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my goal is to get better and better. Before the show I like to have dinner with my crew, so I have enough energy for my performance. AM: What workouts and eating choices do you to maintain such a great body? GV: I maintain a very healthy lifestyle, I love to workout and try to do this daily. From time to time I share some work-out video’s on my Instagram account to share the type of work-outs I like to do with my followers. Being fit gives you a great feeling of power and strength. AM: How many tattoos do you have and how do you decide what will be the next work of art that will appear on your body? GV: I have more than a 100 tattoos and they are all connected to my personal life. I got my first tattoo when I was 33, now you see people getting tattoos at the age of 15, but you first need to experience life and translate that experience in a tattoo. AM: Your pajama and swim trunk game is pretty strong, describe some of your favorites in your collection. GV: Fashion is important in my life. I’m Italian so we do take our time when it comes to fashion. I own like 40 different tuxedos and I have 100 different hats. I guess you can say that these items belong to my favorites. AM: We hear that you are becoming an actor, can’t wait to see that happen – do you have any upcoming projects that you can share with us and who are you looking forward to working with? GV: I am always open to new things and challenges. Keep an eye open for 2019, new and big things are coming! @GianlucaVacchi

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