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We just signed an additional 3 years there. I’d love to see us performing throughout South America and we’d love to be able to have the chance to go to the Middle East and to perform in Duabi. We’d also love to go to Africa as well. AM: Clearly, we know you’ve been a powerhouse in the music business but how did this translate to real estate? NM: I’ve had the pleasure of investing in some serious real estate deals on the business side and on the personal side, I’ve done some construction, renovation and designing. AM: Tell us about your new show Hit Properties with Nathan Morris? NM: I’m really excited about this show. I know that there are a lot of shows about flipping houses, but we really go in there to show you what it’s like. I take this old mansion in Orlando and I Nate-a-cize it – I love luxurious upgrades and I really like smart home upgrades, remote controlled toilettes and WiFi enabled lighting. In addition to showing the work of taking this 8,200 sq feet mansion from a decrepit place to a glamourous one, we also have humor in this show and you see my right hand man, Bryant Gipson working right along side with me as he has done in other projects that we have partnered on together. AM: Why did you focus on Orlando? NM: Mainly, the weather is ideal there as you can pretty much work year around and it just made sense to do it there. AM: What do people who want to get into the flipping industry need to know about the business? NM: If you’re a person who can’t be flexible and only has a plan if everything goes right – then this is not for you! You also have to remember that when you're flipping a house, you're not building it for you. You want to put finishes and touches

that someone buying it could see for themselves. If you make it with amenities that you personally want, you may find that they are too much to your taste and not universal. AM: What are areas that you suggest a flipper should focus on when doing a home? NM: I believe that the kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms are essential. I spend the most time in these areas of my home after my bedroom. These are areas where you want to be able to relax. I don’t like small spaces so you’ll see in the show that I increased one of the rooms by 15 to 20 feet in order to be

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