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Atlantis Rising October 2012


Abundance : What is it?

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Having just returned from a luxury trip to Greece and her Sacred Islands, I have witnessed how an abundant attitude can change reality in an instant. Firstly, abundance is not about the M. word (money) Its an entirely different vibration, and comes into play when you listen to your hearts intelligence. So how does your hearts intelligence speak to you about what you need in life? On the Islands yacht I observed how some rich people weren't necessarily abundant in their hearts. Complaints can become excuses not to look deeply within ones 'self' There are five rules for an abundant attitude. See, Feel, Touch, Taste, and Hear what your heart wants for your Body, Mind and Soul.

HIGHLIGHTS • Reiki Recipes • Events at Atlantis Rising

You can see from the photos from Greece, I had an abundant holiday and met extraordinary abundant people who changed my life. We offer a super-charged abundant month for you, and can support your journey to your heart. However, you do need one thing; To be "Truthful to your Heart". Come in and recharge your heart senses.

All Love and Truth


Calendar of Events Sunday 28th October


Mt. Warning Climb Waxing Moon in Aries Time: Meet 7.30am at base of Mt. Warning Contact center to confirm place

Goddess Friday Drop in for a cuppa and share home made goodies Time: 11.00am Venue: Atlantis Rising

Sunday 14th October, 2-4pm Lynne Wright a Classical Homeopath is taking her Reiki Master Attunement. Please enjoy our Reiki Shares and hear Lynne, a small animal intuitive, share her extensive wisdom in creating homeopathic remedies. You will be able to experience how homeopathy works through “Provings” on various remedies.

Sunday 21st October Sound bowl specialist – Olivia Bernard with 8 Divine Crystal Bowls Chai Tea & Cookies afterwards Time: 2.00 - 3.30pm Cost $35.00

Tuesday 30th October Full Moon in Taurus - Beltane Ceremony/Meditation. Pre-Paid ONLY Cost $25


Embodying “All Love� . . . The next step. . .

Golden Sunset at Hydra, Greece

Embodying "All Love" ...The next step... After hosting Patrick last month and learning how to connect to "All Love" the journey now is How to Embody "All Love"? The capacity to really believe in your hearts remembering will develop your receptivity to all around you. You will be allowing your own heart to shine with energy and radiance all the time. The energy and radiance of a fully awakened intelligent heart brings you to a space of remembering all you ever were as your vibration takes you even higher into yourself.

For your energy right now, you are resonating with a new frequency which brings light and energy to your remembering. It is time to really feel the essence, energy and life force of this remembering bring you all you need right now. Your truth becomes revealed at this time, and your truth will bring you home to yourself. You are allowing the special light and energy grow your capacity to feel and experience life in a new and powerful way. You are feeling now your remembering connecting you deeply to your ability to FEEL THIS FEELING bringing you into a space of absolute joy in the capacity to know your heart can Feel, Taste, Touch Smell and Hear this remembering. This remembering is just so powerful right now, and you need to really feel your own truth in its power and light. Therefore you are opening up to the world of absolute joy, in this remembering process right now. Allowing this to happen opens you even further to your truth. Your heart needs to really allow you to experience the magic of this remembering. Bring now your essence to your heart in this remembering. (From my book embodying All Love) "All Love and All Truth" Carmel 3|Page

ATLANTIS RISING October 2012 `

Sacred Sound Bowl Meditation with Olivia Bernard SACRED SOUND BOWL MEDITATION! New to Atlantis Rising.. Set your intention for what you want in your life conducted by Olivia Bernard and Carmel Glenane. This magical experience will allow you to receive through the sound bowl's energy. Their are 8 crystal sound bowl's (dedicated to the Egyptian Deities) which will be sounded. You will feel your chakra's being opened. This will allow balance, peace and more light to your energy field... Sound healing opens and activates your energy field allowing more light and energy to enter you, by enabling this you become more connected to yourself and your chakra's.

Olivia Bernard

Sound bowl mediation brings you into a deep peaceful state which can have profound effects for your body mind and soul. BOOKINGS The more relaxed you become the more you let go and the free olivia@atlantis- you become in your self. One of our attendees has changed her job and moved into a fabulous lifestyle change because of the 07 55 367 399 confidence she received in our last session.






Japan Reiki Tour 2013- Wesek Festival Full Moon Eclipse We are proudly offering our second Japan Reiki Tour for you to experience the exquisite energy of Mr. Kurana, Reiki's birthplace and birthplace of our Feminine Reiki lineage Senju Kannon (QuanYin) Reiki. Allow yourself the miracle of ancient Kyoto, an enchanting city and Mt Kurama, Reiki's home. Everyone who has ever visited Mt Kurama is enthralled by this magical mountain's mystical energy. Experiencing it on the Full Moon, where thousands gather to celebrate the birth of Buddha is unforgettable, and one of life's most extraordinary experiences. We are travelling under the expert guidance of Nobuko Yoshida, our Reiki Master and Foot Spa Therapist and myself. Feel the magic of you unfolding miracles every moment in Japan. Expressions of interest to be forwarded to our Centre, to receive further details.

Nobuko For Reiki foot spa detox Contact Nobuko Email: Mobile 0420506997 6|Page


SHANKARI – TALISMANS OF POWER What are these Talismans of Power Why are they so powerful? My first encounter with a Shankari was about 18months ago was when I first stepped in the Atlantis Rising door. What a shop!! Beautiful sparkling gemstone pendants everywhere!!! Gorgeous silver jewels all around me. I was drawn to a small pendant, a beautiful light blue/green love heart shaped stone, with a brighter blue stone and an opal. I continued to look around the shop at all the beautiful pendants/rings and stones but kept coming back to the light blue pendant. When I put it on I felt a peaceful calm coming over me and I knew that everything would be ok in my world. I didn't know what the stones were or anything about crystals, but I felt an enormously calming effect, and felt as though I had strength deep inside me that I never realized existed. Perhaps it was my mothers strength and wisdom that took me to the stone in the first place, as the love heart shaped stone was an Aquamarine, her all time favorite gemstone. Whatever the reason, I still feel its calmness and strength every time I wear it. I have now purchased other Shankari Talismans of Power to help support me on my journey, some are pendants others rings, but all of them give me some kind of special "FEELING" that I connect to as soon as I place the jewellery on me. Each individual talisman gives me some form of empowerment. When I wear them, I connect to the Wings of Freedom, the Transformation of the Butterfly, the Heart healing of the Gaia stone brings me to the Earth and helps me stay connected to nature. When I wear my big beautiful Mystic Topaz pendant I "FEEL" a sense of balance, and as though I am radiating out from the most inner part of me, a kind of glowing if you like. Sounds strange I know but that is how the pendant makes me FEEL. Alive and joyful and love filled!!! Sparkling!!! I now know why they are so powerful:- the gems themselves come from nature, they are handcrafted, they are made with quality silver, by craftsmen who are dedicated to the craft they have, the designers intent is for the healing nature of the stones to resonate with the person wearing the stones, and for them to really "FEEL" the power of nature shift energy or life force through your body, and this is why absolutely anyone can connect to that power. I do believe you really need to put the jewellery on you, and not just look at it, because when you place it on you and close you eyes and just breath, then you "FEEL". You connect to the magic!! If you really want to experience a Talisman of Power for your own true heart come in to Atlantis and "Feel" how jewellery crafted with sacred intent can transform your being. Blessings of Love Light and Truth




SPARKLE CLUB New Moon is Libra Libra is ruled by Venus and is associated with partner, intimate relationships, beauty and harmony, business partnerships, creating peace, all diplomatic activities. LIBRA'S CRYSTALS: Rose Quartz - Opens the heart Blue Topaz - Assists in finding inner sources of emotional nourishment



ATLANTIS RISING October 2012 Dedicated to Aphrodite Goddess of true love from her home in Kytheria, Greece. This Talisman is for your abundant heart. AMETHYST Spirituality, strength, integrity, CITRINE Abundance, joy GOLDEN TOPAZ


Power of centering your love DRAGONFLIES Breaking through illusion This talisman has just been relaeased, limited edition completely hand crafted. P.O.A call our center for details for all our luscious pendants and rings. 9|Page

Snap shots from Greece

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ATLANTIS RISING October 2012 Eyelash Extensions with Sarah Jade Sullivan


directly into a person始s eyes if you want to see the soul. Enhance your eyes with Luscious Lashes The state of the soul is revealed Extensions with our Beauty Therapist Sarah in the eyes. Jade Sullivan, What can you tell about yourself Offer valid until October through your eyes? When a 31st. Full Set of Lashes $99 person Normally $150 LUSCIOUS LASHES The Eyes are the mirror to the soul! ENHANCE your EYES with a FULL SET of LASH EXTENSIONS today! with our Beauty Therapist, Sarah Jade Sullivan Full Set of Lashes $99 Normally $150 Book any infills for $50 Mondays ONLY! Look at the eyes; the eyes are the contact point; just think of a mask. All you can see are the eyes, and you look to the eyes as a point of contact. The eyes are the only opening to the soul. A person始s eyes reveal much; they will tell you if he or she wants to take off the mask. When people close their eyes, they do not want to reveal their soul; they wear their mask. True intimacy is in connecting at the eyes. Do not be afraid to look

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Mention this article and receive a FULL SET of Make into an Add on the page: Lashes for $85 and Enhance your eyes with infills for ONLY $50. Luscious Lashes Extensions with Exclusive to Monday Bookings only. our Beauty Therapist Sarah Jade Sullivan, Full Set of Lashes $99 Normally $150

Sarah Jade Sullivan

Mention this article and receive a BOOKINGS FULL SET of Lashes for $85 and infills for ONLY $50. Exclusive to sarahjade@atlantis Monday Bookings only. 07 55 367 399

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Reiki Recipes Compiled with Carmel and Nobuko Atlantis Rising Healing Centre

Book an ‘Online’ session with Carmel Skype Reading ½ Hour $85 Absent Healing $120 ADDRESS: Shop 10, 99-101 Calypso Plaza, Griffith Street, Coolangatta, QLD 4225 PHONE:

07 5536 7399 E-MAIL:

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Here are some tried and true family favorites for instant energy manifestation, detox, rejuvenation and miracles. Method: Place the symbols on a crystal and visualize it as your heart being healed for 5 minutes every day. Result: instant energy and manifestation Method: get a glass of water, charge and energize with symbols and intent to make the water, “energy medicine”. Result: instant detoxification Method: Self treat. Energetically scan your body with your hands. Stop when your hands tell you to. 5 minutes only charges your energy field. Result: Rejuvenation and youth, charging opening your light body. I have just come back from Greece with no jet lag on the trip over to Athens or because I used Reiki to charge my aura whilst flying. Each one of these recipies have been tried by me whilst traveling. 1. Reiki. Expect a miracle. 2. Give all love and energy to intent for your miracle. 3. Express gratitude

4. All Love,

Carmel Glenane Delphi, Greece

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