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In our lifecycle, the concept of napping has an interesting notion. When we're infants, you take long ones throughout the day, as you get older during adolescence - you avoid it and then when we are fully embracing adulthood, we embrace the notion of taking them again - we even tout the benefits of the Power Nap. For those of us in NYC, we don't have to wonder about where we can go to get a little shut eye.

modate one person. When reserving the pod, they are outfitted with an Airweave mattress and pillow whic has the newest innovationsin in sleep technology. Items can be stored under the beds and they have a Nest Protect which is an innovative alarm that detects smoke and CO. Recharge your phone as you relax as long as it stays on silent mode. Situated in Midtown's Garment District, provides hollistc services that work within your flow from, quiet workspaces (these can be rented by the half hour which allows you to work when you're looking for a quiet space that is an alternative to a coffee shop), a cafĂŠ with a number of healthy options that fit your dietary needs, meditation classes as well as yoga.

This Spring, Nap York brings a number of concepts together within the wellness aspect of a live/work balance. Guests can purchase naps at 30 minute blocks of time up to 8 hours and the facility is open 24 hours a day! This wellness club does not stop at just focusing on your needs for a sound sleep, its pods allow you to get a bit of shut eye, or to meditate in silence with the ultimate goal of relaxation.

Guests find a new destination that merges the mind/body/soul connection. In addition the space also has a welcoming environment that makes you feel like you have left the urban jungle with a botanical jungle that is

Each pod has a canopy of twinkling stars that provides a private space. The eco-friendly pods are private, safe and are sound proof. These pods acco-

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