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MOVE & MEDITATE METHOD As an athlete her entire life, Kait Hurley ran cross country and track competitively in high school as well as running at the Division 1 level in college. While her coach in highschool pushed her to be the best, there was a balance of staying focused while keeping it fun. But when she was in college, she realized that she was chasing perfection.

ray of audio and video classes on the go to boost your energy, uncover your inner strength, and develop a more resilient body and mind. All classes focus on helping you be more present in your body and in the moment. Movement sessions are set to pumping music and include everything from high intensity sweat fests to audio-only-running workouts to grounded

This drive to train harder, be faster and to lose weight to do better continued well after she stopped competing and thus created anxieties. As she began working in the health and wellness industry she tried foods, changed her exerises and reduced her anxiousness. A breaking point after a series of anxiety attacks led her to consider meditation, although she was concerned that it would make her lose her edge and drive. She realized that by embracing this method she felt more steady and was better at responding to stress. Even with the benefits of this practice, she still dreaded doing it and felt that after working long hours that she didn't want to choose between working out and meditating. When she combined movement with meditation, she was able to start exercising and moving her body before she even meditated which let her lose the feelings of dread that she had. By harnessing the energy and endorphins created during her sweat sessions, she found that she was more patient and open to the experience of sitting, thus enjoying the practice. It was understanding this element that led her to launch Move & Meditate Method. Kait and her husband Peter launched the KAIT app in November. It's the first app to fuse a variety of exercise styles with meditation. KAIT offers a wide

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