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that off camera, you guys are pretty close - how important is it to have that kind of camaraderie?

where do you work out here, where might we find you for drinks and where do you like to shop?

PH: Having a family camaraderie is amazing, but we have waited a long time to have a show like Ray Donovan and part of the show’s success is due to dynamics outside the show. We have been around Hollywood for a while and each one of us recognizes how important family is. And us being parents and having kids brought us together rather quickly. For example, my kids call Jon Voight "Papa Jon,” Eddie and my kids hang out and Liev fought for me to be in his movie "Chuck" where I played Muhammad Ali.

PH: I work out at Blink Gym and at Carmine Park & Rec where I used to work out back in the day. I also signed up my 10-yr. old son Djordan.

AM: Are you working on any projects that we should keep an eye out for in addition to the upcoming season of "Ray Donovan"? PH: I’m working on writing my own story and I was recently in USA's “Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G.” where I played Frank Alexander, Tupac’s best friend and bodyguard. It’s now available on Netflix. AM: In our shoot, we included a yoga session at Humming Puppy which is one of our Style Director's favorite places to work out. How do you stay in such great shape? PH: I run, and I train with some great trainers. Boxing, Basketball and hot yoga are all a part of the regimen. I also try and eat as clean as possible. AM: In LA, where can we find you working out, grabbing a bite/cocktails and where do you shop? PH: I work out at 24hour Fitness & Wild Card West Boxing Club in Santa Monica. I love eating at Boa Steakhouse and shopping at Zara. AM: As you have been in NYC for awhile,

I love to go to Beauty and Essex and I spend a lot of time in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Wherever I can find a bargain... love me some Flight Club NY. AM: We see you in front of the camera, but will we see you directing down the road as well? PH: Yes like I said I’m writing and yes that’s the plan. You have to be a triple threat. AM: How do you take time for yourself, especially when you are in the midst of filming for this role? PH: When I’m sleeping lol and whenever I do have down time, I write or just explore the city. AM: Philanthropically, how do you give of your time? PH: I try and give my wife a hand by helping and supporting her fight in raising awareness for special needs. Our oldest daughter has cerebral palsy, and we are in a fight to give her and ones like her the best life possible.

... we have waited a long time to have a show like Ray Donovan and part of the show's success is due to dynamics outside of the show. We have

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