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– Your professional salmon supplier from Norway

Norway is cold. Very cold. But while this may create some challenges for humans, our fish thrive. Origin matters.

Norway is located in the very north of Europe. Our cold climate and crystal clear waters make perfect conditions for seafood. In this pure and cold habitat seafood grows slowly, developing a perfect taste and texture, prized by chefs and connoisseurs all over the world. “Seafood from Norway” is a symbol of origin and quality for all Norwegian seafood – wild caught or farmed, in our cold clear waters.

We are available when needed all the way until the fish are delivered - regardless of the time of day

Bravo – an independent sales company Our core values are: availability, commitment and expertise We seek to fulfil such values as a company every single day. Our suppliers and customers benefit in such ways as still being able to contact us after 4 pm on a Friday. We are available when needed all the way until the fish are delivered - regardless of the time of day. Expert know-how and a wide range of experience amongst our personnel backed by engagement and a positive attitude enable Bravo Seafood to make a difference for our important suppliers and customers. We hope this magazine will show how we work closely with our suppliers who are located along the whole Norwegian coastline. We want to show a little of how Norwegian salmon get from the fish farmer to the customer on our different markets in Europe and Asia, by road and air. There’s a lot to be coordinated and managed, let alone to be documented, when we deliver 100 million Norwegian salmon portions per year to our customers in Europe and Asia.

Bravo Seafood is an independent sales company that aims to be the most cost-effective sales organisation for salmon and trout in Norway. Consequently, we can offer the most competitive terms to ensure profitability for our suppliers and customers. Welcome to Bravo Seafood. Yours sincerely Karl Petter Myklebust CEO, Bravo Seafood AS

Our legendary salmon. Norwegian salmon is highly esteemed by food experts and consumers all over the world. This has a very natural explanation.

Our legendary salmon Norway is a world-renowned pioneer within modern salmon farming. Generations of experience with harvesting from the sea, has given us unique knowledge in what it takes to manage these resources in the right way and deliver fish of the highest quality possible.

concerned with meeting high environmental standards. Today Norwegian salmon is highly esteemed for its taste and texture by food experts, and enjoyed by consumers all over the world.

A gift from nature The legendary quality is a gift from the fresh, Arctic waters, where our salmon spend their entire lives. Sustainability Ocean-farmed salmon from Norway These are perfect conditions for this fish to grow and develop. The is well looked after and available salmon are raised over three years all year round. Our model of on a nutritional diet that supports sustainably managed aquaculture is widely recognized. The Norwegian their healthy growth, ensuring that your customer can enjoy the best salmon is in the hands of deeply quality fish available, every time. engaged craftsmen taking pride in their profession and being

Long-term collaboration is the key to success Håkon Åsvang, Purchasing Manager at Bravo Seafood, works closely with Terje Hansen and Sjurelv Fiskeoppdrett in Kaldfjorden. “The quality of the fish from here is consistently high and easy to sell. The same customers keep coming back every year to renew their contracts because they want to ensure the special quality,” says Håkon, who has dealt with Sjurelv and the Hansen family over many years.

Deep fjords Works closely with fish farmers all along the coast of Norway means that we have access to the quality of fish our customers want throughout the year

“What makes production conditions so good in the area is the deep fjords, with their stable cold water,” says Terje, the CEO. The company has invested heavily in recent years in net cages and boats to make the work easier, and to give them more time to care for the fish.

Innovative Daniel is Terjes’ son and the third generation in the family business. He has worked in aquaculture since he was small and now works full-time. The younger generation have brought a new approach to the business, including investment in new technology, making Sjurlev Fiskeoppdrett an exciting and innovative supplier for Bravo Seafood.

Knows the business Håkon has worked closely with many fish farmers along the coast for several years, all the way from Finnmark in the north to Rogaland in the south. He normally contacts each of them several times a week to plan purchasing, but says that price is far from the only thing discussed. As Terje puts it: “Håkon has worked as Operations and Production Manager for several aquaculture farmers, and has an excellent understanding of what they do. He has acted as a sounding board on many occasions when we want to discuss what’s going on outside our fjord.”

Matches supply with demand Håkon receives input from the Bravo sales team on the type of fish customers want in their next delivery. Specifications can vary, covering everything including size, colour, fat content, firmness etc. We then try to match fish from the various producers Bravo works with to the demands of the customers. Bravo works so closely with the fish farmers along the entire Norwegian coast to ensure that we always have access to the quality our customers want at all times. “This is one of the most important advantages of partnering with us.”

Sjurelv Fiskeoppdrett • •

• • •

Sjurelv Fiskeoppdrett runs an aquaculture farm in Kaldfjorden off Tromsø. The company is owned by three brothers, Terje Harder, Hans Erik and Bengt Frode Hansen, and has been in the business since 1984, when their father Hans started up. Terje Harder Hansen is now CEO. Annual production is approx. 2,500 tonnes of salmon Sjurelv Fiskeoppdrett has 2 licenses.

Norwegians have lived in harmony with the sea for thousands of years. People matter.

Seafood will be an essential part of the daily diet for future generations, all over the world. Today’s markets are increasingly focused on the origin of food, and concerns regarding sustainability. We are acclaimed for managing our ocean resources in a sustainable manner. Long traditions of craftsmanship have fostered an industry of great innovative spirit – and genuine concern for the environment. Our country of origin mark is governed by the Norwegian Seafood Council, a public company owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries.

Good logistics – precise delivery A large and important part of activities at Bravo Seafood concerns logistics and documentation. Around 100,000,000 fish portions exported to Europe and Asia a year require a lot of organizing and has to be fully documented.

Logistics Manager Tore Svarstad When distances are so long and timeframes are so short, having a thorough understanding of what is possible is a huge advantage

is the master of multitasking at Bravo. 25 years of experience within logistics management at a range of companies is invaluable when discussing new ideas and solutions - and then putting them into practice. Because the distances involved are so long and timeframes are so short, having a thorough understanding of what is possible is a huge advantage. Tore works closely with transport contractors to plan and coordinate transportation to customers near and far. Good communications, regular meetings and constantly updated plans are key to such a relationship working really effectively. Norway is a long, narrow country, and distances are usually long from producer to customer. The winter can be particularly challenging, when snow, ice and high winds cause extra complications. “Bravo Seafood decided to partner with transport contractors who we know are able to take the job seriously and deliver the quality and service levels we and our customers expect,” says Tore. Our transporters specialise in refrigerated transport for carrying fresh salmon. When fresh food products, long distances and short lead times are involved, contact between supplier and transporter has to be close and efficient. Delivery on time and to the right place are vital. A large part of the load has to be freighted onwards by air to a number of destinations around the world. That requires good planning and precise delivery.

Bravo Seafood’s Quality and Back Office Manager is Anne Bortne, who is responsible for coordinating packing station and production documentation. She processes and follows-up absolutely every detail concerning orders. Her work can involve everything from size classification, quality and delivery address to collection times etc. Working with Tore Svarstad, Anne is the one who principally keeps the logistics and documentation flow going at Bravo. She has worked closely with our customers for several years, which has resulted in her now selling to many of them. “All production of Norwegian salmon is subject to strict laws on animal welfare. Satisfactory documentation of the various production process - from egg to the fish being delivered to the customer - is a vital element of our work at Bravo Seafoods,” says Anne. “We are Global Gap certified, which ensures that the fish are produced and handled according to special criteria in addition to the minimum required by law. This is a traceability certificate, which allows you to monitor your producers and validate their certificates. It is a system for food safety and sustainability to enhance the quality of your food supply.

Our fish has travelled the world for centuries, acting as key ingredient in both national dishes and food traditions. Taste matters.

Norway is located far up in northern Europe. Our cold climate and crystal clear waters make perfect conditions for seafood. In this pure and cold

habitat seafood grow slowly, developing a perfect taste and texture, prized by chefs and connoisseurs all over the world.

Remember that the deal is not in the bag before the goods are delivered and the customer has paid

A day in a fish trader’s life Svein Bruheim started selling salmon over 20 years ago, and knows how important commitment and availability are for anyone dealing in fish. “Satisfied customers and a healthy profit for all concerned are major motivation factors for me. Having a range of competences is useful, whether it’s a basic understanding of life on a fish farm, the finances and marketing involved - and being able to deal with the people in the business. The latter includes the social aspect in a good restaurant with a customer somewhere in the world,” says a happy and friendly fish trader based in Florø, Norway. “A lot of things are needed in this business,” says Svein. “Good relations with the market and building up a good reputation are things I think are important.”

Committed and available “Successful fish traders are not so different to other people, but there are some important common features: they have to have a high level of commitment to fish and the job, be competent and - particularly - available 24/7. And naturally, they have to have plenty of product available at all times.”

Structure throughout Svein says that it is important to be structured when selling fish. Whether you do everything yourself or have others to help, the important thing is to ensure that logistics, currency and the customer’s ability to pay all live up to what has been agreed with the customer. You also have to ensure that quality and sizes all match what has been agreed. There is no room for manoeuvre here. Everything has to be structured and correct all the way until the fish are delivered and the deal is closed. “And remember that the deal is not in the bag before the goods are delivered and the customer has paid.”

Asia – a key area We deliver fresh Norwegian salmon to customers in several Asian countries and the fish are sent to the Far East several times a week. The Asian market is very important to Bravo Seafood.

The reddish meat is a big advantage for Norwegian salmon in Asia

Norwegian salmon in simplified Chinese – pronounced “nuo wei san wen yu”

Norwegian salmon in traditional Chinese - pronounced «nuo wei gui yu»

Qiao Chen is Market Director for Asia, and responsible for the right quality and size fish arriving on time and at the right place on the other side of the world. And preferably as soon after slaughter and packing as possible! That requires good planning before shipping and efficient tracking of shipments along the way. You also have to be quick to react in the event of anything going wrong. Bravo Seafood’s strength is its ability to organize and to be available 24/7. We benefit as a result when delays or unforeseen changes occur for any reason.

Different customers - different requirements Norwegian salmon in Korean – pronounced ”No-ru-wae-i Yeon”

Norwegian salmon in Japanese – pronounced ”Noruwe saamon”

Norwegian salmon in Thai – pronounced ”pla salmon Norway”

That customers in Asia mainly want big salmon is nothing new, but each customer also has its own quality requirements that have to be met. Bravo Seafood can supply fresh fish from its partner fish farmers from north to south, and seeks to meet requirements to ensure that each customer gets the fish it wants. Qiao is Chinese, and speaks several different languages. She understands well what customers want, and their requirements for quality. Qiao says that Norwegian salmon is very popular in Asia for many different reasons. The reddish meat is one of the most important factors, but salmon is also very healthy and trendy, and its Norwegian origin is an extra guarantee of quality.

The journey eastwards Norwegian salmon in Arabic – pronounced ”Samak al-salmon al-narwiji”

It’s a long journey to the Far East. Our transport contractors ensure that shipments are loaded onto the right plane and that the load is taken care during the journey. Salmon from the cold Norwegian fjords is a fresh food product and there are many aspects to take into account during the long journey.

Our Asian-team. Qiao Chen, Anne Fure Bortne and Sunniva Geithus’s primary duties involves sales and customer contact in Asia.

During a customer call at a restaurant in South Korea, we met this couple who were absolutely delighted with the salmon and to meet the salmon suppliers from Norway.

Perhaps it’s our size, independence and flexibility that makes us such a good fit for our customers and partners

Bravo Seafood – a company you can trust! It is important to me to know and have a good relation to the people I work with. I find that I do my best work when I’m enjoying what I’m doing. Good relationships generate both trust and satisfaction, and knowing Bravo Seafood’s employees as I do, I know they understand the importance of trust and satisfaction. That’s what this industry needs. Bravo Seafood is not that big. There are not that many of us. But we know our suppliers and our customers. That ensures trust, satisfaction and good business. Aquaculture is an industry I have followed since my time in Tromsø in the 1980s and 1990s. In fact, I know many of Bravo Seafood’s suppliers from Troms and Finnmark. I know that they are professional, hard-working people. I know that their values were shaped out along the coast through hard work and long-term goals; generation after generation. They deserve the best partners when their fish is sent to market. People who understand what it’s all about; who understand the farmers. Who understand their customers in Germany, Denmark, France or even further afield. Just like the people at Bravo Seafood do. Dedicated and knowledgeable with a good portion of empathy, humour and common sense, yet still consummate professionals when closing a deal and settling up. Perhaps it’s our size, independence and flexibility that makes us such a good fit for our customers and partners. More than big enough to ensure the quality of the work. Big enough to understand the industry, which means we can speak and work with farmers and exporters with confidence. Small enough to take our time, understand and care about each other. That’s what produces value creation and long-term relationships. That’s what creates trust. That’s the cornerstone for everything we do. I believe Bravo Seafood can be a good, long-term partner in a partnership that focuses on creating value for all involved. That’s what relationships built on trust and satisfaction do! Arvid Andenæs Chairman of the Board, Bravo Seafood AS


Karl Petter Myklebust CEO +47 5700 9307 E-mail

Anne Fure Bortne Sales Manager Europe / Quality Manager +47 5700 9305 E-mail

Svein Bruheim Sales / Member of the Board +47 5700 9303 E-mail

Sunniva Geithus Sales Manager Europe +47 5700 9309 E-mail

Tore Svarstad Sales / Logistic Director +47 5700 9304 E-mail

Qiao Chen 陈乔 Director Air Team 亚洲市场销售总监 电话 +47 5700 9306 E-mail 邮箱

FLORØ Norway A til Å - - Photo: Sikt Media, Egil Aardal, Norges Sjømatråd

Håkon Åsvang Purchasing Director +47 5700 9302 E-mail

Elise Vee Back Office Air Team +47 9080 3603 E-mail

Waqas Mushtaq Sales Manager Air Team +47 4651 4809 E-mail

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“Seafood from Norway” is a symbol of origin and quality for all Norwegian seafood – wild caught or farmed, in our cold clear waters. Look for “Seafood from Norway”. Origin matters.

Proudly represented by

Bravo Seafood Strandgata 15, N – 6901 Florø, Norway P.O. Box 100, N – 6901 Florø, Norway Phone: +47 57 00 93 00 Oslo Branch, Bravo Seafood TSV, Hagegata 22, N – 0653 Oslo, Norway

“Seafood from Norway” is governed by: Norwegian Seafood Council Stortorget 1, N-9291 Tromsø, Norway Phone: +47 77 60 33 33 Mail:

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