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AthleisureMag.com - 16 - July 2018


with Corey Calliet

July 2018


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This month's cover is with Celebrity Fitness Artist/Trainer Corey Calliet whose work can be seen on Michael B. Jordan, A$AP Rocky, John Boyega and has been hired by Walt Disney Pictures, 20th Century FOX, Marvel, MGM and Universal to make their stars look larger than life! In addition, we have enjoyed seeing him on both seasons of E!'s Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian. Our shoot took place at Soho's Work Train Fight, as well as around Soho and the LES as we talked with Corey about transforming his clients, his passions and what we should keep an eye out for next with the Calliet Way.

ATHLEISURE MAG: We loved shooting you for our fitness editorial for the July cover - tell us about your body building days, your journey to becoming a trainer and the types of celebs and projects that you have been a part of.

COREY CALLIET: If I’m being honest, my fitness journey started with me trying to impress a girl. Later it became an outlet for me during a time when things weren't the easiest. I started body building and fell in love with the art form of creating an aesthetic with your own body. I became my own work of art. After body building I started working at a local gym and quickly moved up the ranks as the best trainer there. One day I got a call to work with the cast of Fantastic Four, and on that set I met Michael B. Jordan. We started working out and honestly the rest is history, as they say.

Since then I've moved to LA, continued training Mike, got him into the best shape of his life for Creed and Creed 2, was able to work with the cast of Black Panther, and picked up a television show (Revenge Body). I'm currently working on several deals for lots of fitness-related projects to get people familiar with The Calliet Way so look out for it!

AM: What is the Calliet Way and how

did you create this method?CC: I based The Calliet Way on one concept and that is looking good. If you look good, you feel good and you do good, but it starts with YOU. The Calliet Way starts with a very strong foundation in fitness and from there I work specifically with each client that I have. I cater their workouts to achieve their goals. Everybody is different and you have to make sure that you are catering to them, their goals and their body types. The biggest component of The Calliet Way is having the right mindset and the right mentality because it is important that I not only inspire you to look good, but just to be good overall.

AM: There is a distinct relationship of trust, intuition and investment between a trainer and their client, how do you go about connecting with the people that you work with and deciding whether there is a connection that will be a beneficial pairing in working together?

CC: Before anything, I get to know my clients on a personal level. I drop my guard and let them into my life so they become comfortable with me and trust me. Once the trust is established, then I’m able to get down to business.

I do what most people don't do. I speak to them. Genuinely. I ask them about themselves, their lives, their day-today, their goals, their aspirations and their struggles. From there I know who you are and if I can work with you. It all has to start from a REAL place.

AM: We loved the concept of this shoot because we wanted to shoot you in and out of the gym, which also included what it looks like when you're training your clients. We were struck with how you train your clients as if you're a conductor in a symphony as there is a melodic flow to what you do - is there a connection between working out and flow?

COREY CALLIET | PG 27, 28, 30 + 31 | TAPOUT Sleeveless Hoodie + Shorts |

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CC: Definitely. Working art is what I like to call it, not working out. Fitness is an art form just like music, dance, and painting. All of these art forms require a rhythm and flow so that the energy is right and is vibrating at the highest frequency. That's how you make masterpieces.

AM: We loved seeing you come back to E! Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian for the second season of the show. With the first season under your belt, what made you want to come back, what takeaways did you have from working with the clients in this season and will we see you for season 3?

CC: I'm for sure coming back for season 3!

I would say it's amazing to work with new and different people and help them achieve their goals. What made me want to come back is being witness to how much their lives have changed and knowing that I was a part of that. Having such a huge platform and knowing that their changes are inspiring change in others worldwide is incredible.

I have the opportunity to inspire people all over the world to make a change for the better and that is just humbling in and of itself. I will always be a part of something like that.

AM: When we shot with you, you were on set with Michael B. Jordan while he filmed CREED 2. When you have long set days, how do you stay in shape around a hectic and shifting schedule - how do you also take time for yourself in these situations?

CC: Discipline, discipline, discipline. You always have to be in tune with yourself, and know what you want and what you need. Working out is a necessity for me. It's like food and water. Rest is also a necessity, though sometimes it is lacking. I always have to make sure

that I recoup. It was difficult at times, but because of the discipline I already have I was able to pull through.

AM: We saw via your IG the trailer that you were in front of the camera on CREED 2 - will we see more of you in front of the camera in upcoming films?

CC: Maybe, but I don't know. It's not necessarily a goal of mine. I'd rather be unscripted than play a role. The only role I want to play is myself.

Fitness is an art form just like music, dance and painting. All of these art forms require a rhythm and flow so that the energy is right and is vibrating at the highest frequency. That's how you make masterpieces.

AM: When you work with actors such as Michael B. Jordan who are in a number of action movies, how do you create goals in terms of what their physique will be as he looked in Black Panther and how you prepared him for CREED 2?

CC: I just wanted Mike to look like the biggest, baddest super villain on the planet. Nobody can mess with Mike, but everyone is going to want to be like Mike. I made sure he was in the best shape ever and you'll see in the film, he looked amazing.

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AM: What does a Body Transformation Specialist mean?

CC: It’s self-explanatory. I transform bodies and it is my specialty. Not everyone can transform a body, and not everyone has the knowledge to do so. I feel like Michelangelo — I'm an artist and my clients are my canvases.

AM: What is the relationship between food/hydration, working out, rest, recovery and having the right mindset/goals - are all of these needed in order to gain the desired results?

CC: All of these are needed. If you slack in any of these areas you're not going to get to your goal. You have to make sure that everything stays on point.

AM: In terms of recovery what do you feel that people should have on hand when they are working out?

CC: Number One? Water.AM: What is currently on your playlist?CC: Teyana Taylor's new album has a really nice feel, but I'm an old soul and have a lot of old R&B on my playlist. (No one knows that so please don't let that get out.) However my overall favorite is Migos.

AM: When you're traveling what are 3 things that you have on hand no matter what?

CC: Charger, headphones and at home workout equipment

AM: When you're in LA where can we find you working out, grabbing a bite/ cocktails and where do you shop?

CC: I'm a homebody, but I like to work out at the gym in my building or at Nike HQ. There's also a CrossFit gym that I go to now in my neighborhood. I'm starting to fall in love with CrossFit!

If I go shopping, I like to keep it simple and visit whatever mall is closest. Occasionally you may find me out and about at some Hollywood nightclubs, but it's usually to celebrate something!

AM: What's your personal style in the gym vs what you wear when you're going out with friends and your red carpet style?

CC: In the gym I'm not trying to look cute. I want to be comfortable and I want to work out. For events and out on the town, that's a different story. I always have to look clean and stylish, but very grown man sexy. On the red carpet you know you're going to catch me in a nice tailored suit and some mean shoes.

AM: As we're on the back end of 2018 and planning for Spring 2019 what projects should we keep an eye on that you are involved in and what are your goals for the upcoming months?

CC: Definitely keep an eye out for Season 3 of Revenge Body, and you know you're going to catch me in Creed 2. There are some projects in the works I can’t speak on yet, including some app and merch, so be on the look out for it!

AM: While we were on set with you, we loved the motivational videos that you did and even in speaking with us you're always giving words of encouragement and focus while being humble - how important has that been to your success in life?

CC: It's been instrumental. As someone who transforms bodies, I'll always have to transform lives and I have to speak as much as I train. It's important to minister life into other people — I believe that.

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