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PP: Throughout my career I have always played as a midfielder, I really like this position. I think the midfield is the heart of a team, the engine from where most actions start. Although midfielders may have different roles, but my position allows me to get creative and be in control. I do believe it’s the right position for me because I have a visionary mindset.

AM: We enjoyed The Pogmentary which gave us a lot of insight into your passion for the sport and how you approach it.

AM: What does it mean to come back to Juventus and what are you looking forward to?

PP: Of course, as you may know I am a religious person, so I make sure I do my prayers, but the rest I’m keeping it a secret.

The coincidence of objectives is very clearly both that Juve and I both want to go back to winning trophies like the Scudetto, Champions League etc. We are very motivated and determined to achieve our common goal which is to win.

PP: My return to Juventus was a choice of heart, but also a coincidence of goals that Juve and I have. I do believe I fit in well in the team and also outside the field. I have fond memories from the time I lived in Turin, not to mention the extraordinary fans who give me joy with their unconditional support, this definitely keeps me going.

What are 3 workout routines that we can do for arms, legs and abs?

AM: Do you have any game day routines?

PAUL POGBA: My love for football started from a very young age in Roissy en Brie, I was fortunate to quickly realize that football was my passion and that I wanted to pursue this as a career. I always had the ball at my feet whether that was in the park or at school from the time the sun rises till dawn, I had to be yelled at by my mum to go home. Although it wasn’t an easy path, but I always believed with hard work and determination I will be able to fulfill my dream.

AM: Tell us about playing as a midfielder.

AM: Throughout your career, you have played for the national team for France which currently holds the World Cup tiThis month our cover story is from World Cup Champion French footballer, Paul Pog ba who plays for the Serie A club Juventus and the France National Team. Pogba has had a phenomenal career that has in cluded consecutve Serie A titles, 2 Coppa Italia and 2 Supercoppa Italiana titles, a Golden Boy Award in 2013, he starred and was named player of the tournament for France U20 World Cup triumph over Uruguay, UEFA Europa League and was named into the PFA Team of the Year. As a member of the French team, he won the 2018 FIFA World Cup scoring in the final, where they currently hold the title. With his dynamic presence, we wanted to find out more about his passion for the sport, his position as a midfielder, being back with Juventus and more!

PP: I could easily suggest some work out routines and how to exercise them, however this might not work for everybody. My advice is to try different workout routines according to your level of physical preparation and learn what works best for you. Sport in gen eral is good for both our mental and physical health, therefore I encourage everyone to get involved. Even for us who play professional sports we fol low certain routines that are not necessarily good for others, this is the reason some of us professionals have personalized physical activities which works best for us.

ATHLEISURE MAG: When was the moment that you realized you fell in love with football and wanted to do this as a career?

PP: When I am not busy with football, the thing I love most is spending time with my family, my wife and my chil dren. Take them to school, to the park, let them play, in short, lead a life as a father of a family.

PHOTOGRAPHY@paulpogba| FRONT/BACK COVER Daniele Badolato/Juventus FC Via Getty Images | PG 16 - 21 + 24 - 25 Adidas |PG 22 - 23 Prime Video/Pogmentary |

AM: You have won a number of trophies along with being a World Cup Champion and other accolades, what are 3 of your favorite moments in your career at this point?

PP: Football is a beautiful sport and as I mentioned before I’m very passion ate about it. Normally the feelings between playing for the national team or in a club are in some ways the same.

AM: When you’re not on the field, how do you take time for yourself when you need to recharge your batteries?

PP: The best moments of my career to date are linked to both the national team and the clubs where I played. With the national team, first the Un der 20 World Cup victory in 2013 and then the World Cup victory with l’Equi pe de France in 2018. Important and unforgettable experiences that have marked my football career. As for the clubs, certainly the debut with United and the first championship won with Juventus are two moments that I will never forget.

tle. What’s it like for you to play for 2 teams and is your approach the same?

Clearly when you play for the national team you know that you represent your country, but also when you play for the club you represent its colors, its tradition, its fans. Both are important.

AM: What’s your creative process like? Like you said, you're establishing a beginning of the universe and yet you know where it’s ultimately going to go.

SP: Yeah, first off, I’m very fortunate that I have a room full of writers to help me figure out these stories and to deconstruct these characters and then build them back up. You know, the process is that really in TV, you start from the characters. That’s the starting point for ev erything in TV. We had Kanan and then it was the question of again, to your point – we know how the story ends, where do we start? It’s not that interesting to tell the story of a sociopath if that’s how he starts! We really landed and I hope that it works that this is a family drama. It’s the story of this family – Kanan’s family and understanding how he became who he became. If you’ve watched it, you know that he has started out from a different spot then where he ended.

AM: What are you excited about in terms of Season 2 with the storylines and different things that you can share with us?

STARZ's POWER BOOK III Raising Kanan is back for Season 2 on Aug 14th. We caught up with its creator, executive producer and writer, Sascha Penn (POWER, Survivor's Remorse, CREED II) and two of the stars from the show Hailey Kilgore (Respect, Ain't Misbehavin', Into the Woods) who plays Jukebox and Omar Dorsey (Genius: Aretha, Queen Sugar, Halloween Kills) who plays Cartier. We caught up with them to talk about how they prepare for being in this series from channeling the era of the 90's as an actor as well as to get the feel of the show through music and clothing. We talk about where we left these characters last season and where we find them now. More importantly, we look at how this show, as a prequel, has a set destination while having the challenge to create the origin story that we have the ability to see the connec tive tissue of those involved!

the challenge. As well as the fact that you know how the story is going to end with Kanan (Mekai Curtis) if you watch the original POWER. So how do you make that interesting? How do you make that compelling? I mean, it’s a very very different job, and Courtney, I appreciate her warning me because she was right, but it’s a great job too and I can’t complain.

SP: I think what’s exciting is first off, there’s this business of how Season 1 ended that we have to clean up right? That’s a real challenge because it ended in such a dramatic fashion and so you know that obviously that had an impact on Raq (Patina Miller) and Kanan’s re lationship and the family in general. At the same time, she’s balancing these very personal issues with her expanding business. That is in some respect the bal ance that we all have to sort of address which is work and life and how do we do We always like chatting with those who are in the POWER universe.

ATHLEISURE MAG: You were a producer and writer for the flagship POWER - how did that transition feel when you became the creator for POWER BOOK III: Raising Kanan for the roles of showrunner, executive producer and writer?

SASCHA PENN: I will tell you that Courtney Kemp who is obviously the creator of POWER, she warned me! She said, “I don’t know if you want this job!” She was right ha ha! It’s a lot more work, it’s a lot more responsibility. Obviously, I had to create a world that didn’t exist whereas the other POW ER BOOK’s do have the luxury of charac ters that are already in the original POWER. So in the case of this particular series, there’s a lot of invention that had to hap pen and that was a real challenge and still staying true to the original series, that’s always important!

AM: Absolutely! SP: To have it feel part of that and at the same time, distinct from it, that’s part of

SP: It’s a huge challenge and that’s a great question because it’s a huge, huge challenge! It’s probably one of our great est challenges because of course, all the great sneaker releases when they release the Jordans, like the Jordans 5, they look slightly different from the ones of that era. So we have to be really careful because you know, the viewers they know better than we do and they will call us out! Twit ter is undefeated! So it really is a big job and we are very fortunate, we have a Costume Designer Tsigie White who spends months and months and months going through people’s warehouses and closets trying to find the original deadstock stuff that we use. We’ve also been fortunate that we’ve worked with designers of that era like Dapper Dan who have built stuff for us like Unique’s (Joey Bada$$) outfits, those are original Dapper Dan – such as that jacket. The goods news is what’s old is new again and all this 90s stuff like Sergio Tacchini is back!

We wanted to talk with Hailey who is one of the actors who plays a character that we saw in POWER, Jukebox. We wanted to know how she came to the show, connected to her character and how she found her way to catch the 90's vibe of that time and in NYC in order to bring her to light. We also wanted to find out about Omar and his character Cartier.

Looking at the show, we got to see the complexity of having the character's ends set in stone while also being able to really dig into who they were before who they came to be in POWER and even as they continue in the other portions of the POWER universe!

OMAR DORSEY: Honestly, I was into the Raising Kanan from the first episode because of Patina Miller (Madam Secretary, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 + 2, The Many Saints of Newark). I think she is one of our most gifted art ists. I did a stage reading for a Broadway show with her a few years ago and was it? In her case, the stakes are significant ly higher. But you know what's great in Season 2 and really any series that gets another season or multiple seasons, you get the opportunity to go deeper, go into different places and really get the opportunity to explore these different charac ters in a way that you haven’t before. In this series, we’re fortunate that we have incredible actors who are doing it. That’s the other thing. In Season 1, you don’t to tally know what you’re going to get and in the case of Raising Kanan we have been so fortunate that the actors have been so incredible and it really allows it to be able to write bigger story lines and dramatic moments because these actors can kind of do anything!

Getting clothes and sneakers that are dis tinct to the era?

ATHLEISURE MAG: You play Jukebox and Cartier, what attracted you to want to be this character as well as to be part of this HAILEYshow?KILGORE: I was so into being a princess when I was younger. I wanted to play princesses and I wanted to be a damsel in distress and that’s exactly what I got to do when I was on Broad way and I did my first couple of roles. I remember calling my team at one point and saying, “I want to do something gritty, do something different. I want to get down in the mud and really go there with a character!” So Jukebox came into my inbox and I was just immediate ly so pulled to this character and her story and who she is at her core. So yeah, I was like, I’m absolutely going to do this, I’m a huge Anika Noni Rose (The Princess and the Frog, THEM, POWER) fan. She was the original Jukebox on POWER as an adult.

AM: It feels like that in addition to the great characters and the storyline, having it set in the 90’s, you have the music and just the clothing that’s also another char acter. It’s just as big and brings that ambiance factor. How was it to navigate that?

AM: It was like perfect kismet! What about you Omar?

rious secret. Let’s just say he introduces people to each other.

OD: With Raising Kanan taking place in the 90’s, the preparation was easy for me. The 90’s were quite a time for me. I was in high school and listening to all the music, wearing all the clothes that we did in the show. I felt like I was pretty much taken into a time machine.

| STARZ/POWER BOOK III: Raising Kanan impressed with her. So, when I got the call about the show, Patina was the first thing I thought about.

HK: Season 1 leaves Juke really heartbro ken and so when we come back, we see her as quite a shell of herself. We see how she starts picking up the pieces and put ting them back together in her own way.

AM: Where do we leave Jukebox in Season 1 and where do we pick up with her again heading into Season 2?

@pennsascha @haileyfkilgore

OD: Cartier is an international man of mystery. What does he do to make all the money that he has? He's a Shakespeare spewing, art collecting gent ... with a se

HK: I have a couple of projects coming out! I finally, have really invested my time into music so I will be dropping an EP very very soon. My first single off that EP, Worth It, drops on Aug 12th which I’m so excited about! This will be my first time leading a movie, it’s called Cinnamon and that will be coming out very very soon.

AM: What’s it like for you preparing since this takes place in the 90’s as you’re playing the character and taking on this iconic era.

Jukebox really wears that mask. You see with her family that she’s silly and wants to laugh and she can cry and confide in them. But then, when she’s out in public, she’s stoned face and I have fun with that.

OD: Queen Sugar’s final season airs September 6th. I’m so very excited for the world to see the culmination of the en tire Bordelon clan. Hollywood and Vi (Tiffany Lifford) in particular. Their love has been an inspiration to see on TV weekly for almost a decade. I’m also returning to the Halloween franchise as Sheriff Barker for the finale of the Blumhouse produced trilogy, “Halloween Ends.” I think old Mike Meyers will finally meet his match!


AM: Hailey, you are involved in so many things and the fact that you are part of the world of Broadway and TV as well, what are some upcoming projects that you have going on that we should keep an eye out for?

HK: Yeah, that was a very very different time and especially in NYC in the 90’s. Oooo it was such a different time and women really had to survive on a day-to day basis. I really just went to the root. I watched a lot of documentaries. I listened to a lot of rappers that came up in NY. If you just listen and pay attention, you hear the struggle and the pain. It’s so interesting because to them, it was an everyday scenario. So, I just really like to ground my performance in the realism of survival.

AM: Omar, we have enjoyed seeing you in a number of projects from Ray Donovan, Genius, Queen Sugar and even being Pas tor Green in The Lower Bottoms podcast! What are some other projects coming up that we should keep an eye out for?

AM: Tell us about Cartier “Duns” Fareed and what can we expect from his as we watch him this season?

AM: Where do you get inspiration from to create your line? SL: I am inspired by timelessness, effort lessness and sex appeal and how something makes me feel when I wear it. Currently I am in a Brigette Bardot era, South of France phase.

AM: I have always loved stones in my jewelry, what are 3 of your favorite stones that you like to use?

ATHLEISURE MAG: You started in the industry as a MUA and have worked on a number of films! What led you to deciding that you wanted to put your creativity into making jewelry?

AM: In looking at your site, I love a great wrist stack and love your Spring Sands Bundle, Black Diamond ID Bracelet and Multi-Color Opal + Pearl Bracelet with 8 Diamond Rondelles. What are 3 pieces that are your favorite?

SL: Each stone is chosen specifically for every new collection. My method is to focus on how something makes me feel when I hold it and am looking at it.

AM: What is the ethos behind your brand?

SHERYL LOWE: I started designing and creating jewelry when I was 14. I visited lo cal bead shops and made designs for close friends and family. That started my passion for gemstones and exotic rare beads. When I was on-set as a make up artist, my passion for jewelry was always there. As I moved from set to set, venturing to new locations for each project, I continued to collect jewels and beads. These have since grown into parts of my collection now, and trained me to have the eye that I do today.

AM: I am an Accessory Expert, Fashion Stylist and Co-Founder/Creative + Style Dir of Athleisure Mag. I have always believed that an accessory tells a story that starts with the designer who created it and continues with those that wear it. When did you realize that your passion for creating these pieces would be best served in creating Sheryl Lowe Jewelry and what story are you conveying with your pieces as a whole?

SL: Rainbow Moonstone, Emeralds and Turquoise

SL: Classic with an edge.

SL: I didn’t set out to found a company, al though I’m wildly grateful for what Sheryl Lowe Jewelry has become. It really began as a way of connecting with other women

artistically. At a certain point, demand became significant enough that I had to transition my little passion of the heart into a business, but I’ve always fought to keep the experience as personal as when I was stringing beads and creating necklaces out of my closet as a teenager.

SL: One of my staples I wear everyday is my silver diamond ID bracelet. I love mixing chains with beads so I will always layer one of my favorite color beads to create my own personal arm party. We love statement jewelry and the idea that when wearing an arm stack, we're sharing a number of stories that completes our look as well as telling others about ourselves! We took a moment to chat with Sheryl Lowe about her namesake line Sheryl Lowe Jewelry. We wanted to know how she went from working on TV/film sets as a MUA, her passion for jewelry, creating her line as well as creating an additional line - MR. LOWE which has been modeled by her sons and husband, Rob Lowe. We also wanted to know more about her process in terms of creating the pieces and finding the right gemstone that will carry her vision.

AM: You handcraft each of your pieces and use a number of stones and precious metals. How do you go about sourcing your stone pieces and what does that process involve?

SL: I love when new clients discover Sheryl Lowe designs. That’s what ex cites me the most.

AM: Philanthropy is a business model that is built into your brand. What organization do proceeds of your line go to and why was it important for you to in clude this?


SL: Recently I designed a set of Ame thyst bracelets with all proceeds benefiting The Women's Alzheimer’s Movement, a cause close to my heart.

AM: When you are not designing or planning your upcoming collections, how do you take time for yourself?


SL: My client is a woman who is classic but likes to have a bit of adventure. She aspires to add a special piece to her collection and she wants something that tells a story and brings meaning to her life.

AM: What led to the launch of MR. LOWE?

AM: If a customer has a specific stone that they would like to use can they work with you to create a piece? Can a customer bring a stone that they already have to incorporate into a custom piece?

AM: I think it’s great that you had your husband and children model the line, who is the MR. LOWE customer and where do you get inspiration from when you’re creating this?

AM: I love a number of the bracelets from the men’s line and would wear personally as I’m a fan of Onyx and Malachite! What are 3 of your favorite pieces from MR. LOWE?

AM: Your pieces are sold at luxury retailers

AM: You have had Oprah, Cameron Diaz, Gwen Stefani, Maria Shriver, Gwyneth Paltrow and more wearing your brand. Who would you say is the Sheryl Lowe customer?

SL: I am a girl who appreciates a man who mixes chain with beaded bracelets for a textured look. Some of my favorites are the black onyx, blue lapis and green jasper. I also love our bracelets made from old record vinyls.

SL: The MR. LOWE man is the corporate outdoorsman, an adventure seeker and sports enthusiast.

SL: We love the challenge of creating a piece out of someone’s special heirlooms.

Nancy Neil Photography

including Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman and you are a member of the CFDA as well. Where do you see Sheryl Lowe whether it’s upcoming projects, increasing your assortment etc?

SL: Starting from the beginning, I have always designed pieces for men and wom en and my husband has always worn my designs so it was natural to launch MR. LOWE

SL: I love to read a good book, listen to music, and spend time with my two sons and of course take a romantic walk on the beach with my husband.

TD: Just an idea that sounds like Cheat Codes, but still works for the other art ist. WIth Demi, we had the demo idea and we just thought her voice would It may be the end of the summer, but festival season continues and here in NY, we're excited for Labor Day Weekend when Electric Zoo brings some of our favorite DJ/Producers to Randall's Island for 3 days of music from Sept 2nd - 4th! We caught up with one of the acts who will hitting the stage to get the scoop ahead of their performance.

AM: How do you find inspiration when you are creating new music?

MR: Well we do a lot of collaborations, so I think that makes it easy. Just trying to find something that works well for both artists, but is still representative of our sound.

ATHLEISURE MAG: When did each of you fall in love with music and what was the moment that you realized that you wanted to be a DJ?

AM: Tell us how the 3 of you came together to become Cheat Codes?

MATT RUSSELL: 3rd grade music class, they handed me a recorder, I made hot cross buns sound like Beethovens 5th, and it was over. We didn’t start the project by DJing we just wanted to make songs, and once we started gaining momentum we had to learn very quickly. Our first DJ gig was rough, let me tell you.

TREVOR DAHL: We all handle different roles, which allows us to do more and not get burned out. Matt handles a lot of the live set, live edits, etc. I finish a lot of the production on the songs, and Kevi handles a lot of the visual aesthetic, as far as merch idea, album artwork ideas etc. but we collaborate with each other on everything. We usually agree on most things.

K: It just depends on each song, but we all write and bounce ideas off each oth er. We all have vocals on different records as well. But dividing and conquer ing helps us do a lot more for sure.

Matt Russell, Trevor Dahl and KEVI make up Cheat Codes, a trio that has been collaborating with a number of people from Demi Lovato, Afrojack and Wiz Khalifa to name a few. They shared how they came together, how they got their name and their collaborative process. They also talk about dropping HELLRAISERS Part 1, 2 and 3 , upcoming country music with Jimmie Allen and Dolly Parton and of course their upcoming performance for EZoo!

AM: Where did the name Cheat Codes come from?

MR: We all met in LA, but came from different musical backgrounds. Trevor was doing acoustic singer songwriter music, Kevi was a rapper, and Matt was in an in die/hip hop project. I was making beats for KEVI’s rap project, and Trevor needed a studio, so he turned my laundry room into a dope recording set up. We had the idea to just mess around and do a session together, and thats when we wrote Cheat Codes first song “Visions”.

AM: You have collaborated with Demi Lovato, Kaskade, Afrojack etc. When you’re collaborating with other artists, what are you looking for when you’re thinking about whether you can work together?

KEVI: My brothers were in this band called Clear Static , and they had a lot of early success. They were opening for Duran Duran at Madison Square Garden and I came out to support them, but was dumbfounded by everything they were accomplishing. So I asked my bro Tom, how you doing this, and he told me “I found the cheat code little bro” haha!

AM: As a trio, what do each of you bring to created your DJ group?

AM: What’s your process when it comes to creating your music – do you have set roles?

tended to be a country record, the pro duction is more dance, but we just need ed a very soulful voice that matched, and little big town jumped on. Something about their harmonies and soul made the record what it is, so we kind of went down a rabbit hole.

TD: We have Matt Stell, MacKenzie Porter, Madddie and Tae, Lady A , and we’re working on one with Dolly as well.

AM: Tell us about HellRaiser Part 1, 2 and 3 as you released these albums over the last 18 months. What was the concept behind it and why is it a series of 3 albums?

AM: Is there a synergy between EDM and country music?

MR: We've always been song and vocal driven, and one of our early influences was Avicci, so it never seemed too out of bounds for us. When we were mak ing Hellraisers, we had this record called "Never Love You Again." It was never in

AM: I’m a huge fan of Squid Games and I can’t wait for when the next season drops, you made Way Back Then an Official Squid Games Remix. How did that come about?

K: Yeah for sure, I mean EDM is so global, and its taken us so many places around the world, some of the best times to blast country music is on a road trip, or hitting up an isolated place, and I think that works really well especially in a fes tival environment. Just bringing good vibes and people together.

AM: How would you describe the Cheat Codes sound?

AM: Are there other country artists that are also on this record?

MR: At this point we’ve done every genre basically so we’re its hard to put in a few words. We kind of have different eras, where early on it was almost tropical house leaning, then kind of went more pop, dance, but we definitely hate being put in a box, we get bored easily.

AM: Jimmie Allen is going to be on this record, what can you tell us about the music that you worked on with him and what was that like?

AM: With it coming out Sep 30th, what are you doing to promote this album, will you participate in country festivals and will these songs also be incorporated into other sets that you’re doing outside of the country scene?

MR: Well we binge watched the show, stayed up all night actually. We were hav ing an argument on the best way to watch it, with Korean voiceovers and subtitles or English dubs, then the idea hit.

K: Yeah, we've already performed some of the records at different electronic festivals this summer, so it kind of just depends on the vibe and the edit. We’ll be doing Rodeo World in Vegas in December, so catch us at the official after sound awesome on it so it was kind of a no brainer. With Kaskade and Afrojack we really wanted to lean on their production sound and write some cool vocals that would compliment their ideas, so those were a little more production driven.

MR: What I like about this record is, it's not a typical country record. Jimmie's vocals aren’t overly twang, and the lyrics aren’t about trucks or anything. So it became this easily accessible thing whether you like dance music or country or pop.

MR: It was originally 1 album, and then Covid hit. We couldn’t tour for 8 months, so we just spent extra time in the studio, once we had all these ideas, it didn’t sound like 1 cohesive project, there were more 3 distinct sounds, so figured why not, we’ve never done an album before so lets go big.

AM: We know that you have been teasing a country album for awhile. Why was this a genre that you wanted to incorporate your sound into?

MR: We play in NYC all the time, but I think this will be the biggest festival we’ve played here, definitely electronic based. I think I heard everyone's dressing up as animals, so I’m excited to ful fill my fantasy as a sexy elephant. Stay tuned.

AM: When you’re performing at EZoo, do you have routines that you do prior to your set to get prepared for the show and do you have things that you do after your show to relax?

MR: Yeah we usually play “Kill, Mar ry, F$#%” and then follow that up with 30 burpees and we’re ready to hit the stage. Afterwards we relax by putting on our noise cancelling headphones and listening to ASMR.

AM: You’ve been creating so much music, are there other projects that are coming out that we should keep an eye out for?

AM: How do you balance your schedules from when you’re performing a festival, being on tour, your residencies, creating music etc?

MR: Yeah we’re already working on the album after this, so stay tuned, we can’t really talk about it though.

TD: Yeah we just have to prioritize what’s most important, so we’ll usually block off time to be in the studio where we won’t play shows no matter what. But organization is key for sure.

PHOTO@cheatcodesCREDITS| Cheat Codes

AM: We’re looking forward to EZoo as you’ll be here in NY! What are you excited about for this festival?

party. We’re gonna do something spe cial.


AM: Mollusca is known for their mussels and you have over 32 sauces! Can you share what your 3 most popular sauces are that we should try?

SB: The Spicy Coca-Cola, Salted Caramel Popcorn, and Guinness Sour Cream are outrageously tasty and a must try for any Mussel fanatic!


AM: What are 3 sauces that are definitely out of the box creations that are of note?

SB: We have an extensive raw bar with so many amazing creations. The Double Tartare of tuna and shrimp, topped with Siberian select caviar is a must for sharing! The Popcorn Shrimp and Hand-made Empanadas are hot appetizer favorites.

SB: Mollusca is a spirited and sophisticated seafood restaurant with influ ences from around the world, formed in partnership between Mollusca Hospitality Group and Eric Agababayev. In March 2020, the Mollusca team and Eric began building the Meatpacking location in New York City. Working through the pandemic and construction delays the Mollusca team kept persevering because as the famous words of Frank Sinatra, “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere.”

SB: Mollusca’s elegant interior elicits a deep-sea feel, with the lights casting shadows of waves on the mirrored walls and hand-blown glass light bulbs with shapes reminiscent of jellyfish. The walls are adorned with large black mirrors causing the large dining room to appear grander. All seating and banquets are cus tom-made in various leather and velvet neutral taupe shades, accented with navy blue and sand taupe highlights. Each sur face from the floors to the tabletops and large bar are made from several hues of natural marble and walnut wood.

SETH BULKIN: Brand Chef Gianmaria Sapia was born in Italy. Gianmaria began working in his family’s restaurant Da Nicola in Savona, Italy at the young age of six. His first job was cleaning fresh mussels before learning every station and his family’s cooking techniques and recipes. He eventually became the head chef of the restaurant, developing his own recipes and cooking style that began to diverge from traditional Italian offerings.

AM: Can you speak to the method that Chef Gianmaria Sapia has created in terms of cooking large batches of mussels? SB: Chef Gianmaria doesn't do that! He There is nothing more satisfying than a steaming bowl of mussels! We have always been partial to having options in terms of the various sauces! So, when we found out that Mollusca NYC has 35 varities and a number of sweet and savory options for them, we were beyond excited to find out Locatedmore. in NYC's Meatpacking District with an elegant and trendy decor to match, we know that this will be an ideal spot for your next meal! We chatted with Seth Bulkin, Director of Operations to find out about the cuisine, design and more in this month's The Art of the Snack.

AM: What kind of cuisine is offered at Mol-

AM: What are 3 appetizers that you sug gest that we should enjoy when coming in with friends and family?

SB: Yes! we have 35 different varieties of Mussels. The Arrabbiata, Condensed Milk Wasabi and Creamy Truffle are very popular with our guests. Not the com mon stuff you'd think of when considering enjoying Mussels.

ATHLEISURE MAG: Tell me about Chef Gianmaria Sapia. What’s his culinary background and how did he come to Mollusca?

AM: What can guests expect when they come to dine at Mollusca in terms of the interior?

AM: What are 3 entrees that you suggest for those that may want to try something else besides mussels?

AM: For those that are looking for plantbased options, what are 3 items that you can suggest?

SB: Chef Christian is an artist. He previously led the way at Zuma NYC , Clocktower and Alta. He works as Brand Chef Gianmaria's right hand. His tireless effort has produced some of the most beautiful and delicious raw bar specialties in NYC.

AM: What are 3 items from the raw bar that we should try?

AM: Tell me about Chef Christian Bonilla who helms the raw bar station?

SB: The Mollusca signature oyster with black caviar, fresh uni and mignonette sauce is a house favorite. Other raw bar creations of note are the Salmon Crudo with Asian marinade and fresh mangos, and the Shrimp Tartare atop avocado and Japanese mango mayonnaise.

AM: What are 3 desserts that we should try to end our meal?

SB: We hand-make our pastas fresh ev ery day! The Mollusca Lobster Tagliatelle is a great option for those that want to grab something other than mussels. Our Wagyu Fillet and Lobster Tail is a master piece, and although not an entree, the Charred Octopus Salad is filling and deli cious.

SB: We offer 3 desserts to end your dinner the right way. Creme brulee, Tiramisu, and Profiteroles, patissier cream, condensed milk & vanilla ice cream. We also have a full coffee bar with all your favorite after dinner drinks.

AM: What are 3 cocktails that we should try that are the perfect pairing with your mussels?

SB: Mollusca Martini - cherry wood smoky Tequila Pineapple - Tropical with a touch of spice Normandy Club Old FashionedNutty and rich


SB: We have a Vegan menu. Options in clude, Fried tofu with edamame, cherry tomatoes, zucchini & cucumbers, Tri-color cauliflower, or Trumpet mushroom scal lops with butternut squash purée & pistachio vinaigrette (my favorite).

| Mollusca NYC cooks all orders separately, with care and dedication to his craft. Cooking to order always enhances flavors and creates the best experience for our guests.

The Beverage Program features signature cocktails by Mixologist Pete Stanton. We know you'll enjoy: Rangde-Basanti, the Bindi and Bangles and the Sari Not Sari. Their wine program by Yash Shah of Baar Baar and Earthen is great for those that prefer to have one of these with their meal.

From Thoda Bada he suggests, Smokin' Salmon, Goat Aloo and the Biryani. From the Tandoor, he would get the Chettinad Chops, the Chipotle Paneer Tikka and the Mustard Chicken Tikka.

Murals by Kavi, an Indian visual art Executive Chef/Owner Abishek Shar ma (Madam Ji, Swagat and Badshah To-Go) introduced Rang NYC to the Long Island CIty dining scene with its restaurant and cocktail bar that opened this year. Born in Delhi and raised in the heart of Queens, NY, he trained as a sous chef under his father in New York City restaurants for over a decade. This new concept includes a creative menu that includes large and small botes that are full of flavor and are meant to be shared. His dishes re flect regional Indian flavors as well as creations that he has made throughout his career. With the way the menu is broken down between Thoda Chota (small bites), Thoda Bada (large bites), from the Tandoor and Breads and Sides, we have some suggestions by Chef Abishek Sharma himself for the next

Long Island City Queens, NY RANG NYC time you swing by. For Thoda Chota: Chili Paneer/Chicken Bao Buns, Kerala Fried Chicken and Beetroot & Potato


Tikki Chaat.

- 87 - AthleisureMag.comIssue #80 | Aug 2022 RANG NYC 11-03 44th Ave Queens, NY PHOTOrangnyc.com11101@rang.nycCREDITS|Rang NYC ist whose work has been featured at events in Wynwood, Miami and New York Fashion Week, brings the inte rior together. The centerpiece is a white marble bar set atop vibrant tur quoise glass mosaics. They wanted to promote South Indian artists in the restaurant which is why they picked Kavi. The mural by Kavi represents a blend of colors.

ATHLEISURE LIST: NYC BEAR DONUT make their donuts twice a day at 10am and 2pm to ensure their freshness. We suggest that you should try their Coffee Toffee Glazed Donut, Pink Chocolate Glazed Donut and Dirty Choco Brioche Cream Filled Donut. Their full menu is filled with a number of op tions and their creative and pastry team work together to create new flavors and donut assortments. Offer ings change season by season.

Bear Donut has savory options, includ ing cheddar. They wanted to create a donut flavor that is unexpected, but still familiar to people which is what makes this a perfect ingredient. The sugar and cheddar powder makes a great sweet and savory combination.

At the time when they were thinking about opening a donut shop, mochi donuts (donuts made with sweet rice flour) started to get popular in the US. However, the available flavors were all similar and mostly Asia-inspired. They wanted to create a new style by com bining classic American donuts and mochi donuts with South Korean flair.

When you swing by, note that they

We like knowing where we need to go for a pick me up and Bear Donut is one of those spots! A family business that opened in April 2022, Suhum Jang (owner of Michelin starred Hortus NYC) and Honey Kim founder of ARTIPS have grown up loving donuts. They wanted to create a shop that they believe created good donuts!

- 89 - AthleisureMag.comIssue #80 | Aug 2022 BEAR DONUT 40 W 31st NY, NY PHOTObeardonut.com10019@beardonutincCREDITS|Bear Donut In addition to their donuts, they also have signature drinks as well. We suggest: Specialty Iced Coffee in Dirty Matcha flavor (latte, milk soft serve, house-made matcha flavor), Specialty Iced Coffee in Mocha flavor (latte, milk soft serve, house-made chocolate fla vor) and Bear Iced Coffee (cold brew with milk soft serve). They even have draft milk which is a flavored milk that is finished with milk foam. An interesting ingredient that you will find in their donuts as well as their drinks is cheddar.

PHOTOGRAPHY@electriczooCREDITS | Alive Coverage

Labor Day Weekend is the "last dance" of the summer and is celebrated when Electric Zoo 3.0 will takeover Randalls Island Park in NY from Sept 2nd - 4th. We're excited for DJ Diesel, Cheat Codes, Afrojack, Carl Cox, Martin Garrix and more who will have sets across multiple stages! This year's 3.0 theme encourages attendees to “plug into the Matrix” for their 13th edition by enjoying their tech driven, electronic dance music paradise. Guests will enjoy more VIP areas, increased free water stations, interactive installations and more. This year, there are new stage designs! The new stages are integrated together by AI technology. The Landing replaced the Hilltop Arena and will be surrounded by lush greenery for EZoo's first fully-immersive experience. Because of where it's placed in the festival, sound bleeding is no longer a concern for festival attendees. The Grove is also being retired and Morphosis will be the stage where house music evolves. That means pyrotechnics, fireworks, LED walls and more surprises. In addition to a number of large acts such as those mentioned above, there will also be an inclusion of emerging artists and local ones from NY for attendees to get to We'veknow. always been a fan of EZoo's Golden Hour for sunset performances. Diplo will perform on Fri, DJ Snake on Sat and Sun will have Subtronics. Each night, there are a number of after parties across the city from Webster Hall, Marquee and Lavo to name a few. There's nothing like a festival to bring the love of dance music, artistry, fun sponsors, immersive experiences and outfits that add a whole other color to the festival experience which are perfect for Instagrammable moments!

SUGAR*ADDEDNO GMONON GLUTENFREE VEGAN KOSHER A little bit of sweet, a little bit of heat! i i *Not a caloriereducedfood yourspicesnackupnew!routine!air-driedspicypineappleinfusedwith bold flavors!


Stay connected and follow us across our social channels on @AthleisureMag!



HEAT MichaelWilliam2MorrowMann+Meg Gardiner

Gracias Madre is a popular L.A. restaurant that is plant-based and brings the fresh, bright flavors of Mexico to Sourthern California. In The Gracias Madre Cookbook, you can enjoy all the Cali-Mexican dishes that are 4 X Oscar nominated writer/director of Last of the Mohicans, The Insider, Ali, Miami Vice, Collateral and Heat, Michael Mann collaborated with Edgar Award-winning author, Meg Gardiner to return to the characters of the classic crime film with

this story which talks about what is going on in the years prior to and after this iconic movie! In Heat 2, we find ourselves with Chris Shiherlis (Val Kilmer) after the events of Heat who is in Ko reatown, wounded and trying to escape LA. He is being hunted by LAPD detective Vincent Hanna (Al Pacino). Hours earlier, Hanna killed Shiherlis’s brother in arms Neil McCauley (Robert De Niro) in a gunfight under the strobe lights at the foot of an LAX run way. Now Hanna’s determined to capture or kill Shiherlis, the last survivor of McCauley’s crew.

Heat 2 explores the events prior to the movie and after the movie and brings us into this world of heists and settling scores. We can only hope that there are plans to also bring this to the screen! - 130 - Issue #80 | Aug 2022



This book has 125 simple, entirely plantbased recipes that includes Calabaza and Onion Quesadillas, Coliflor with Cashew Nacho Cheese, and Coffee Flan.

Martin Nordin shares his love in MUSHROOMS: Over 70 Recipes which Cele brates Mushrooms. Merging the dishes that his mother created with this in gredient (stuffed mushrooms, creamy mushroom mince on croustades and mock snails) with his passion for cui sines of Asia - Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and Taiwan. He plays with the textures and the flavors in this plant-based book so that those who are vegan, vegetar ian, etc can enjoy this as well by substituting with nut butter, dairy-based milk or cream depending on their di etary approach to eating.

- 131 -Issue #80 | Aug 2022 available there. Mexican food is one of the original veg an cuisines. Prior to Spanish conquistadores that brought ingredients that in cluded dairy, the Mesoamerican pantry centered around "The Three Sisters" - beans, corn and chiles. With this, they created salsas and moles. In addition, the cuisine focused on whole-foods for traditional meat fillings (mushroom car nitas and al pastor, jackfruit mixiote, de hydrated hibiscus) as well as nut-based cheeses (cashew crema and queso blan co, almond cotija). - 132 - Issue #80 | Aug 2022

would be an expansion which takes us to Selling the OC with their new office in Orange Coun ty. We continue to follow Jason and his brother/partner Brett Op penheim as they have a new real tors that will be part of this office. We know that this month, we'll be bingeing this episode to get to know the new cast as well as to see if there will be an overlap with the LA cast! We've all had an experience where there is a conversation that we need to have and we run a few scenarios in our head to see how we will do it. In The Rehearsal, Nathan Fielder takes anything that you may have done to the next level by rehearsing every interaction that one may have to approach a cetrtain event from creating exact replicas of the space that the encouter will take place, docu menting and creating conversation maps so that the person can anticipate what will happen and doing copious run throughs. Although we can question Nathan's episode, we see how commited he is to this school of thought as we see that he does the same thing in preparing to talk to those that he is about to help! The lengths that he goes through to become his subjects in order to understand them and the envi ronment that they live in is next level! You can binge the entire season as in this case, seeing is



Netflix Original Netflix We have enjoyed Selling Sunset which fol lows the Oppenheim Group as they make major sales, peek into their lives and more. In this series, we've known that there


- 133 -Issue #80 | Aug 2022 believing! WIth Season 2 already greenlit, we wonder what he will tackle next and what boundaries he will push, how many actors he will swap in and out in order to rehearse a situation so that the subject can carry out what they need to do! We're still bummed that HBO's Insecure is over, but we were excited to hear that Issa Rae had another show on deck that releases weekly on HBO Max called RAP SH!T! We leave LA and head to Miami where we enjoy hearing Miami area artists, see how our two main characters evolve into a rap duo, we have mirror girl rap moments and enjoy watching them navigate their lives as well as the mu sic industry! CHAT SH!T is the companion podcast CHAT SH!T Max SpotifyOriginal

hosted by Zach Campbell and Jessie Woo who give clarity to each episode, give us insight into Miami, the Hatian community and provides hot takes on what takes place in the episodes.

BIG FREEDIA: Bounce music is a fast-paced call and response style of hip hop that was born in New Orleans in the late 80s and popularized globally in the mid-late 90s with Cash Money Millionaires (Juvenile, Mannie Fresh, Lil Wayne).


AM: New Orleans means a lot to you and you recently partnered with No Kid Hungry X Williams-Sonoma in creating a spat-

ATHLEISURE MAG: You’re known for popularizing the hip hop genre, bounce music. Can you tell us more about what this is and its link to New Orleans?

ula where proceeds will go to providing funds for children to reduce food insecuWhyrity. did you want to participate this year and why was it important for you to be involved? BF: I feel very strongly about helping the kids of New Orleans. When you don't have enough food, you can’t focus on school or develop properly. So, to me, this is a way to get them the food they need–and help them early. AM: When you’re not working how do you take time for yourself to recharge your batteries? BF: To recharge, I have to have nothing on my calendar! I love to cook, hang out with my friends and family. PHOTOGRAPHY@bigfreedia | PG 136 - 137 NelsonCosey | 9DRIP PG 60 - 61 Brad Hebert,PG 61 + 63 Nelson Cosey |

Hip hop has a number of sub genres that we can enjoy when we're at our favorite club, dance festival, studio class or just hanging out at home. We've been long time fans of Bounce, a New Orleans sound that make it impossible to not dance to. A number of people are associated with this sound as well as popularizing it! this month's issue we catch up with Big Freedia, the Queen Diva who is known for Bounce music. Whether it's watching her successful show Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce which gave access to her life on tour as well as just navigating the industry, watching performances or even seeing her in shows as HBO's Treme, guest judging on Rupal's Drag Race All Stars or this season's P-Valley on STARZ - the focus to push New Orleans as well as this genre is always at the forefront of her efforts. Without a doubt, she is known for her Big Diva Energy whether she's in the studio or outside of it. We wanted to take some time to find out about what The Queen of Bounce is working on, collaborating with Beyoncé and partnering up with No Kid Hungry to combat food insecurity among children!

BF: Working in any capacity with Beyoncé is incredible. I am always – and still have to pinch myself to see if this is really hap pening!

AM: You were sampled on Beyoncé’s Formation, but what was it like to collaborate with her on Break My Soul and the video?

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