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From the decorative side, we have a decorator that comes in who starts on Thanksgiving night at 1am to put up all the decorations. AM: Oh wow! KH: Oh yes, he’s right up in there! We will have over 12 Christmas Trees all over the building in addition to the beautiful one that is in the Courtyard that is 20 feet tall and has over 20,000 ornaments. There’s also 10,000 lights that we put up all over the eaves and the outside of the building and then really fun kinds of nooks all over the building. We have this white fireplace and we’re really playing up this cute Christmas Village in that area. We have Toy Soldiers when you come into the front and Chef Peet is putting together a full-scale Tavern on the Green as a gingerbread house. We have some life-

sized elves in the Courtyard that are really fun to take a picture with. Finding these nooks so that people can take pictures of those great moments is really important to us. Finally, for the Tree Lighting event, we will give out Chef Peet’s famous hot chocolate, spiced cider, warm cider, Christmas Cookies, gingerbread and apple cinnamon donuts. These will be complimentary to our guests for this event as we want our guests to enjoy the evening with us from 5-7pm. Our entertainment for the evening is the LaGuardia High School which is right around the corner from us. So we’re happy to have these talented young people to come celebrate with us! AM: This sounds amazing! Will you continue to partner with West Side Cam paign Against Hunger throughout the

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