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he worked for the NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene and served on former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg's Obesity Task Force doing obesity and chronic disease prevention. He also wrote for The Daily Beast as their health contributor. He earned his yoga teacher training and personal training certificates. He met Martin at a private training facility in Soho.

you can spend more time in cooler temperatures, allowing you to reap more of the benefits. Guests can enjoy locker rooms, showers, bathrooms, full refresh bar, Orlando Pita Play Hair products, 8 person infrared sauna experience, state of the art sound system, exclusive Brrrn Apparel and Unity Water.

When you exercise in cooler temperatures, you optimize the fitness experience because you burn fat, you can grow a tolerance to cold, and cooler temperatures provide the optimal temperature for working out. In the long term, frequent and routine exposure to cooler temperatures can help you acclimate to cold. This means

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