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you – so bring your ID! You’ll also experience the rich flavors of Nigori sake with the tuna. AM: How is it celebrated in Japan? AM: Well basically, it’s more of a cultural celebration. This event really marks the start of the brewing season of sake. There are a number of small celebrations in the houses because people are saying goodbye to their loved ones before they go to the breweries to produce this beverage for days in a row. They have to be there everyday. AM: So how long is the brewing season? AM: It can go anywhere from 4 weeks to 8 weeks and then there is an aging period. So all together, it’s 6 months for it to be brewed. It's meant to be drank within a year. For our restaurants, that's why there is such a big dy-

namic in how we change our menus. It’s a great opportunity to try different styles because they are all going to be a little different. AM: How do you toast someone or say cheers on World Sake Day? AM: When you come to our restaurants, we have a lot of things going on during the whole month of Oct! But when you are with a group of friends, you just raise your glass and say kanpai! That’s the traditional way to say it in Japan. @RASushi

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