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from electronics, take a bath or do some reading. Finally, enhanced mindfulness about sleep can be achieved with simple journaling about your alertness level the next day in a notebook or word document. AM: What yoga moves are conducive to sleep? DR. RR: Exercise that is high intensity is undesirable before bed, but restorative yoga or a gentle flow from up dog to down dog are optimal for relaxing and softening any tense muscles before bed. AM: Is there such a thing that people can work on projects in their sleep and if so, is it healthy?

habit, such as keeping a journal or schedule, apply here as well.

DR. RR: Sleep is a time when we actually rehearse events and things we learned from the day before, making sleep an essential component of ability to remember and recall. Thus, healthy sleep is a critical part of memory and cognition.

AM: What are 3 things that we can do to be mindful of getting good sleep?

AM: How important is it to dream and to remember them?

DR. RR: Tracking sleep is increasingly common among the population! According to our research, as many as 80% of people use a mobile or wearable device to track their sleep. A new, low profile way to track your sleep (which is a great way to increase your mindfulness) is with the Beautyrest Sleeptracker monitor, which lies seamlessly under your pillow, allowing you to wake up to a breadth of data and insights about your sleep!

DR. RR: Dreaming largely takes place during Rapid Eye Movement sleep. It is neither important or unimportant to remember dreams, but we do find that if you start to talk about dreams with a spouse or friend, or journal about them, your ability to recall dreams is enhanced.

Another way to be more mindful about sleep is to set a gentle alarm at night for your bedtime routine. Optimally, we all take time to unwind and unplug with a routine that is relaxing. Set a gentle alarm to go off about 30 minutes before you want to be slipping into bed as a peaceful cue to you that it is time to start to unplug

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