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Located in midtown, in a 20,000 state of the art fitness hub, Neo U Fitness is not only about housing a number of concepts within its walls, but it is a live streaming and on demand platform for top trainers and brands that make itself available to a worldwide audience. This fitness center uses cutting edge technology to link people to these elite trainers. The focus is to highlight great fitness methods while exposing and growing fitness brands. With a belief in fitness and wellness, both are integrated into the offerings provided.

est. Each room is designed with interchangeable equipment and atmospheric projectors. In addition to the studios, the cafe comes along with premium amenities are available for its guests. There are plenty of showers, daily lockers, and a NEO Cafe serving juices, smoothies and acai bowls. In a recent class, we enjoyed the lounge area where we were able to chat with our fitness host pre and post class. There is also a boutique to purchase apparel as well. With live streaming cameras available in the studio, Neo U is focused on being the Netflix or Amazon of fitness to truly provide access to their offerings worldwide.

There are 3 studios where guests can take boxing, yoga, bootcamp, dancing and more. Check out the schedule to see who or what method will be showcased on your date and time of inter-

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