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We're in the thick of enjoying the sun safely and for those that enjoy embracing the sun or looking like they have been out for awhile, we had to find out more about Bali Body, a vegan friendly company from Australia. From skincare to tanning, we talked with the Co-Founders to find out more about their line, its ingredients and more.

ATHLEISURE MAG: Laura and David tell us about your background and how Bali Body came about?

DAVID OOSTERLOO: Bali Body was born in the tropics - Canggu, Bali. We wanted to create sun-care and skincare that could be used on sensitive skin, so we began playing with formulas and created our first product, our Tanning and Body Oil. Bali Body was born! I come from a background in construction.

LAURA FOLEY: I was in Insurance prior to starting the business. We had no prior experience in running a business, but we took every challenge head on and never let anything stand in the way of our goals.

AM: What is the ethos of Bali Body and tell us a bit about the product offerings.

LF + DO: At Bali Body we are all about glowing skin. We are a vegan friendly company, and use natural ingredients as much as possible when formulating our products. We have a range of natural sun-care, including Tanning Oils, Sunscreens and Lip Balms. We also have a growing range of skin-care, featuring our best selling product our BB Cream, Shimmering Body Oil and Bronzing Lotion, just to name a few.

AM: Why is the brand named, Bali Body?

LF + DO: We started the brand while we were living in Bali on a career break. We love how the name sounds, and feel that it is the perfect fit for our

brand and what we stand for.AM: As a brand that is based in Australia - how does Australia influence the products?

LF + DO: The brand is based in Melbourne, and all our products and packaging are Australian made. Australia has an enormous influence on our brand - the summer days, beautiful beaches, bronzed skin and outdoors lifestyle is all an intricate part of our brand.

AM: As a Vegan friendly brand, what are the ingredients that one can find within your product offerings?

LF + DO: We have a lot of different ingredients across our product range - but some of our key ingredients which we find ourselves using again are:

- coconut oil- grape seed oil- jojoba oil- we use soy wax instead of beeswax - this makes product development much more difficult but we strongly believe in vegan friendly beauty products.

AM: Are there additional products that are coming to market soon that we should keep an eye out for?

LF + DO: Yes most definitely! I can’t say much about what they are just yet - but they will be very popular.

AM: Your skincare brand tends to focus on suncare, will you incorporate other categories within your offerings?

LF + DO: Definitely, we have a growing range of skin-care, and also have another category in the works which we are really excited about, stay tuned!

AM: Why do you offer tanning oils in

cacao, pineapple and watermelon and why would one use one over the other?

LF + DO: We offer them in those variants as they are each amazing products, and each individual and much loved by our customers.

Choosing between them can be personal preference, or people prefer certain ingredients over others. For example the Watermelon Tanning Oil gives the deepest tan out of our range due to the presence of Watermelon Seed Extract - which naturally boosts melanin production in the skin.

AM: We know that you aren't in your summer season in Australia, but how can we get great glowing skin by using your tanning products - walk us through the process?

LF + DO: Apply one of our tanning oils (use and SPF product or apply our sunscreen first for protection) then lay out in the sun - the combination of natural oils will have your skin glowing in no time! After tanning we recommend applying our Luxe Moisturising Lotion to keep your skin hydrated through the night. For extra deep hydration, apply our Tanning and Body Oil after you shower.

AM: For those that may be darker skinned for our natural brown beauties, what products do you suggest that they can use to have an amazing glow?

LF + DO: If you already have a natural tan or darker skin, for glowing skin without the sun-tanning we always recommend our tanning and body oil - use it as a daily body oil for seriously smooth and hydrated skin. Pair with our Coconut Lip Balm and BB Cream also!

AM: Tell us about where we can find you guys going out to stay fit (we just got a Humming Puppy here in NYC which we know has its original locations in Syd-

ney and Melbourne), where do you shop and where can we catch you getting a bite and a cocktail?

LF + DO: haha we know Humming Puppy! But we usually stay in shape by walking our dog or going to the gym. We get Uber Eats a lot as we are tired after work haha - but we love the amazing cafe culture Melbourne has to offer, you will not find better food anywhere else in the world!

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