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Amenities that guests can enjoy at this studio include showers, changing rooms, a waiting room and the Joovv infrared light. For those that want to continue taking classes outside of the studio session or for those that may live outside of LA, Lauren launched LEKfit On Demand early 2017. Those who connect with this service see Lauren in her LA garage studio with the LEKfit IN THE STUDIO series. ITS allows you to stream two brand new fifty minute full-body workouts every Wednesday directly from her studio and LA clients. This service offers hundreds of full body workouts. You'll also find do anywhere + anytime shorter workouts and "add-ons" which allow you to mic and match what you do based on your time and ability. LEKFIT + LEKFIT IN THE STUDIO Larchmont/Hancock Park LA, CA 90036 arm and core series plus a cooldown.

SCULPT is a ballet and yoga inspired class designed to create long and lean muscles. Each of these classes includes a warm-up, leg, arm and core series plus extended stretching for optimal muscle recovery.

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FUSION is a high-intensity cardio and muscle sculpting class that incorporates the best parts of each LEKfit workout. Each class includes a warmup, intense cardio session, leg, arm and core series plus a cool down and stretch. June 2018

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