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T A B L E OF C O N T E N TS PAGES: Residential: 1-2 Commercial: 3-5 Mixed-Use: 6-8 Large Scale: 7-8 Recreation Parks: 9-11 Golf Course Drawings: 12-15 Addtional Project: 16-17 Resume & Contact info: 18


Montgomery Residence

The Montgomery residence is located in the southern mountains of Tennensee and has a river that flows through the property. The design consists of many layers of plant materials that will provide interest throughout the four seasons.A flagstone path that leads to the already developed backyard.

Hand Drafted and Hand Rendered

Fall 2010 1

Infill Housing Neighborhood- Athens Georgia

Plan View

Housing Plans

Bishop Crossing is located off of Clover Street and Oglethorpe Avenue in Athens, Georgia. The infill housing neighborhood contains 12 housing units within the four acre site. The large community garden invites the public to cross through the neighborhood to see the beautiful flowers blooming. AutoCad Drawing & Hand Graphics

Spring 2011



Caldwell CorridorAthens, Georgia

The design of the Caldwell corridor currently consists a route to get to the Founders Garden and the Business School. The redesign was developed to allow more leisure space for students and faculty. The design has large planting beds with tables nearby. An outdoor gallery display boards that allow students to hang work and promote landscape architecture. Hand Gaphics and Hand Rendering

Fall 2010


Caldwell Corridor- Athens, Georgia

Student Sitting Area Section

Axon of Circle gallery

Circle Gallery Section

Before After Photoshop Imagery Hand Gaphics and Hand Rendering

Fall 2010


Caldwell CorridorCircle Gallery

Caldwell Circle Gallery with display boards to post students works

Planting plan of Caldwell Corridor

Photoshop Rendering & AutoCad Planting Plan

Fall 2010



Station Crossing

This brownfield site, located off of North Chase Street in Athens, Georgia, has been abandoned for many years but has become a valuable piece of real estate. A railroad located on the south end of the site leads to Atlanta. This access would allow residents to be able to travel easily and also to save money on transportation. Also being located in a mixed use community allows the residents to live, shop, and eat close to home

AutoCad Drawing & Hand Rendered

Spring 2011


Brownfield Mixed Use

Station Crossing at the heart of the property, contains a mix of retail and apartments with a communty frountain and park area. The train station and parking deck is located on the south end of the site. The site has large planting beds with tables

Main strip in the city market

City market Corridor

located in the middle of the mixed use section. A linear fountains leads into the communty fountain and directs users to the center of the site.

AutoCad Drawing & Hand Graphics & Rendering

Spring 2011 7

Conservation Neighborhood

Oak Grove- Athens, Georgia The Oak Grove conservation neighborhood was designed to protect tress and open space. The neighborhood has tight lots with access to the well wooded community space. The community has trails and road ways to connect each house to the open and wooded area of the neighborhood.

Autocad Drawing and Hand Graphics

Spring 2011



Urban ParkAtlanta GA

Located of Northside Drive in Atlanta, Georgia, this small urban park stretches out over four acres. The site is near three metro area colleges and many apartment complexes. The park contains a path that measures at one-fifth of a mile, making an easy walking trail in the center of Atlanta

AutoCad Drawing & Photoshop Rendering

Fall 2011 9

Lumpkin WoodsAthens GA

Concept Map Lumpkin woods was redesigned in order to re amp the park and invite more pedestrians to utilize the park on an everyday bases. The park needed to contain a space for tailgating, a small concert venue, a picnic area and an administative building.The park also needs several spaces for sculptures and art installation.

Circulation Map The Concept map shows important site features and usability. The map consists of a bubble diagram for open areas, buildings and concert venue. It also shows vehicle and pedestrian circulation.The map also shows the need of barriers to block sound and poor views.

Hand Graphics

Fall 2010


Lumpkin Woods

Sculpture ParkAthens, GA

Concert venue


Building Section

Lumpkin Woods Park is located in the heart of the University of Georgia campus in Athens Georgia. The Site is mostly used by students trying to make it to class.The redesign of the site consist of many sculptures and a green building for meetings and students events.

Hand Drafted and Hand Graphics

Fall 2010



Existing Wetlands- South Carolina, Low Country 12

Conceptual Golf Course Layout

Individual Shot Layout

Pro Shot Average Golfer Left Handed Beginner

Hand Drafted and Hand Rendered

Fall 2011 13

Hand Drafted and Hand Rendered

Fairway and Green Concept

Fall 2011

Golf Course Concept


Golf Course AutoCad Draft

AutoCad Drawing

Fall 2011


AutoCad Drawing/ Hand Rendered

Fall 2011



The goal of this project was to take one word and show the definition of the word into design on the one acre site. The design has low concentration of trees starting in the northwest corner of the site and moving towards the southeast corner of the site, the trees become closer together as a higher concentration ending at one tree.

Malus ‘Radiant’- Crabapple Tree

Athens Pocket Park- Athens Georgia

The Athens city pocket park was designed to give the community a place to visit during a busy day to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee. The park was designed with a stage far local bands to play smooth soft music. The site consist of an open grass plains to give space for visitors to throw a football around. The site has a low shrub maze that allows one to site by the rushing water fountain in the middle of the maze.


Parking Day- Athens, GA

An Annual event in which local groups dedicate one day to making metered parking spaces into temporary green spaces. The Goal is to raise awareness for the need of more parks in urban areas. This park was designed to complement the formal aspects of north campus of the University of Georgia. The items used in the design are completely recycled. Group Hand Drafted and Hand Rendered

Fall 2010

Photoshop Poster

Fall 2010


Contact Information: Alex Tidwell 770-298-7891 or 1745 Braselton Highway Lawrenceville, GA 30043

Alexander Tidwell's BLA Student Portfolio  

Student of Landscape Architecture at the University of Georgia's college of Environment and Design

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