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using crayons, oil paints, color pencils or water colors. We suggest taking this on your next flight and collecting an array of her color books any time you need an element of escapism to reconnect yourself with what you are working on.

them to reduce waste and to optimize their resources. This style of cooking is not only evironmentally sound but economical and is one that is sustainable in a way that many are looking to tackle.

ADULT COLORING BOOK Sarah Jane Carter Creative Designs and Artwork

When it comes to take a mental break, there is something about having a coloring book for adults that is always nearby, whether on your nightstand or in your tote bag. In this coloring book, you can enjoy creating colorful embellishments of an array of pictures from animals, mandalas, flowers, paisley patterns, and so much more. The act of coloring allows the creator to focus on something besides their day to day work, reduce their stress, focus on their artistic pleasures and add complexities to their work in the manner that they choose whether Dec 2018

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