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The benefits of hydrogen water include the following:

should we protect our skin from the elements?

• Has beneficial effects on all organ systems including the skin • Natural antioxidant/anti-inflammatory • Increased energy • Improved athletic performance • Increased endurance • Speeds muscle recovery • Increased sense of well-being • Enhanced cognitive function • Reduced travel fatigue • Protects against the effects of intoxicants

DR. NP: Winter often brings us dry skin, which is actually a manifestation of chronic sub clinical (invisible to the eye) inflammation. For optimum resolution, follow the three – tiered anti-inflammatory program, which consists of anti-inflammatory foods, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant supplements and topical anti-inflammatory anti-oxidants. While topicals can do wonders, it is of critical important to not forget the dietary component which can both cause and make worse all of these conditions. Alpha lipoic acid as a topical is great because it normalizes the skin.

AM: How does this water play well with the family of products that you offer at Perricone MD? DR. NP: Its powerful antioxidant properties make it the perfect complement to topicals creating beauty from the inside out. AM: How much Hydrogen Water should be consumed throughout the day/week? DR. NP: Three 8.3 ounce cans or two 12 ounce cans daily. After a vigorous workout you can follow with another eight or 12 oz can later in the day. AM: You have always been at the forefront of great skin from product offerings, your patients and as an author. What other products should we keep an eye out from you on as we continue into 2018. DR. NP: A higher potency Cold Plasma as well as a focus on hydrogen topicals. AM: If you could create an essential kit of must haves for skin, what would you suggest should be in it? DR. NP: Hydrogen water, supplements formulated by a reputable company and topicals with antioxidant properties. AM: With cold temperatures rising, how

You can counter the causes of dry, flakey skin internally through a healthy diet and by taking nourishing, antioxidant-rich supplements and topicals that contain Alpha lipoic acid. ALA works synergistically with other antioxidants in the skin to reduce the damaging inflammatory effects of ultraviolet radiation. Its antioxidant properties act as natural anti-inflammatories to counter the dry flaky skin. Also take essential fatty acids in the form of omega 3 fish oil capsules and make sure to include cold water fish such as salmon, nuts and seeds and coconut oil in your daily diet. AM: For those of us that travel frequently, what should be in our carry-on to ensure that are skin glows and doesn't have the tired looking effects of long and sometimes delayed travel! DR. NP: A special note on travel fatigue: The drinking of hydrogen infused water can have a dramatic effect on people who are travel fatigued and sleep deprived. Drinking 8 to 12 ounces of this water can relieve symptoms in 30 minutes to one hour. PHOTOS COURTESY | DR. PERRICONE HYDROGEN WATER

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