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collectively by our team. I spent almost 8 hours piecing together the mural wall, knowing each tile and tone was integral to highlighting the items. A list of vendors used in the space: Maharam Fabric Helen Levi Ceramics Crate & Barrel Bon Ton Designs Tile Signature Hardware Rohl Home Haute Living Lukas Peet Lighting Williams-Sonoma Food52 The Shelter Collection Industry West Yield Design Sertodo Copper AM: Are there any celeb projects or large products that are public that you’d be able to share that you have worked on? NO: In true creative fashion, we trip over the word celebrity. As we treat each of our clients with very high regard, and are ambitious about making them feel like a true celeb. Recognizable names? Perhaps not. But, our local coffee go to, Please and Thank You, has honored us with design partnerships on two shops. Certainly eye candy for the masses to view. Julie Metzinger, a dream client, is probably our favorite celebrity home featured to date. Our visions resonated so much she ended up joining our team. We are breaking the mold here in Kentucky and humbled by the work coming to us from across the country. AM: In Louisville, where would we find you grabbing a bite/cocktails, working out and shopping? NO: The bright and clever cafe Naive, conversing with artists and makers at our Hope Mills studio space, getting pizza at MozzaPi, spinning records and grabbing cookies at Please & Thank You, local vibes at Bean coffee shop,

looking through thrifts and antiques at Mellwood (when we’re not driving outside of town to secret locations), celebration dinner and drink at Butchertown Grocery and Lola, Circe + SWAG for gifts for ourselves and others, EP Tom Sawyer State Park for running on local limestone. AM: As a wife, working mom and a business owner, how do you take time for yourself? NO: My studio time is my "me time". Loving my work is really something therapeutic to me. Otherwise... sleep. AM: How do you give of your time from a philanthropic standpoint? NO: Relationship and community are built through service, and being on the receiving end of kindness and others generosity in our own lives, humbles you to the importance. It is important to our team to work with nonprofits and philanthropic forces. We are excited to be partnering with the local Fund for the Arts for their spring fund raiser, through our design work. Our long time relationship with friend and founder of Hope Scarves, Lara MacGregor, has helped to yield personal growth as well as mission growth in the organization. They are now a major contributor to Metastatic Breast Cancer Research in our local area, and nationally. What is good for the soul is good for others. @NatalieODesign

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