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Rock On Tetsuro Oda


We caught up with Tokyo composer, guitarist, artist, entertainer and producer Tetsuro Oda about his work in anime as well as his focus on keeping Rock and Roll in Japan.

Bingely Books


This month’s Bingely Books shares 3 of our favorite reads that you should check out. If you’ve seen Crazy Rich Asians in theaters (or haven’t) we suggest that you read the book as well!

Aug 2018

In Our Bag


The summer is coming to a close, but we still have some great moments left to enjoy. When you’re popping out, here is what we suggest you should rock and place in your bag.

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And Scene with Ellen Adair


OB/GYN shares some of the common questions that she is asked by her patients with the readers of Athleisure Mag.

Get Organized


Tis the season to prep your offices, back to school needs or to get supplies for your home office. We chat with Tia Mowry on how she does this as well as catch up on projects she’s working on.

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