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Bingely Books With looming debt, he agrees to take on a job for $2 million for a 10 day fishing tournament to Cuba which he supects has more involved than an outing that could include anti-Castro groups. He learns that his charter involves obtaining $60 million in Cuba. His client's grandfather stashed the money in Cuba prior to fleeing from Castro's revolution. With the "Cuban Thaw" taking place between Havana and Washington, thery are now in a race to find the money before someone else does. Mac will either be rich or not at all.

RUN FOREVER Amy Burfoot Center Street

Former Runner's World editor-in-chief, Boston Marathon winner and runner that have logged over 100,00 miles - Amy Burfoot gives advice on how one can enjoy running and the health benefits that will last for a lifetime.

THE CUBAN AFFAIR Nelson Demille Simon & Schuster

What's not to love in Daniel "Mac" Graham MacCormick's life? At 35, he lives in Key West, owns a 42 foot charter fishing boat (which has a large bank loan), was an infantry officer in the Army and returned after 5 years with a Silver Star and 2 Purple Hearts.

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The act of running starts at an early age and is as natural as breathing is to us. But this simple act has become complicated with trendy gadgets and thought processes that hinder this native act. This book focuses on the basics and the root of lacing up and running. She provides guidance June 2018

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