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dren while growing up in Colorado. When her dad took too long to make dinner, she decided to start cooking at the age of 15. Being in the kitchen allowed her to find her place and to create unique dishes which led her to launch her blog, Half Baked Harvest. With millions of people enjoying her take on comfort food, her photography and her life in the mountains - her barn turned test kitchen recipes are presented in this book. Whether you need to get dinner on the table for your family tonight or are planning your next get-together with friends, this book is a feast for the eyes and the stomach.

His journey takes him from the famous “Death Train� to Bolivia, Peru, Chile and Argentina. He continues to the Dam Square in Amsterdam. While there, he meets Karla, a Dutch woman who was waiting for the ideal companion to join her on the fabled hippie trail to Nepal via the Magic Bus. As they travel together, Paulo and Karla explore their own relationship: a life-defining love story that awakens them on every level and leads to choices and decisions that will set the course for their lives thereafter.

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