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odds are they don’t even realize how much better they would feel if they slept for a few more hours. AM: Are power naps beneficial? DR. RR: Absolutely! A ‘power nap’ is a nap of 20 minutes. This is a great way to recover if you have to stay up late or have a hard time sleeping. Make sure to get up after 20 minutes or you may wake up groggy. One exception to this, however, is that power naps or naps of any kind are discouraged for individuals suffering from insomnia. AM: What happens while we sleep beyond getting a good night's rest? DR. RR: During sleep our brains, body, and skin go into deep repair mode. Sleep plays an important role in removing toxins from the brain and body. Sleep is also the time during the day when our blood pressure and body temperature, for instance, dip to their lowest points. Allowing our bod-

ies to process through this complete and total repair and is what allows us to be optimally awake. This is actually something Beautyrest is focused on with the development of its mattresses. The brand believes that a great night’s rest can help you reach your full potential the next day which is why they are dedicated to using the latest in sleep technology and innovation. AM: With Awards Season, how can we get great sleep and is there such a thing as a sleeping plan to ensure you are at your best? DR. RR: A healthy sleep routine is a great idea all year long, but especially when you have an event and want to be fully awake and at your best. Unfortunately, we often make exercise and nutrition a priority during these periods but ignore sleep. You can certainly create a sleeping plan similar to a pre-event workout or nutrition plan to help you stay on-track. The best practices for maintaining any healthy

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