/Babette, etc.) 3. telephone #’s

SCENE TWO A stairwell Shadows Smells of incense, HER eerie perfume and popcorn (being cooked in Apt. 2C by a widow for her only son who has come to visit for the first time in months...only to borrow money (a gambling problem?) of course and she knows it and pretends she doesn’t) HE (Ogden/Leon) and SHE (Giselle/Babette, etc.) KISS

SCENE THREE Windows. City visible out of one, the other is dark but for a sliver of moon.

THEY gaze out of two windows, backs turned to EACH OTHER

(rain, lightning in both windows, ROSE curtains ghostly billowing)


(WHAT is going on here??? ennui?? fear?)