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holiday season?

enjoy during this time of year?

KH: We do events with them all of the time! I actually meant to mention an event we did the Tues after Thanksgiving …

KH: Oooo we have so many! In terms of a classic dish, we have a Tomahawk Steak that is served with Truffle Macaroni and Cheese which is as decadent and I mean that in the best way! It’s perfect for a cold Dec. night. Our beverage program is great as we do seasonal cocktails throughout the year and for the holidays we have some really beautiful Mulled Spice Cider which is delicious and served hot. We have a spiced Eggnog which is amazing and we can do those versions styled for the kids as well. We really searched far and wide for this Eggnog recipe and our Beverage Director joked last year that he really perfected it. This is the Tavern version and that Eggnog is really the way to celebrate this holiday.

AM: Yes Giving Tuesday KH: Yes – on Giving Tuesday we donated 5% of our gross profits to West Side Campaign Against Hunger as well. We’re really happy to be engaging with them and the work that their Executive Director is phenomenal and the work that they do is amazing. It’s really important with the work that they are doing and it is being done in an amazing way. It’s about raising people up and doing charity in a way that helps people move themselves forward too. I mentioned the Chef's Students that will be participating in the Tree Lighting, that’s a jobs program right? We come to them, they learn a skill and that helps them with their families to continue to succeed as they go forward. It’s an amazing way to serve the community. We work with this organization all the time so at the Apple Garden event you were at earlier this fall, one of the apple items had a $1 from every Waldorf Salad went back to them and we really look to find ways to donate to them as well as to incorporate them into what we do at Tav ern. A couple of those Chefs Students who will be working at the Tree Lighting will actually be here all day with us by working with Chef Peet to see how a kitchen runs, helping with some prep work and really taking their classroom experiences in this charities kitchen to this big open kitchen on Tavern on the Green to give them that experience.

AM: We feel that the holidays wrap up with New Year’s Eve essentially. What are you guys doing this year? KH: We do. We’re really happy to do New Year’s because it is a really beautiful space to do it in. You can see all the fireworks that they do over Central Park. Once again it’s bringing in that Park and NYC experience right into Tavern. This year, we are doing it a little differently with an a la carte experience that will start at 4:45pm until 6:45pm. We want to be really approachable for everybody so maybe it’s a family with 2 really young kids and they want to celebrate but their kids need to be in bed by 8pm. We want to provide something for them.

AM: That is truly amazing and the students must be excited for that experience!

So in the beginning we will have a normal lunch service and our evening will be a really fun celebratory affair with open seating so that people can have fun but then enjoy seeing the ball drop at home on TV. They can have an early celebration with us.

What would you consider to be a classic holiday dish that people enjoy at Tavern on the Green as well as a cocktail to

Starting at 9pm, we have our full 4 course meal with seating so you purchase your ticket by buying by table

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