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When you're listening to a number of your favorite anime shows, you're probably hearing the music that has been created by Tetsuro Oda - composer, artist, producer, and guitarist. In addition to his love of anime and being a soloist, he is also a huge fan of J-Pop and created a group to continue playing this genre of music and how Rock & Roll is an endangered species in Japan. We took a moment to chat about all of this prior to his tour with his band, Roll B Dinosaur. ATHLEISURE MAG: How did you get into music and how has your journey been in becoming an artist, composer and producer? TESTURO ODA: I was like kid who played any instruments like toys. I had been listening to music from radio every day. AM: How did you become an anime composer and why do you like creating music for this genre? TO: I think, I've been blessed with opportunities. As a result of taking the offers inspiring me, I have created numbers of anime songs. I feel motivation to join in anime, because giving me a precious opportunity to compel people to enlarge their joys, excitements and memories with my songs. AM: What has been your favorite anime show that you have composed?

am offered for composing anime songs. One is to create songs along the views of anime, another is to create songs upon the characters of singers. I prioritize, how my songs can complement the anime when I originally compose new songs for anime programs. AM: How would you describe J-Pop? TO: J-Pop, to me is like “Makunouchi Bento”, which is Japanese tradition style lunch box containing rice and a variety of side dishes. It seems deliciously decollated genre featuring “Tasty dishes” regardless of either western foods or Japanese one. AM: Tell us about Roll B Dinosaur - how did this group come together, are you working on a new album and will you be touring? TO: Rock’n Roll is now sort of “endangered spices” in Japan. So this “Roll-B Dinosaur” is preservation activity of “Rock’n Roll”. “It’s only rock’n’roll but I like it!” My initial dates for our upcoming shows are Billboard Osaka (Jan 18, 2019) and Nagoya Bluenote (Jan 19, 2019) AM: When you're not performing or making music, where do you enjoy eating lunch or dinner, do you work out and if so - where and where do you enjoy shopping for clothes?

TO: The theme song of SLAMDUNK: “Sekai ga owarumade ha - Until the world ends”.

TO: I mainly enjoy eating dishes in Shibuya, Tokyo near my own studio.

AM: You have composed for a number of J-Pop bands, how is this different than creating music for anime shows?

Currently, shopping either in Shibuya, or at Amazon.

TO: There are basically 2 cases when I

I do daily exercise after waking up.


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