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Special to the Cannon Arsenal Technical H.S.

Super Bowl XLVI 2012

Indianapolis IN

THE CREW: Marcus Anderson and Donneisha Squires, producers, Robert Sherrell, Kamen Rose, Roddell Felder, Kaylin Warren, Dajuan Venerable, Devonta Washington, Corey Tibbs, Jr., Daiyawn Smith, Jana Warren, Ashley Ballard, Princess Kimbrough Adviser: Donna Griffin Thanks to: Bill Hofheimer, Senior ESPN Communications Director

The Dream. . . Super Bowl Project In December we had a dream, and that dream was to cover the events of Super Bowl XLVI. Cannon News Cast staff members knew that the Super Bowl was coming to the city and we’d more than likely never have a chance to get this close to all the action. We promptly started preparing to bring our creative spin to the events of the Super Bowl, covering them for not only our school but all of IPS. This “Super Bowl Project” launched CNC directly into

the midst of ESPN analysts, NFL athletes, political figures and other celebrities. We went to the Super Bowl Village and saw exactly what the city had to offer all its visitors for what many consider the biggest sporting event in the world. There were booths, music, activities and plenty of places to see, such as The Huddle; a combination of a giant Lids Locker Room and a small club-like area located in the Circle Centre Mall’s former Nordstrom store. And, of course, we can’t forget the

zip line - one of the village’s main attractions. Our biggest privilege was a trip to the ESPN complex located next to the convention center. We saw live shows and went behind the scenes and saw where the sports-reporting magic happened. No, we weren’t in attendance for the Super Bowl game, but our experience was as close as we could get and we had a great time doing so, as we enjoyed an event this city has never seen.

- Robert Sherrell

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Adventure in the Village


ESPN Behind the Scenes


Center of a Legacy


Bring It! Healthbowl comes to Tech


The Wrap



If you’re happy. . .



ey loyal readers, it’s me, Kamen Rose, your representative of all things Super Bowl Village. Cannon Multimedia went Downtown to the Village TWICE! We saw the Colts Biggest Fan, Giants fans, cheerleaders, Super Bowl cars, a few Patriots fans (although this is the only acknowledgment they’ll get in this entire article) and HAPPY people in Indianapolis. Yes they were smiling, really, really big. Anyway, let me fill you in on what exactly we did and why all these people were there in the first place. Everywhere the Super Bowl goes, a celebration follows. Indy’s just so happens to be one of the best ever. The city prepared for years for the Super Bowl and it paid off. Murals were painted all over Downtown. Our city looked gorgeous! The new J.W. Marriott Hotel even put up a HUGE poster of the Lombardi Trophy on the side of their building. It was pretty epic. Anyway, back to the Village and why our trip rocked. . .


Getting there


s soon as we set foot Downtown, we felt the energy sizzle in the air. We saw the giant helmet pictures of the Giants and Patriots helmets first. The boys soon got distracted by the games and while they stood in line, we girls went straight for what we came for, the media. Our goal was to interview people from channels 13, 8, and any other newscasters we could get our hands on. Everyone we talked to was so happy to be in the Village. All everyone talked about was how the Village is going to help the city. Along the way we saw the Colts Biggest Fan. He was so decked out in Colts gear that his entire identity was hidden. He had body paint,


buttons, streamers, the works. After the CBF, we got slightly distracted by a giant wheel that had turf (football field grass for people who don’t know the lingo) on it. Let’s just say, it was very amusing watching the kids fall down. Next came the CARS. Every single football team had its own race car. You weren’t supposed to touch them, but you know people; they can’t help themselves. If you follow the line of cars, you reach the final destination of our adventure, the Giant XLVI letters, right in the middle of the Circle. Our trip to the village was only the start. There is tons more to come. This is it from Kamen, your sales chick, for now.

- Kamen Rose


FANS Georgia Street became the epicenter of awesome when it was transformed into the Super Bowl Village from Jan. 27 to Feb. 5. Hundreds of thousands of fans from across the country joined the party, setting attendance records, zipping down Capitol Ave and experiencing all things NFL.



he highlight of Cannon Multimedia’s Super Bowl Week was a behind-thescenes tour of ESPN’s temporary studios in Pan Am Plaza. Staff members sat in on a taping of The Herd and interviewed analysts. They even tracked down Chris Carter on his way into the building.

MIKE Golic and MIKE Greenburg , need Greeny: Golic you to quit eating donuts and eat more healthy Golic: I am eating healthy, donuts have protein!

Herm Edwards

The ESPN analyst is a former NFL player and coach. He began his NFL career with the Philadelphia Eagles and also played for the Los Angeles Rams and Atlanta Falcons. He went on to coach the New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs.

Edwards’ Words of Wisdom “Be on time. No matter what you are doing, be on time. You show people that you’re serious when you’re on time.”


Merril Hoge

Merril DuAine Hoge is a former NFL player that played running back for the Pittsburg Steelers and for the Chicago Bears. Hoge has been working for ESPN since 1997 and is an analyst for the network.

Hoge’s Words of Wisdom “Take advantage of your opportunities and be prepared when they do come.” - Information compiled by Dajuan Venerable


Game’s Legacy centered on campus

“We are so excited to be here and just to see dreams become reality. It is special; we had a vision and we talked of this day when we could be in a facility like this on the Near Eastside. To see the YET develop in here is so special and to have the Super Bowl in the city this week is incredible.” --Colts Owner Jim Irsay


eginning as a drawing and a dream, the $11.2 million Chase Near Eastside Legacy Center, opened Feb. 2, represents the capabilities of a united city and a passion for education. Also known as Youth Education Town, or the YET, the Legacy Center has become a source of pride for Tech, IPS and the Indianapolis Near Eastside community. It is also a source of pride for the invested workers with the Boner Community Center that operates the center. Not only did the Legacy Center revitalize the image of Tech, but as the centerpiece of the Legacy Project, it also changed the image of the Near Eastside itself, from renovating and constructing housing such as the Jefferson and St. Clair apartments to the addition of new businesses and opportunities for recreation, education, entertainment and community activities.

Chase Near Eastside Legacy Center: Tech High School campus 27,000 sq. ft. State-of-the-Art fitness center managed by IUPUI 1,000 sq. ft. greenhouse 12 local agencies providing about 260 hours per week of family programming

- Princess Kimbrough

“Our students will never forget this particular experience; this particular facility will not only enrich the lives of Tech students, but all the families in the Near Eastside will benefit from this particular institution which will serve as the foundation of our efforts to open us this campus and open up a higher quality of life for people in this neighborhood.” IPS Superintendent Dr. Eugene White

“We have been doing YET facilities since 1993; this is our 18th facility, representing approximately a $21 million investment in communities. It started because we wanted to make a lasting legacy in our communities where people will look back and say, ‘Not only was it a great event, but we made a difference in our communities.’“ NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

Photos by Ashley Ballard, Alexus Scott, Kaylin Warren, Jana Warren The Chase Near Eastside Legacy Center, an $11.2 million, 27,000 square-foot structure, had its groundbreaking Nov. 7, 2011.


“There is no doubt the Near Eastside is thriving and serves as a powerful example of what is possible throughout this city as well as across the state. It is here, outside of Downtown, that we see what it means for the Super Bowl to leave a legacy.” --Congressman Andre Carson

Jan. 13 the Legacy Center had its preview party, and before the guests arrived, the Cannon staff was able to capture the undisturbed display.

The Legacy Project was started by the John H. Boner Center and focuses on housing and economic development on the Near Eastside.

The center has a gymnasium, kitchen, fitness center, green house, classroom and activity space and technical lab space.

By Dec. 13 construction on the YET, Youth Education Town, was completed, the first to open BEFORE the Super Bowl.

Community leaders, CEOs and IPS’s very own Superintendent Dr. Eugene White celebrated the ribbon cutting and official opening of the Legacy Center.


Health Bowl

Legacy Loop

The Jan. 28 Health Bowl, held in Tech’s gyms in conjunction with the Super Bowl Host Committee, featured multiple events such as Kinect Games, Bring Recess Back and Cooking with Ali. Legacy Loop, a 5K run, raised money for the Legacy Center while showing off Near Eastside revitalization projects.

Laila Says... About the Health Bowl

“The more information and tools we provide the community, the better, such as free health testing and clinics. People need to put their health in their own hands and by doing so they can prevent a lot of problems they may encounter in the future.”

“He would have encouraged such events as the Health Bowl, he loves helping the African American community live longer, get stronger and be in the best possible shape.”

10 Laila Ali

About her father, Muhammad Ali


The ‘XLVI’ Wrap The Numbers

The opening weekend of Super Bowl Village saw 200,000 visitors. Total attendance at Super Bowl Village was

more than 1


The NFL Experience set a record with more than 250,000 visitors.

110+ hours of TV

and radio programming by ESPN. A single 30-second Super Bowl XLVI TV ad cost $3.5 million.

The Volunteers There were over 8,000 volunteers who helped make Indianapolis one of the most successful Super Bowl host cities. They worked over 34,000 shifts and logged over 150,000 hours of work to make Hoosier Hospitality a household word throughout the world.

The Cannon- Super Bowl Magazine  

A special magazine to commemorate the 2012 Super Bowl in Indianapolis by the Cannon Staff.

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