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SPIDERBANDS We had a chance to check out Spiderbands last month at an editor event for an accessory brand. We enjoyed the method and had to find out more about it. Created by Franci Cohen, a group exercise instructor, and fitness expert for over two decades, she launched Spiderbands, in November 2017 in New York City within one of NYCs fitness hubs - Union Square.

There are six kinds of classes that are offered at Spiderbands: Spiderkix (aerial concepts and inversions engage muscles ignored by traditional kickboxing classes - it's also "gloves off"), Spider Jumpstrike (combining Spiderbands, boxing, kickboxing and mini tramp), Spiderdome (this class combines Spiderbands with utilizing the reactive surface of the bosu), Signature Spiderbands (a single focus class where you work with just the Spiderbands solely), Spider Circuit (a straight forward circuit workout that includes burpees, jumping jacks, squats, and all the staples with an added Spider twist), and Athletic Fly (the combination of athletes and hand-standers come together in an unprecedented athletic acro class which uses basic acrobatic foundations that builds a high intensity cardio combination while you jump, flip and fly).

After years of implementing science-based theories into her fitness practice, Franci realized that the most efficient way to burn maximum calories and sculpt lean muscle in record time, without any impact to the joints, would be to create an apparatus that leverages body weight with a buoyancy that allows one to draw more from their inner strength, getting faster and better results, all while flying high (literally) and having fun!

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