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on, I create products that I personally have a need for, so if I like it and believe in it, then I know there’s a real chance that my customers will too. AM: How important is giving back to those as a mentor and to direct them toward being strong and savvy business women? JM: I believe in the American Dream because I’m living it! And I know, no matter who you are or where you’re from, if you are smart and brave and have a little luck, you can find your own success. But I also know that getting started can be very scary – there’s no roadmap, no step-by-step guide that tells you how to make your dream a reality, especially in the world of bringing new ideas to life. That’s why I started my foundation, The Joy Mangano Foundation, as way to help women get started both in their personal and business lives by empowering them and providing tools that they might not have access to. AM: Closet organizing, home maintenance, travel clothing prep etc are some of the core pieces that are in your collection, what else should we keep on our radar for future appearances on HSN. JM: I don’t want to spoil anything, but I have a few new products rolling out that I have been working on! AM: What advice do you give women who are looking to bring that one idea to market in a mass way when they may not have the resources (financially, contacts etc) to do so - but they still believe that this is something that needs to be in the world? JM: You must believe in yourself and your ideas in order for anyone else to believe them. It starts with you – no one else will push you forward. I’d also recommend they check out my foundation, which is partnered with Rising Tide Capital, a brilliant non-profit organization that, for the past 10 years has been working to empower many first-time entrepreneurs and single mothers to use their creativity and talents so they too can build businesses

that transform their lives and the lives of those around them. AM: What philanthropy/charities do you give your time to? JM: I have the honor of being a part of the UN Women Champions for Innovation. I’m so proud to be a part of an amazing group of women who promote UN Women’s activities that support women’s and girl’s opportunities in areas related to innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship. It’s important to raise awareness about the barriers that women and girls face in these industries and I’m so happy I can be a part of the change. AM: You have 100s of inventions under your belt - what keeps you engaged in inventing and presenting new concepts? JM: I try to have a fresh perspective waking up every day. I think it’s important no matter what you do, to take a step back and look at things in a different light. It keeps you engaged and sometimes sparks thoughts and ideas which is how I keep inventing new concepts and products. PHOTOS COURTESY | JOY MANGANO

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