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Eve’s has been around since the 70’s and they have created products for the vagina that are clinically and gynocologist tested for safety in this delicate area. You can’t use an everyday soap on the vagina like most women used daily. When you use a vagina friendly wash that’s designed to be balanced for a woman’s natural pH and sensitive to the vagina you feel fresh and avoid irritating residue. I am on a mission to change the narrative on how we talk and take care of the vagina. AM: As many of our readers enjoy cycling, hot yoga, pilates etc how do we take care of our vagina in order to ensure that we are keepig it healthy in the midst of these activities. DR. SR: Certain sports can be hard on the vagina. Cycling and spinning are at the top of this list! The way the vagina is positioned on the bicycle seat exerts unfamiliar pressure on certain parts of the delicate soft tissue of the labia majora and minor, better known as the "lips" of the vagina. With prolong bicycle rides or spinning classes the intense pressure on certain parts of the vagina, tailbone, lower back and groin creates restriction of blood flow, skin irritation, and ultimately numbness of the area, especially the clitoris. Some women even report disruptive genital pain and discomfort with reduced genital sensation. Other problems that are associated with cycling, spinning and horseback riding include vaginal infections such as yeast and bacterial due to the poor vaginal ventilation and moisture buildup that occurs with these sports. With constant pressure on the vagina, skin cysts can develop as well. Your cycling posture and the way you sit on the bicycle seat also affects the pressure that is exerted on the delicate parts of the vagina. Recumbent cycling does not create the same problems on the vagina that upright cycling cause. The pressure and problems of the vagina that are typical of upright cycling are transferred to the buttock for

those recumbent cyclers causing minimal discomfort. You can avoid some of these problems by using the appropriate saddle seat, cycling shorts, professional bike fitting, using proper cycling posture, allying emollients and moisturizing creams to the vagina. Also taking a shower or long bath following these types of activities is helpful. Hot yoga and any activity that brings excessive heat and sweat to the vagina can increase the risk of a yeast infection or vaginal skin irritation. Changing ito clean and dry clothing after these types of workouts is important to prevent these types of problems. I also love the Summer’s Eve Cleansing Cloths to freshen up after a hot workout. They are balanced for a woman’s pH and also get rid of any odor causing bacteria, so I can feel comfortable all day. AM: Picking an OB/GYN is such a process - what are the questions that we should have to ask our potential caregiver to see if they are a match for our needs. DR.SR: Many women are given a list of providers to choose from according to their insurance policy. With social media, Yelp and other physician review sites you can and should learn about the doctor you are going to trust with your health. You can always interview a potential doctor first before you commit to making an official office visit. You want to be comfortable with the doctor you select. Depending on what is important to you, you may want to ask the following questions: 1. Will I get a call back with my test results? 2. Are you accessible via email? 3. How long does it take to get an appointment with you? 4. Will you be calling me back or will it

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