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den they’re carrying. Woman after woman told me where they usually shop and what they usually spend on clothes, and then described how they completely changed their entire shopping strategy after they got pregnant. They went from buying high quality, well made and fashionable items to cheap basics. Most often, the brands they knew and loved didn’t care maternity, so they were forced to shop brands they weren’t familiar with. The service was nonexistent at most big box stores and online, and they felt confused by what to buy and how to make a new wardrobe. They bought as little as they could get away with, focusing on plain tees, leggings and jeans. The result? They hated their clothes. The poor quality made their sensitive skin itch. The colors faded and the materials pilled and sagged. They wanted to burn their clothes in the end. Worse yet, like me, they felt like a lesser version of themselves. At the exact time they should have felt their most beautiful, they felt anything but. AM: Mia Tango allows shoppers to be introduced to brands that provide maternity and new moms with attire as well as the ability to purchase preloved items - how important is having these avenues for your audience? SR: We’ve heard time and time again - and experienced ourselves - how uninspiring shopping for maternity clothing is. The brands you like most often don’t make maternity, it’s hard to find things that you like, that are good quality and that you feel like yourself in. There are some really great designers out there making high quality, beautiful and intelligently designed pieces... it’s just that no one knows about them and they’re hard to find. First and foremost, we want to bring these great products together for moms-to-be and moms - all in one plae. The other side to the struggle is that mot women view buying maternity as a "temporary" thing. They feel guilty about

investing a lot of money in it, but as a result they end up wearing things that they don’t feel good in. Our trade-in program lets mamas trade in most items purchased new at Mia Tango for 30% cash back. We also offer pre-loved items at 40-60% off the new purchase price. These programs are both designed to help mamas look great and feel great about their purchases. We really just want to be the brand that gets it. It’s so needed. MB: Prior to starting Mia Tango, we talked to dozens of moms who told us all about their frustrations when searching for maternity and postpartum clothing. Chief among them was the challenge of finding chic clothes that fit their personal style, and so we felt it was vital to do this work for them and bring the best brands together. Then there was the conflicting feeling of wanting to look great, but not wanting to make a big investment in a temporary wardrobe. This was especially hard when they weren’t sure if they’d grow out of the clothes and they didn’t know the quality of unfamiliar brands. So we’ve designed our store to have generous and easy return policies, along with the option to have us buy back items within nine months of purchase. We also heard that many women love to shop preloved clothes because it makes them feel good, whether because they reduce their carbon footprint or because they score a great bargain. All of these features were designed to address the wants and needs of our customer. AM: How do you go about finding designers that are featured in Mia Tango? SR: All credit to Melissa on finding simply the best designers out there for pregnancy and new moms! She has a great eye! We’ve also benefited a lot from networking with other mom-preneurs. Many of the best styles in maternity and postpartum clothing are coming from women who saw a need

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